Sunday, October 30, 2011

QB Battle 25.7 + Vanquished Queens

Megaupload: App + Media (update) + Extra + Fanmade
Sendspace: App + Media (update) + Extra + Fanmade

Added the recent Queen's Gate Taki:

Taki has a few of her unique moves, unlike Ivy, it seems they tried a little harder to characterize her properly.

And as promised, I managed to translate the Vanquished Queens artbook, so go get it while it's fresh:

Coming next: Emma Frost (had to settle for finishing the translation in time), maybe Spidey, and updating the Rebellion girls' names and titles to their official ones (like Sigui, Eilin, etc).

Edit (11-12): Just had some sudden, annoying RL business to take care of, I'm postponing the update for next week, sorry.


  1. For the image folder, what do I do if I want to keep both Takis? In the update, it had the same name as the fanmade folder...

  2. Now, we may expect some new Story Modes?

    Talking about story mode, we may create some Stroy Modes ourselves? (Custom Stories for Custom Characters and/or Heroes Battlebooks?)

  3. @Okami31: I think since version 23.7, I changed the fanmade Taki to "Taki (alt)", the fanmade folder should feature her as such. And to prevent mix-ups of saved progress, winning battles in posterior versions of the app automatically converted your previous "Taki" save into the "Taki (Alt)" one (not anymore, of course).

    @Luis Carlos: I wonder if it's possible to make a story out of the Vanquished Queens material, it's kinda long and you'd end up losing all the battles? ^^U I intend to finish the 4 remaining QB stories first, in any case.
    As for custom stories, I hadn't though about that, but if you can write some, sure, go ahead and I'll see how I get them in here.

  4. I downloaded media update and app entirely and in the program there's only the official Taki showing...what am I missing?

  5. Download the current fanmade file for the "taki (alt)", or rename the folder and pics of the fanmade one as "taki (alt)", whichever is easier.

  6. Ah, that worked! Sorry for the trouble and thanks for your prompt replies!

    Go ahead and give me three character choices for me to pick can re-use choices from the past! I'll add one of my own soon...

  7. Oh, already? Ok, here goes:
    -Samus Aran (repeating again because she's awesome)
    -Ayane (doubles as both a DOA and Ninja Gaiden char, and Kasumi didn't have many DOA moves anyways)
    -Athena Asamiya (because I'm a huge KOF fan, and she seems to be SNK's poster girl by now)

  8. I pick Samus Aran and all her forms! Should be fun...

    My choice is Tsunade from Naruto...

  9. Great, looking forward to Tsunade.
    I guess slug summoning and healing are a given, but I wonder if she has enough "punchy punchy jutsus" to fill the rest of the book :D

  10. Here's Samus Aran:

    no pictures of her punching in either form...a lot of shooting so I guess she could be entirely ranged? Do you think you'll use both forms in just one? It would be cool to have the ability to transform back and forth a la Smash Bros, but of course that'll sacrifice pics, though we know we all want to see her more in her zero suit...haha

    Morphball pic could be used for either screw attack and/or bombs...I didn't find any good pics explicitly showing either move...

    Well, have fun working on our favorite space blonde!

  11. Neat, great job!

    Turning from Zero to Normal and back would be quite complicated (no character has ever pulled that off), so she'll be just fine as 2 chars (maybe they'll retain their morphing super, but without actually transforming).

    I guess I'll accept the Smash Bros' explanation that Zero is somehow more agile (and obviously weaker), while the normal version will be tougher and more ranged/projectile centered, kinda like Mina.

  12. Oh man, I was collecting Tsunade's pics and I hadn't read the last three issues of Naruto...let's just say I better hold on for a bit cuz there's going to be some epic ass-whupping Kage style!

    By the way, there were not as many usable pics of Tsunade out there...obviously every artist wants to showcase her huge breasts, so it was hard to find something non-hentai...

  13. Do you have a text translation of the Taki book? I own the book, but since I can't read Japanese, I can't use it with my other books.

  14. Sure I do, the translations are updated now.
    Kinda forgot last time, my bad.

  15. I have a lot of the downloaded character files (the images), but the QB app won't let me select them as characters in any game mode, and none of the ai, m, r, or s data folders exist for them in the data folder. What am I doing wrong?

  16. The App file should have in the data folder the ai-m-r-s needed for all the chars, just unzipping it should be enough...