Saturday, June 29, 2013

Queen's Blade Grimoire Goldie Profile

For some reason her profile is not up on the QB site yet, but I managed to find a proper scan of last month's magazine, so here's the newest char's profile. Her quote's still nowhere to be found, though.


Golden Battleaxe Goldie

Born in the prestigious Sir Carter house, she was a young lady who loved nature, living her life in ease and comfort, but triggered by a certain “Lady of the Lake” giving her a golden battleaxe, she discarded her house, and became a Gold Ranger to protect nature.

Though she has a wild fighting style of brute force, because she’s of good birth, she’s usually polite and has a deep cultural knowledge too. She has a basically friendly personality, but also a nervous side, and sometimes may not stand things that are too big or too small. In that case, she wouldn’t hesitate to resort to the use of force with her axe. Her favorite phrase is “That’s just right”. Also, though she has the ability to tame any animal, it may not be effective for females.

Occupation: Ranger
Ability: Can tame any animal


  1. Interesting...but I sure hope this isn't gonna end up with a repeat of Zara and the bestiality implication pic (though I'm (fairly) sure nothing like that was going on)...

    1. Haha, well, as long as she only calls upon tamed animals only to attack, there shouldn't be any danger...

      Btw, probably "that's just right" refers to the size (as in, not too big or small), though it's hard to tell exactly what her problems with size are...

    2. Do you really expect anything less from our partners in ecchi crime? :D

      Still, this is good news. Usually F.S. characters in Queen's Blade have a strong personality (Melona, Echidna especially) so it's good that they made her gentle and friendly.

  2. Thanks for the translation!

    Sounds like an interesting character; though I hope some hero and yuri elements enter the fray soon to counteract the gore and bestiality fetishes goin' on lately.