Thursday, October 4, 2012

Queen's Blade Backstories: Luna Luna and Sigui

Before I forget, Alicia and Zara were just confirmed for November 24th, and Hobby Japan is doing an event on the 25th with lots of stuff to celebrate QB's 7th anniversary.

And here we go again, with Luna Luna and Sigui doing something we kinda don't see them doing that much, that is, flirting with boys and praying (I mean respectively, it'd sure be weird the other way around).


Luna Luna

A huge, ancient building towered hidden deep inside the jungle. The Calibara Tribe, excelling in combat skills, had been protecting the ruins for generations.

A sturdy Calibara warrior rushed through the arc. His honed muscles throbbed like a tiger’s.

“Dancer, there’s a report!”
“What’s wrong~? I was sleeping.”

A pretty girl appeared from the depths of the ruins with a half asleep look. The girl’s skin was as white as snow, which was rare in the jungle.

“Yes, Sunshine Luna Luna, it’s an intruder. We have an intruder in the area.”
“Eh, a visitor? Alright, let’s welcome him immediately!”

The girl called Luna Luna smiled innocently, and began to act.

But, the “welcoming” for this girl seemed to be but a metaphor, whose original meaning was “intercept”. Seeing that she was going to begin preparing for a party immediately, the scout warrior was perplexed. Because he was so stunned, Luna Luna began taking off her clothes before he noticed, and he panicked.

“Eh, s, say, Sunshine Luna Luna, what are you doing?”
“I think I’ll change into my welcoming clothes… Kyaah! Were you still here? D, don’t look~! I, I’m embarrassed~!”
“Wah, I, I’m sorry!!”

The warrior covered his eyes at once. Though he couldn’t see her figure, he knew Luna Luna would make a big fuss over being embarrassed in front of other people.

However, she was only noisy for an instant, and then everything around them became quiet.
When he removed his hands fearfully, Luna Luna’s face was beside him. A soft sigh brushed the warrior’s face. Standing there was a different person than a moment ago, it was Luna Luna with a beautiful brown skin.

“You… are strong. I don’t dislike that.”

Luna Luna’s finger, as if it were a tiny animal, wandered over the warrior’s bare chest.

“You may watch from the special seat over there, my welcoming dance smeared with blood… ok?”

Sure enough, can the Moonlight Dancer Luna Luna repel the invader?

They won’t know that unless they fight.


Please forgive me for I have sinned.
My mission is to burn to death all those heretics that remain.
However, even if I keep burning them, heretics don’t disappear from this Continent.
Today, an abhorrent knight descended from demons is trying to stand in my way once again.

Oh, God.
I offer this Holy Pose to you.
Please bestow upon me the miraculous power.
Please provide me with the flame of purification to destroy the enemies of God.

Then, when all the heretics have been saved by the mercy of God, please forgive my sins as well.
Until then, I won’t ever lose.

Right now, I will carry out the judgement of the enemy of God before my eyes.
“Veredict, guilty. You have been regarded as a heretic, you shall be rightly burned to death.”

Ah, seems like the poor heretic that doesn’t devote her body to the mercy of God has decided to challenge me.

“Very well. I’m warning you, I am the strongest.”

Sure enough, can the Inquisitor Sigui punish this enemy of God by burning her to death?

They won’t know that unless they fight.


  1. Sigui can flirt with me any day ;) it'd be a good reason to convert.

    I see the parallel tie-ins with the animated series. These are awesome.

  2. "They wont know unless they fight" this line is starting to become annoying lol.