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Queen's Blade Rebellion Illustrated Stories: Showdown, chapter 3

Even if I'm here at the capital (not Gainos, lol), at least I had some time to finish this.

In this chapter, Al realizes her summoned demons aren't that cooperative!

Showdown, chapter 3: Departure

“Kya, kya-h! W, what is this-!?”
The screams of the pilot Al echoed through the small house built in a corner of the town of water “Zanef”.
“Nice to meet you madam, how about you don’t escape for a while.”
“Hohoho, your swinging meat is really appetizing.”
A stuffed bear and frog were flying about, chasing Al.
“In order to protect yourself from the 72 high grade demons living in the realm of the dead and their mighty power, that skill to choose harmless stuffed animals as intermediaries, there just isn’t more to say about the talent you were born with.”
The maid told her with admiration.
“Are they summons? That is, did I call them?”
“That’s right.”
“In that case…”
Al glared at the stuffed bear that was chasing her. The demons that are summoned should obey the orders of the master who summons them…
The stuffed bear suddenly became still.
“Yes, yes, I’m stopping. Madam… Since you went through the trouble, let’s introduce ourselves.”
“B, by all means…”
“My name is Belphe, I lead forty army corps as a duke of the realm of the dead, I can use magic by drawing power from the earth, and I’ll serve my summoner with my power.”
The stuffed bear paid homage at her feet.
“Well done. It’ll be fine if you stop…”
Then, the young girl in maid clothes shifted her attention to the lower half of Al’s body, as the light violet clothes covering her abdomen gently fell down to the floor.
“Hyawawawah! What are you doing?!”
While red in the face, Al sensed the stuffed frog’s hiding place from the sound of air leaking, and stomped on it.
“Guhaa… M, madam, even though I’m the earl of the realm of the dead, and the supreme chef, Dogor, you would still… kick me…”
Making an eerie, drool-like sound, the stuffed frog Dogor fainted in agony, spouting out a honey-colored liquid.
“I think you should focus your attention elsewhere.”
The maid’s words made Al’s gaze return to the stuffed bear. A light violet cloth was subtly protruding from the stuffed toy’s mouth.
“Aah, w, what are you eating!?”
Chuckle, the various juices of a young wife together are the highest delicacy.”
Munching as if it was tasty, Belphe ate up the light violet cloth that was Al’s underwear with a broad smile.
“Summoned beasts are particularly hungry. Seems like they’ll even eat you if you don’t hold tight. Please be careful.”
“That’s right so, let me satisfy my tight appetite.”
Not satisfied with just the underwear, Dogor’s tongue crept up the stockings that covered Al’s slender legs.
Reflexively, she swung her leg and blew the stuffed toy away. Dogor hit the wall as it raised its thumb in satisfaction, and trailed down it.
“H, how can I… control them properly?”
Her underwear eaten by the stuffed toys, Al pulled the hem of her apron a little to cover herself.
“Relax. Your ability is definitely the best in the Continent.”
The maid cheered her up with a smile, and handed Al a new piece of underwear.
“Please take these, I guarantee they’re comfortable to wear.”

“T, thank you very much… even so, what can I do with these children?”
“Mada~am, you’re our summoner, please understand us at least~”
Dogor raised his voice in dissatisfaction.
“I can help madam by breathing fire, and with magic that draws power from the earth. And, Dogor over there…”
“Hohoho, as for me, I can produce a liquid that melts whatever I want, and a sticky liquid that stops any movement, if you don’t mind, madam…”
Dogor spat out a honey-colored liquid from its mouth. The sticky liquid quickly got attached to Al’s paddle, as Dogor had commanded it with its gaze.
“Madam, this is my flame.”
Belphe spouted out hellfire from his mouth. Dogor avoided it by a hair’s breadth, and rolled down on the floor.
“Dogor, I shouldn’t obey others but the one who summoned me.”
“Hohoho, Belphe, please don’t say such harsh things, I was just testing if madam was an appropriate master for us, it wasn’t just mischief?”
Dogor looked up at Al’s buttocks, licking his lips.
“Like that, please use those two as their summoner. If you can use the strength of these two, you won’t have anything to fear from average beautiful fighters.”
The maid smiled sweetly, admiring Al’s power.

“Really, though it was to preserve highly classified information, it couldn’t possibly be this deep down.”
In her room deep within the basement of the Queen’s Castle, Ymir couldn’t tell who was muttering.
“No, I’d be worried if it wasn’t deep. This is it.”
“Who are you!”
Ymir shouted at the figure of the woman in the red dress who had suddenly appeared in her room.
“Just in case, how do you do, I wonder? My name’s Protean Trickster Melona, and I intend to borrow your shape of Iron Strategist for a little while.”
Along with Melona’s declaration, innumerable tentacles spread at Ymir’s feet, and wrapped up her body.
As they repeated their lukewarm pulsation once and again, the tentacles rubbed Ymir’s whole body, recording her shape.
Though it was dreadful, the sensation was transmitted through her whole body, and Ymir lost consciousness, shivering with a comfortable feeling.
“Well well, at any rate, seems like there were a lot who also got in during my absence.”
From wearing a red dress, Melona quickly changed to the shape of the Iron Strategist Ymir.
“Now, is my job already done?”
The fake Iron Strategist muttered, and grabbed the door leading to the next room.

