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Queen's Blade ~Another Story~: chapter 1

(03/30 Update: The first VQ OVA was released with an extra VQ story featuring Tomoe, and the second OVA was scheduled for July 31st.)

Here's an oldie I kinda brought back from limbo! In case you hadn't heard, this is a (short) all-new illustrated story from 2009 that commemorated QB's first anime, with a story thought up by our well-known Hans, written by Sen and illustrated by many authors.

The first chapter features Leina, introducing the general tone of the series with a retelling of her initial escapade...


Episode 1: Wandering Runaway Daughter

“Big sis, what are you doing?”

That was the voice she least wanted to hear now. Shaking after hearing that voice, Leina opened her eyes. Basked in the faint light of the bonfire, she surveyed her surroundings in confusion, but she sensed no signs of anyone besides herself.

It looked like the voice just now was part of the brief nap she had taken. Leina sighed in relief.

“That girl, no way she’d be in a place like this...”

Calling it “a place like this” showed how extremely na├»ve she was. Because, she only had a fire and a blanket to keep herself warm. No matter how you phrased it, this was being “homeless”. For a noble lady, spending the night in that condition was wholly unacceptable – especially for the first heiress to the Earl Vance, Leina, who had ran away from home just now (Leina herself called it “journeying on an adventure”).

...Was it such a night what had made her decide to go on a “journey”?

Looking up at the slightly waning moon, Leina collected her thoughts. What had been the trigger? Because she learned of the opposition that was spreading among the people towards the nobility she was bound to? Even simpler, because Leina wanted to participate in an adventure like the ones she loved as a child?

...But what was really important, was her being “there”. So, whatever the reason was, it was fine. Rather than forced upon, she’d go walk on her own feet and go towards her own goal – she’d take this “journey” step by step. ...Even if she came across many difficulties!

With renewed determination, Leina looked back at her journey so far.

“Leina’s Journey”: chapter 1 = First of all, she escaped under the pretense of going out. However, the dress of a noble was conspicuous, and also wasn’t fit for an adventure. She was captured by Elina, who got news of her escape. Failure.

“Leina’s Journey”: chapter 2 = Although she collected what she needed for her journey, shopping for “clothes unsuitable for a noble lady” was such a first, there was talk among the merchants. Elina closely questioned them when she got wind of the rumors. Failure.
“Leina’s Journey”: chapter 3 = Somehow she succeeded gathering the tools she needed for her journey. But, due to Elina being ordered to keep an eye on her elder sister’s movements, the food warehouse of the Vance house was firmly bolted... Failure.

“Leina’s Journey”: chapter 4 = Using tears to get her way, she obtained food. Finally, she succeeded in escaping the premises! ...Though it was nice that she achieved it, she was then surrounded by the guards. She was brought back home forcibly, following Elina’s orders. Failure.

“Leina’s Journey”: chapter 5 = ... (omitted)... caught by Elina. Failure (*)
(*) Repeated from then on.

Leina became depressed.

After her decision, she had tried to leave the house a few dozen of times, and all her attempts had been thwarted by Elina’s hand. Getting out of the Earl’s domain was such an unattainable goal, she thought they could try going easy on her, truth be told.

“It, it’ll be fine! I’m still growing, after all!”

Leina said, to cheer herself up from her sinking feeling.
“This journey is going well...”

Actually, after Leina left home this time, three days had passed already. That was a new record...

On the first day, though she had almost been found out by a guard, she had managed to get past him. Though it had rained on the second day, there was a cave in a good condition and she didn’t need to get wet.

If one thought about it, it felt like God was helping her in this journey, she considered as her sinking feeling brightened up.

"Elina also gave up this time...”
Leina was confident. She had shown her determination many times, that girl must have surely understood it. ...Since she had walked this much, maybe she could escape from the domain the day after tomorrow, no, maybe even tomorrow...

With a renewed sense of security, and yielding to the returning sleepiness, Leina though about tomorrow’s journey.

...First of all, she’d head to a town. She wanted to eat things other than bread... Leina slowly closed her eyes.
While she sketched the new world she’d be facing from tomorrow on:

“Big sis, what are you doing?”

“Leina’s Journey”: chapter X = Wandered around the Earl Vance’s domain. Captured by Elina close to the camping ground for soldier training near the Vance Castle. Failure.

Wandering Runaway Daughter – End

Next: a new beautiful fighter stands as a candidate for “Queen’s Blade”. But she has a secret... Next time, “One Eyed Siam”.

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