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QB Beautiful Fighters FAQ (3): Elina, Irma & Nyx

So in the end only one guy reviewed Tiina's book, but anyways, here are more faqs about the classic chars.


FAQ 7 : Elina

Question for Elina. It's mentioned that Elina's favorite thing is Leina, but what about Miss Claudette? Doesn't she like her too? Please let me know.

Elina's answer:

Who do you think you are to ask such prying questions?

Well, fine, I suppose I can answer since I'm in a good mood today (I found out about my big sis Leina's whereabouts earlier, yes I did~ *giggle*)

About Sister Claudette, she's a sister I respect, a soldier.

However, Father has always treated Sister Claudette differently than Big Sis Leina and I. Even as children, we rarely ate or played together.

Even now, while I sometimes participate in balls, Sister simply stands by Father in military uniform.

Since she's a taciturn person, I honestly have no idea what she's thinking... but, sometimes I've felt a very soft look from her in my direction. I'm not sure what to think of that, so I don't know how I should approach her.

With any noble or soldier, I'm confident in how I can deal with them, it's just with that one person I'm no good. To tell the truth, I'm kind of weak with...

Ah, well, that should be good enough. Excuse me, but I have a job to do.

(Runs away in an over the top dash). "Big Sis Leina, just you wait~ Elina's coming~! Ehehehehe."

Hans' answer :

The three Vance sisters are in a delicate love triangle.

Elina's feelings for Claudette are more like: "Though I recognize your abilities and I don't dislike you, I'm basically uninterested in you."

As for Leina, it's straightforward because she clearly respects Claudette, but for Elina, she just doesn't care much about her, to be blunt.

Claudette being a rather pitiable person in some ways, please give her some of your support.

The relationship between the 3 sisters has been put to illustration skillfully by Nanzaki Iku-sensei in the monthly Comp Ace "Hide & Seek" manga series, please check it out.

FAQ 8: Irma
Question for Miss Irma. Apparently you've been eating and sleeping together with Echidna, who was your mentor, since you were little... so please, by all means, tell us some more episodes from back then!

Irma's answer:

Like I'd be required to answer such a thing, you bastard...

What? You have an interview permit issued by Her Majesty The Queen?

(...No choice then. But if you inconvenience me, I might just make you disappear in a back alley.)

It's true, I was most certainly picked by Echidna as a child, and raised by her.

Echidna was the leader of a certain organization at the time. Well, being that kind of woman really, it was more of a half-assed order she led between work as a mercenary.

Meanwhile, I was taught martial arts in such a way that I could use them to live independently.

Why would such an irresponsible and cruel woman feel inclined to do me such a favor?

It was all just on a whim. For a person who has lived for hundreds of years, taking care of a human like me for a while was probably like keeping a pet mouse to her.

Her martial arts training was severe, and there was a lot of its content that could be considered near impossible.

More specifically...? Well for example, the training of going and picking up an object placed at the central plaza crowded with people while stark naked was tough. Even if I somehow managed to master the training and do it without anyone noticing me, I sure doubted if that woman had the ability to pull it off too!

Still, out of the training schedule, when she told me stories about her travels, when she bought me rare pastries...I suppose, sometimes she showed some signs of kindness. In any case, that was probably just more whims from that person too...

Anyways, training continued for many years and then, one day, I was abandoned.

After that, I ended up joining the organization that person resigned from. I had no idea that was the one she had belonged to before. Some coincidence, guess it must have been fate.

You want to know the organization's name? ... It's "Gainos Cleaning Guild."

Don't look at me like that, I'm telling the truth!

Let me give you some advice, it wouldn't be wise of you to pry into it any further.


Hans' Answer:
Echidna is decidedly not a "good person" that much is obvious, it probably was nothing but a whim that she thought of raising Irma.
But somehow, Echidna did raise Irma with love.
Also, Irma respects Echidna both as a mentor and as a parent. However, due to being subjected to Echidna's terrible bullying and then suddenly being abandoned one day, she won't show her feelings of deep affection any time now.
The tale of Irma and Echidna is told in the novel version, "Fierce Battle: Queen's Blade." Since the novel version is in one of QB's "Other Worlds," it's got a different setup than the gamebooks (for example, Irma is not a mere cleaning lady, but a maid at the Vance house!), but as Eiji Okita-Sensei has written Irma in a really appealing light, please read it!
FAQ 9 : Nyx

Nyx's hobby is cooking, so what's her favorite dish to cook? Please tell me.

Nyx's answer:

Ahn? You're asking Lady Master of Flame Nyx her favorite dish to cook?

Just you wait.

(Lightly taps her own staff in fear).

Phew, thank goodness.

As it seems Lord Funikura is sleeping right now, is it alright if I talk plainly?

Ah, excuse me. It's easier this way.


My favorite dish is mushroom soup.

Though the staple menu for people like us was a pauper meal of soup and bread without ingredients, I came up with a few things to get Mother as much nourishment as possible.

After sampling the mushrooms that grew in my room, I started using them often because they were unexpectedly good.

Every once in awhile, I'd catch a frog and that would make it even more of a treat.

With the wild grass that grew at the hill behind my home, adding a few fragrant ones, you'd be surprised how good it tastes.

Now I have no shortage of what to eat, but I keep cooking.

Cooking with herbs from the hills and fields is still the best.

Aren't I really glad I became the Master of the Flame and can freely control "high flame" cooking?

Well it is a great power, though I'm not really allowed to say something like "I'm really glad" to Lord Funikura. Fufufu... hn?

(Lord Funikura suddenly, violently coils around her head)

Hiih, Lord Funikura! Y, you woke up...!

A, ahn. Please stop!

Yes, I was too cocky!

Yes, I'm sorry I was born!


Hans' answer:

Before Nyx obtained the immense power of Lord Funikura, she was a girl taught through experience from the world of crippling poverty and she grew wiser from it. For her mother's sake, who had worked hard to support her, Nyx became good at cooking.

Not picky about her food like Leina or Menace, her cooking skill would astonish even someone like Cattleya, but unfortunately, she has no one to share it with.

Please let someone become Nyx's friend.

Though she has a bit of a mental instability, I think she's a good girl...


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