“The Rebel Army are the hounds of the realm of the dead, out to disturb the justice in this world… that’s what I did hear from Miss Iron Strategist Ymir.”
“T, that’s wrong!”
In the Iron Strategist Ymir’s private room deep in the basement of the Queen’s Castle, the Gemstone Princess Eilin involuntarily raised her voice.
“It is… wrong?!”
Talking with Eilin, the Divine Punishment Enforcer Laila looked slightly doubtful.
“As gullible as in the past… I didn’t think it’d come to this.”
“In the past?”
“What, you don’t remember? Back when you lived as a human, I took care of you…”
“I actually… remember?”
“What, just now…”
“I, I actually remember. So… is that the truth?”
Laila turned her gaze to Eilin, as she held tightly the Holy Cannon, her divine, sacred utensil.
“Anyhow, there’s no relationship between the Rebel Army and the realm of the dead, so I don’t think there’s a need for the Heavens to intervene here.”
“But… the Rebel Army’s leader rides a suspicious horse, and I’ve heard she became a demon… didn’t she?”
“T, that’s…”
Eilin mumbled involuntarily. Although there was no proof that the Rebel Army and the realm of the dead were connected, it was also a fact that there was no information that could deny Annelotte’s personal abilities.
“Stop tempting the Divine Punishment Enforcer, Eilin!”
Opening the door vigorously, the Iron Strategist Ymir entered the room, interrupting Eilin and Laila’s conversation.
“Tempting? Ymir sis, I just want to know the truth.”
“The Rebel Army is approaching Gainos. Laila, depart now!”
The Iron Strategist ignored Eilin, and ordered Laila to sally forth.
“Yes… I shall depart… yes.”
“W, wait, Laila.”
In response to by Eilin’s words, Laila stopped suddenly.
“Are you leaving to the war?”
Laila nodded her head.
“Shut up, Gemstone Princess.”
The sharp voice of the Iron Strategist cut between the two.
“No matter if you’re my cousin, I won’t protect you if you go too far… Stay still here until the war ends.”
Feeling the coldness from the Iron Strategist’s words, Eilin stepped back involuntarily.
“So, Laila. Her Majesty the Queen is waiting, bring divine punishment to those fools who oppose the Queen to their heart’s content.”
Having received her orders from the Iron Strategist, Laila left the room.
She was different… That wasn’t her cousin, the Iron Princess. The Iron Princess Eilin knew would go to the battlefield with her own weapons, and wouldn’t send someone to fight like this imitator.
“You there… who are you? What did you do to Ymir sis?”
Before Eilin’s accusation, a faint smile appeared on the Iron Strategist’s face.

“You’re here…”
Queen Claudette was squinting, glaring at the Sacred Treasure Fortress Bligh that appeared on the faraway horizon.
“Fear not my elite! We’re the strongest in the Continent! We won’t be defeated! And we have God’s divine protection!”
Matching Claudette’s voice inspiring the soldiers, Laila’s pure white wings shone as she jumped from the Queen’s Castle, and kept flying over the soldiers.
“This is our victory!”
“Long live the Queen!”
The soldiers saw that divine figure, and raised their voice, confident in their victory.

-To be continued-

So, what Eilin feared actually came true, Melona did supplant Ymir after all. I guess the new technique Melona used here is just to improve her transformation (maybe getting rid of her tell-tale cross-shaped pupils?) and/or knock other people out, since she didn't have trouble transforming into other people just by seeing them in the past.
But, if Ymir and the new Melona hadn't met yet, just who was Ymir conspiring with to get Al? The plot thickens...
And yes, Eilin and Laila used to be friends, that was stated by the Rebellion chart a while ago. Leave it to Laila to forget about it... though, it'd be nice if we found out more about Laila's pre-half-angel life.

Next chapter: the so-called showdown starts!


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    1. Besides the odd choice that is Suchie-Pai coming out this month, no, no news at all...
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    2. *spittake* SUCHIE-PAI?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! That's AWESOME! AND they got Kenichi Sonoda to do the art for the book! Huzzah!

      In many ways it makes sense. Suchie-Pai being a fighting strip mahjong game, those characters would fit right in in Queen's Blade! Fingers crossed Milky Pai shows up in the future. Her and Melona would make a great team!

      Anyway, thanks for the translation. I'm so glad Melona is back.

    3. Ah, so you actually know the character? I thought no one knew Suchie-Pai around here ^^U
      It's hard to come up with info concerning her, so maybe you could tell us a little bit about her attacks, her story or something?

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    1. Ah, "Huit", sorry, her name became "Yuit", I'll try to correct it as soon as I can.

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    1. If you're taling about the QG's rendition of Wonder Momo, she was included as a replacement for DOA's Kasumi after Tomonobu Itagaki trashed Tekken really hard.

    2. I wouldn't hold my breath for Wonder Momo either, there's nothing about her getting a book so far.

      As for Suchie Pai, she's from a series of strip mahjong games, as seen here:

      The games are really popular on Japan and the artist if the same as Gunsmith Cats', but she's still an odd choice for QG. If they were aiming for hot chars from popular artists, Cutie Honey, or any girl by Oh Great or Shoji Sato/Inazuma would fit the fighting theme better.