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Queen's Blade Rebellion Illustrated Stories: Showdown, chapter 4

So, my relentless trips to Madrid are almost over... but nevermind that now, don't miss the reveal of the "3rd series" in a matter of days!

In this chapter, Laila is sent to attack the Rebel Army!

Showdown, chapter 4: Confrontation

"They aren’t moving… Should we go and engage them?"
In response to Queen Claudette’s words, the Thunder Clap became tinged with lightning.
"Do you want to fight as well?"
After becoming a Queen, it had been a long time since she had fought herself. If the soldiers were forced to become useless sacrifices, the thought that their leader should stand up among them strongly burned within Claudette.
"No, I expected no less from you, Her Majesty the Queen."
As if cutting off Claudette’s thoughts, the Iron Strategist Ymir showed up from the castle walls.
"If they aren’t moving, march along!"
The Iron Strategist raised her hand high towards the sky.
"Laila! It’s your turn, do your job to your heart’s content for lady Nanael’s sake as well!”

"Surprisingly, my hand was seen through. It’s a little disappointing."
At the watchtower of the Sacred Treasure Fortress Bligh, the strategist Yuit murmured so, disgruntled, while gazing at the Queen’s Army’s battle formation.
“You’re a worrywart, Yuit.”
The general Annelotte smiled, and with a step forward, glared at the Queen’s Army’s battle formation.
“Although it’s the Queen Claudette, we couldn’t issue modest orders if the scale of her army had become large to this extent. This is proof that Yuit’s plan was successful.”
 “T, that’s right. If big bro says so, I’m relieved.”
"Well then, maybe I should do my best too."
Walking towards Bligh’s tip, Luna Luna moved as if doing an unsteady dance.
"W, wait! Where do you think you’re going?"
Giggle, before this many men, as a dancer I can’t help but dance. Just you watch, I’ll show you how I captivate each and every soldier from the Queen’s Army.”
“How would I know that’s what you were planning! Big bro, haven’t you been silent as well, just say something.”
“Why not, we aren’t military. It’ll be fine if she does that in the meantime.”
"As expected from my Sister. So, you’ll go and break down all the men from the Queen’s Army?”
Replying to Yuit’s question with a wink, Luna Luna jumped down from the watchtower with splendid agility.
"So, Sigui, why aren’t you doing anything?”
“W, what are you saying I should do?”
“Hey, if you add Luna Luna’s dance to Sigui’s technique of spreading her skirt to show her panties…”
(T, Tarnyang, you shouldn’t talk to her like that…)
Sainyang turned to Tarnyang’s back to hide herself from Sigui, whose shoulders were trembling in anger.
“Fufufu… seems like these foreigners don’t know the difference between “holy techniques” and “savage dances”. “
The moment Sigui made her chain sound with a jingle, Bligh as a whole vibrated greatly, and the floor inclined violently.
“Kyaaaaaah! I’m falling! I’m falliiing!”
“Everybody, grab on to something!”
Annelotte shouted, thrusting her sword into the floor, and next to her, Mirim screamed as she slipped off.
“Really, it can’t be helped with this girl.”
Sigui extended her chain and caught Mirim, who was falling off the tower.
“What, on earth? Sainyang, you noticed anything?”
While she clung to the pillar, Sainyang pointed up at the sky.
“…Tarnyang, over there…”
Over there, there was the figure of an angel, who had wings that shone, pure white, as they were bathed in sunshine.
“That was a warning just now. My name is Divine Punishment Enforcer Laila, and I’ll… deliver divine punishment upon you, was it?”
Laila declared her offensive with a monotone voice entirely as if reading from a script, and grabbing her long, cylindrical weapon and pointing it towards Bligh, fired white liquid in succession.
Vante raised a roar, and tried to avoid Laila’s attack.
But, Blight was too large and she couldn’t move fast enough.
“W, what, this is!”
“Uwaa, so sticky!”
“I’m slipping, so slimy… iyaan”
She fired two, three shots of the white liquid, and in a moment, the watchtower was filled with it, and the clothes of the gathered beautiful fighters were wet white.
“Aah! T, this is dangerous!”
Yuit, who was operating Vante, screamed as they became covered in holy milk.
The parts exposed to the holy milk Laila was firing in succession were becoming rigid, and Bligh’s movement was dulling.

