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QB Beautiful Fighters FAQ (4): Echidna, Nowa and Alleyne

Update (07/19): Goldie was just reviewed here! Go, sumo girl! xp

Just a couple days before Goldie's out, and here's an elven special!


FAQ 10 : Echidna

Question : This question is for Echidna. You’ve lived for more than 500 years yet, despite that, have a self-proclaimed undefeated record. Considering your extensive combat experience, I’d like to hear if you’ve ever had a hard time battling someone.

Echidna’s answer:

Someone who gave me a hard time, huh... Well, though I call it an undefeated record, they can’t all be easy victories. There are lots of people who surpass me, power and technique wise, after all. From the lot that participated in this Queen’s Blade, ones like that Thundercloud girlie or the weapon mama could make for formidable opponents.

Still, if I fought ‘em, I’d probably still come out on top. Know why? As luck would have it, they lack the “feel” for it. They just don’t enjoy fighting like I do. That’s my number one secret, y’know. Oops, that might have sounded a bit preachy. (Reminds me of the times I played with Irma...) Oh, here I’ll answer that question you asked, ok? My toughest fights were with Alleyne, the elven granny. That millenium virgin won’t stop her nagging even in the middle of a fight, she gives me a headache just listening to her...

Well, that’s about it. Ah, yeah. I’ll let you know if I find someone who can beat me!

Hans’ answer:

Echidna is one of the strongest characters in Queen’s Blade. She’s extremely agile, so landing attacks is far from easy (and should they even connect, they likely wouldn’t give her a mortal wound), on top of having excellent technique. She also has no qualms about playing mind games and using cheap tricks even in the face of defeat, as such she leaves no openings.

If I were forced to find a weak point, I’d say it would be her “having no purpose.” Her personality is that of someone who is only interested in pleasures on a whim, nor does she have any particular ideals to strive for or challenges to undertake. Though it’s just personal opinion, beautiful fighters such as Leina or Nowa, still halfway through their growth, or even Tomoe, could break her undefeated record, but it’s probably best to leave it at that.

FAQ 11 : Nowa

Question : Nowa can “empathize with animals,” so in what kind of event would that come into play? If there’s a story that goes with that, I’d love to hear it.

Nowa’s answer:

What? “Em-pa-thi-ze with animals?” You mean talk with my forest friends? Oh! Yeah! It always plays an important part! In fact, in the village where Nowa was raised, Nowa was the only one who could understand her friends’ feelings. So when a mother bear was being violent on the outskirts of the village, everyone in the village couldn’t help but be scared of her. But as it turns out, the mother was just worried, because her cubs had been taken away from the forest by the village children, who thought they were cute. Nowa tried her best to explain this to the mayor and the people, but they had a hard time believing me. And how could they? They couldn’t understand the words the mother bear was saying to the people, after all. Thankfully, the mother bear went back to the forest once I handed her children back to her, she was so relieved.

After that, the village people told Nowa that “since you’re an Elf, you should go to the forest.” Though working at the village wasn’t that bad, I’m really glad I came to the forest, since I made lots of friends! Especially Lou, we became best friends right away!

Lou. My very first close friend. “Friendship is two people sharing one soul,” that’s what Captain said. Lou, please keep watching over me!

Hans’ answer :

Nowa is a courageous and bright half-elf girl. Despite kind of tying for first spot with Nyx in the misfortune category, she places number one for marriage material (in this store) although her positive outlook often lets her face misfortune without getting depressed.

While she may have the so-called ability to communicate with animals, being an elf, she’d be friendly enough with them even without said ability.

It already went on sale on January (2009), but Nowa was a protagonist of a story in “Dengeki Black Maou”’s “Queen’s Blade Struggle.” A story about Nowa and Echidna that ASTROGUY II drew, though it might be slightly painful, please check it out.

FAQ 12 : Alleyne

Question : This question is for Alleyne. The reason Nowa was made to go to the tournament was because she was considered an eyesore, so does that mean Alleyne and her elven kin only live with other purebred Elves in their households? Being a dark elf, was Echidna there too? Please let me know.

Alleyne’s answer :

Hm, you humans truly are foolish. It would seem the lot of you have some misunderstandings. For that question, 0 points.

Well, I’ll answer. You who seek knowledge, listen well. We elves live in the vast woods that spread the north of the continent. That annoying Echidna, the one with the long career as a mercenary, is of a subspecies tribe called the Wild Elves, with their small population still living by the southern jungle. They’re entirely different from us, so let there be no more misunderstandings.

Now, as for the question your foolish self asked, I’ll make a brief note. We elves live deep in the forest, in villages up in the trees. Beyond pure-blooded elves, no one is permitted to enter these homes. Nowa for example, despite being my pupil, isn’t allowed to visit either, as she is not a pure blooded elf... The people of the council that govern us elves consist of elders of the clan. The council has upheld the elven traditions for tens of thousands of years and we give them our highest respects. As such, the laws they establish are absolute. As captain of the forest, it’s natural that I uphold these traditions as well.

This wasn’t decided specifically to look down upon Nowa or out of malice, so I never found it too severe. Though personally, if I had a say in it... I’d really like to invite Nowa to my room, serve her some tea and leisurely lecture her... That is, I sure...

I, Idiot! Because you asked such a worthless question, I, I said too much...! Ahh! You! 300 Swings! Now! STAAAAART!!

Hans’ answer :

Teacher, tsundere, yuri, prophet... Alleyne might have been crammed with a few too many personality aspects. Matsuryuu’s illustrations were so wonderful though, we couldn’t help but add various personality traits.

Though originally born as the enigmatic “captain” described in Nowa’s profile, she developed a connection with Echidna and was quickly found to be ideal for the position of teacher for various other characters. Hopefully she’ll play a very active role in the future. Her visual book will finally be on sale on June 20th. Nearly one year after the modest character announcement from last summer. She took time to complete... Please treat this lovely, wise and strong Alleyne well!

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