Sunday, June 3, 2012

QB Battle 32.3

Meh, a smaller release than I wanted, but still:

Mirrors: App + Media + Extra + Fanmade (update)
Sendspace: App + Media + Extra + Fanmade (update)

Added the fanmade X-23 (thanks to Okami31):

Coming next: unfortunately, because of work I'll be on a trip to the capital for 3 weeks, so I'll have to skip the next QBB update. I'll try for the one after that to have Da Ji & Himiko (seems like there aren't enough pics for Da Ji alone after all), and Dlanor A Knox, if possible.

Edit (06-07): Fixed the wrong sendspace links.

Edit2 (06-08): A fix for "Yuit & Vante" 's name appearing wrong at a few places: Mirror/Sendspace

Edit3 (06-14): Yay! The next QB series after Rebellion was just confirmed. For now, we only know it'll have a different atmosphere, and it'll be set in a multiverse parallel to the Continent, back to a "tournament" style, seemingly with no true story. When we get the title and some solid details (apparently by the end of the month), we'll celebrate with a proper post.


  1. Oh schneeps, moar fanmades characters! :O

  2. I'll have the Rebellion anime and some of my other game projects to tide me over until you return. By the way, anybody who finds links to streamed episodes of Rebellion, uncensored, please report to me. I'm definitely going to make a break for them once there are some proper subs.

  3. I've said this before but I'll request it again since the App landscape has changed.

    If you could make this into an iPad app it would be amazing.

    I know you are worried about licensing issues, and legal troubles, but if you made it in a way where people who download the app would have to download the books separately and add them to the app using iExplorer or some such means, you are free from having to actually put it out there as an "official" Queen's Blade app. You could have the app come with fan made characters only.

    I still think you could contact Flying Buffalo and they would give you their full endorsement to make it an actual official supported Gamebook app. Even if they don't have creative control over Queen's Blade you could load it up with the Flying Buffalo Books.

    1. Hummm... I'm not sure what you mean by the change in the landscape, but iPad apps do seem to be all the rage lately.

      It's true that thanks to the combined efforts of many people, we kinda have enough fanmade chars to display them on their own.

      Maybe since this app is now mature enough, it's indeed the time to consult the FB and/or HJ companies to get officially endorsed... or to get the good ol' Cease & Desist I used to fear in the beginning.

      But as a programmer, the problems I care about the most are the logistic ones, i.e: how hard is it to adapt my code?, and, can I display it similarly to the existing game? I'll need to have a look at the SDK this summer... (man, do I keep on piling work on myself ^^U)

      (As a side note, there was actually an official QB phone app some years ago, that ended up disappearing)