“As we are now, Bligh will stop working. We must deal with that angel!”
“In that case, leave it to Shai-Fang’s Taimashi! Sainyang, let’s do that.”
“Do that… seriously?”
“Yes. If we don’t do it now, when will we do it.“
As soon as she said so, Tarnyang infused Sainyang’s body with her fighting spirit.
“Hyauu… h, hott… Tarnyang, it’s too hot… inside me…”
Giggle, endure it a bit longer. I still have pleenty more to pour into you.”
Through the skill of combining the power of two people into one, to release the Dragonic Howl, the secret technique of the Double Dragon Formation, Sainyang kept enduring as an expression of anguish appeared on her face.
“Tarnyang… I…”
“Gee, just endure some more!”
“Luna Luna! Distract the angel!”
In order to ensure the outcome of the Dragonic Howl, Annelotte gave an order to Luna Luna, who was near the angel.
“Even if you hadn’t told me, I planned to.”
As holy milk dripped from Luna Luna’s voluptuous body, she turned into the Solar Dancer and jumped up.
Giggle, isn’t my skin getting prettier?”
Before the slimy tentacles that wriggled, exposed to the holy milk, a frightened Laila screamed as she began firing holy milk at random violently.
The tip of the tentacle rose high firmly and knocked Laila off, making white splash fly around.
“My dance… I wonder if my guest likes it?”
Wiping holy milk off her own body with her fingertip, Luna Luna stroke a pose.
“Good, Luna Luna! C’moon, all in one go!”
“Aah… Tarnyang, I’m at, my limit…”
Sainyang’s body was dyed red crimson as it amassed Tarnyang’s fighting spirit, and she turned her gaze to Laila, who had fell down.
“Release! Sainyang! Our ultimate secret technique!”
“Double Dragon Formation Secret Technique, Dragonic Howl!”
When she heard Tarnyang’s words, Sinyang released all the energy overflowing in her body at once.
“I’ve never heard… of such a thing.”
Receiving the full hit of the Dragonic Howl, Laila fainted and fell at Bligh’s feet.
“We did it! Sainyang!”
“…Yeah, we were useful… right?”
“Of course. You were amazing, both of you have done well.”
“Everybody, unpreparedness is one’s greatest enemy. It’s unlikely that the Queen’s Army’s attack will end just with this. There’s sure to be more to come.”
Everyone focused their minds hearing the words of Sigui, who lifted Mirim up while still covered in holy milk.
“Eh? It doesn’t move as expected?”
“W, wait a sec, please look over there!”
When they heard Mirim’s voice, everyone looked at where she was pointing to.
“W, was there such a thiing?”
Rising up from a cloud of dust at Bligh’s feet, a gigantic shadow slowly stood up. That was the figure of Laila, who had changed into a giant form to the extent that she was on par with Bligh.
“Nuhahahaha, Laila. Show them the miracle of God!”
The voice of the Iron Strategist resounded from Laila’s head.
“A, a miracle of God… t, that thing…”
Sigui gasped, her image reflected in the golden pupils of Laila, now changed into a giant.
“Everyone, steady your mind! Luckily, Bligh has broken through the Queen’s Army’s battle formation. We should keep going together without fighting the Queen’s Army until Gainos. Let’s go!”
Annelotte shouted, taking hold of her sword.
“Bligh and I will take care of Laila. Do your best, big bro!”
Annelotte’s party started running along with the Rebel Army when Bligh’s castle gates opened wide.
“In the end, it became a breakthrough by force.”
“As I expected from the heretic sisters, are you afraid, I wonder?”
“What a cheap provocation, Inquisitor.”
“Oh? I had no intention of provoking you.”
Fufun, please don’t underestimate Shai-Fang’s Taimashi! Here we go, Sainyang!”
“Y, yeah… Tarnyang…”
Pulling Sainyang along, Tarnyang ran swiftly ahead,  driven by Sigui’s words.
Giggle, what a predictable girl… So, shall we go too, Elder Sister.”
The moment Annelotte tried to step forward, along with the blinding gleam of a magic square, the soldiers of the Rebel Army marching before her were suddenly blown away.
Appearing inside the shining magic square, there was the figure of a beautiful fighter alone, whose body was covered by a white apron.
“Why don’t you go ahead?... I’ll be sure to catch up.”
Annelotte suddenly told Sigui, without moving her eyes away from the beautiful fighter.
“I think she won’t settle for anyone but me as her opponent.”
“Rebel Army leader Annelotte! For the sake of the peaceful life of me and my Darling, I will take you down!”
With sparkling red eyes reminiscent of when Annelotte turned into a demon, the beautiful woman who appeared in the middle of the Rebel Army loudly proclaimed so.
The Princess Knight Annelotte, the Summoner Aldra, which one will rise as the winner of the confrontation of fate?
They won’t know that unless they fight.

-To be continued-

If you recognize that last sentence, that's right: the details of that "duel of fate" will probably come in an extra chapter, included in the third volume that hasn't been released yet.
Also, amazing Laila, to face the whole Rebel Army and knock most of them off their high horse/huge fortress, Nanael could learn a bit from her disciple's persistence...
And if Vante is the one who noticed when Bligh malfunctioned, maybe that's what those Calibara riddles meant: "the gate serves as the key, the key serves as the gate", i.e. Yuit operates Vante, and it's Vante who operates Bligh (though we haven't been told how Bligh functions or anything).

Next chapter: more fierce battles!


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  2. ...? Ah, bullfighting. Yeah, not a big fan...

    By the way, I'm hearing rumors here about the 3rd series being called "Queen's Blade Grimoire", and a beautiful fighter (presumably the main char) with high heels and a cloak. No Google results yet, but we'll find out soon.