Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vanquished Queens 2 (5)

We left the Rebellion half behind, so it's now classic QB...


(Yeah, unlike the OVA, these ones are Unholy Poses)


  1. What's the original text for the Unholy Pose traslate?
    If I remember, the OVA one was Yokoshimanaru Poozu

    1. We kinda talked about this back when the Illustrated Stories ended... but Unholy Pose = 不浄なるポーズ = fujoo naru poozu, Evil Pose = 邪なるポーズ = yokoshima naru poozu (like you said).

  2. When you released the first Vanquished Queen, I read two stories and decided that what happen is way too morbid and distressing for my tastes. So I skipped all of the rest... But then I saw Echidna there. I love Echidna, and it's been forever since she's last been in anything so I figured I'd read this story.

    Conclusion? Well, I guess I'll be skipping everything in Vanquished Queen 2 also :(

    1. Oh well, that's a pity. I guess the tamest stories here are Risty's, Luna Luna's and Laila's... but yeah, you know how the general tone is in these, like I read in a pretty visceral review the other day, some people just can't stand VQ, lol...

    2. Hm, I'm a bit curious now, where was this review, LB?

    3. It was here:

      Even if I don't share his opinion, you gotta respect someone with such strong feelins ^^U

    4. I respectfully disagree, LB. I find that writer's opinion to not only not be worthy of respect, but to represent a dangerous mindset (which is fairly ironic, since that's what the author is railing against).

      Pointing at artwork you don't like and saying "this material is SICK! The people who made this are SICK! The people who like this are SICK!" is the epitome of bigotry - it not only fails to recognize the difference between fiction and reality (which is very dangerous), but passes severe judgment on people based on the flawed premise that those people can't tell the difference between a harmless fantasy and how they actually relate to real people. It's hypocrisy.

      Everyone has fantasies about doing awful things, be it killing their boss, kicking the neighbor's annoying dog, and yes, being sexually aggressive without regard for how the other person feels about it. But at the end of the day, these are just fantasies; they don't translate into actual action - and how you act in regards to others is what defines what sort of person you are.

      Violent video games do not make people violent, music with objectionable lyrics does make people act objectionably, and artwork that depicts sexual aggression towards others does not make people sexually aggressive. Decrying these things as though they do not only unfairly characterizes utterly harmless media, it adds to a culture of intolerance that can lead to dangerously repressive actions and policies.

      We've seen where this kind of intolerance can lead: In my country, the Great Depression of the 1930's caused many to question the virtues of capitalism, and some went a little further, flirting with the idea of communism as a form of economic model for the United States. Decades later, when these speculations had long since been put away, they were unfairly persecuted during communist witch-hunts; harmless thought-experiments and actions that ultimately harmed no one caused them to be blacklisted, ending their careers, all in the name of what was morally correct.

      it's one thing to dislike Vanquished Queens. Ayrawinla stated that it wasn't something she cared for, and that was that. She didn't lambast it as the work of a twisted mind, or say that anyone who liked it is a future rapist - she just said it wasn't for her. The blogger you linked to went further, though, assigning sinister motive to the book's authors and fans. That kind of "this is the work of the ENEMY" mentality is far, far more damaging than a book of titillating art could ever be.

  3. Well it's good to see something finally happen to Echidna she is so arrogant, and always the one torturing the other characters that it's about time she got a taste of her own medicine.

    As for the person above me, you are showing your own hypocrisy beating down the bloggers opinion, just because you think it's "dangerous" (They seem more angry that sexual humiliation and torture is being called "beautiful") they are entitled to their opinion, and these vanquished queens books are very VERY disturbing, I don't enjoy seeing the characters being horrifically humiliated either (Although as I mentioned earlier with echidna she needed to get a taste of her own medicine for once.), but still everyone is entitled to their opinion.
    Also you seem to think that Communism is gone from America IT'S NOT, it's just been repackaged and being called "Progressive" and just like hundreds of other countries it is continuing to erode and destroy America, also there has been socialism in America since the main threat of communism also, unfortunately it has been allowed to slowly spread like cancer unopposed for decades, and now almost the entire country is controlled by it from the mass socialist news media to the public schools (which are little more than atheist socialist indoctrination centers.) communism and socialism reigns supreme, what you call harmless thought experiments, and "actions that harmed no one" caused more harm to America than anything Communism by itself ever did, but you know what they say the only difference between a Communist, and a Socialist is that a Communist is in a hurry, and carries a gun, while a Socialist is content to slowly erode the foundation of morality, in a country until it crumbles into nothing (Which Socialism sounds good at first, but since there isn't an infinite amount of money it falls flat.) like so many countries before us.

    Anyways "this is the work of the enemy" mentality isn't damaging at all, it's an opinion and they are entitled to it, this is another problem with Socialists, a Conservative sees something that offends them, and changes the channel or stops reading it, a Socialist tries to get rid of it completely.

    As for Vanquished Queens it is pretty disturbing as I've already mentioned, but the blogger has the right idea, if you don't like it then don't have anything to do with it, simple as that.

    1. Um, I don't mind debates and stuff, just you guys keep the political talk to a minimum, or else you'll bore me to tears, ok?

    2. JoshuaHalberg, you're wrong on every point you bring up. This is self-evident, but I'll endeavor to explain it to you anyway.

      First, it is not hypocrisy to point out that someone else is being a hypocrite. Your response completely overlooked that I had pointed out that someone could dislike Vanquished Queens - as ayrawinla did - without denouncing it not only being the product of a sick mind, but only appealing to those who are morally corrupt.

      The blogger in question didn't do that. He or she chose to state their opinion as an objective fact, which shows a clear lack of understanding of the difference between the two. This kind of bigoted bloviating is dangerous because it fosters a culture of intolerance, which leads to real people being hurt - nobody is hurt if they enjoy a work like Vanquished Queens.

      Secondly, everyone is entitled to their informed opinion. Notice the word "informed" here, something you conveniently left out of your post. If you aren't actually aware of what it is you're talking about, then you're nothing more than a fool, spouting off about things that you don't even realize you don't understand.

      Likewise, your screed about communism, socialism, and liberalism in America was quite funny, but it fails to pass the "informed" statement I mentioned. This is obvious because you failed to list even a single tangible impact of the so-called evils of the left side of the ideological spectrum. When I talked about the harm wrought by conservative minds that sought to label anything they didn't like as "evil" and "corrupt" I pointed out the bad things they did (under the McCarthy witch-hunts). You have no such examples, just regurgitated points from conservative bloggers and commentators.

      Being informed does not mean simply soaking up what talking heads and uncredited bloggers write; it means actually going searching for facts that can be double-checked and verified. Only then is your opinion worth listening to.

    3. Disliking something isn't the same thing as it being terrible.

      Vainquished Queens is a bit rough so I can't blame people for disliking the stories but I don't think it's the work of a sick mind and it should be burned at the stake either. Different strokes for different folks.

      This all seems like a case of "Stop liking what I don't like" from that blogger and that's why it's not a good mentality. You can dislike things but you should not tell others to dislike it too because you dislike it.

      In all honesty though, I really wish they'd make a Queen's Blade : Victory or something to end these stories on a happy note. I feel super bad for Nyx, Vante and Huit (And I hate Huit) and the rest...