Friday, June 29, 2012

Queen's Blade Grimoire logo

The new series was just properly mentioned in the official QB blog.

As expected, not much info was revealed yet (they're still preparing the main visual of the new beautiful fighters), but it does mention that the visual books will have beautiful fighters fighting each other with "grimoires", a.k.a. books of magic, and that the new world will "resemble a picture book, i.e. a book of magic" (that could mean a fairy-like setting), with the world having a dark atmosphere.

In some way, I guess like the "rebellion" separated the characters in the 2nd series, the "grimoires" will impregnate the atmosphere and the lives of the new chars.


  1. will you be getting the Suchie-Pai release integrated into QBB soon?

    1. That's the idea... though the keyword here is "soon". She only just came out in Japan, so if scans surface in a couple weeks, I can get her into the update coming in two weeks. If not, it'll be the update due in one month.

  2. I still cant believe they left rebellion hanging like that lol.

    And now they're starting a new series??

    Well,I hope they have good characters at least x3