Sunday, October 2, 2011

QB Battle 24.9

Megaupload: App + Media + Extra (update) + Fanmade (update)
Sendspace: App + Media + Extra (update) + Fanmade (update)

Had to buy the missing Battlebooks myself (the hardest part was finding them, though), but adapted Marvel's Storm, and added the fanmade Komachi Onozuka (thanks to Luis Carlos):

Storm was missing the character sheet, so I hope the real damages of the moves aren't too far off...

Coming next: Alternate (whip-only) Ivy, and FSN Saber.
Even if Taki was recently released, I don't think she'll be on time for the next update.

Edit: Changed the App links to correct Cammy not working in Arcade mode.

Edit2 (10-06): QG Taki was reviewed here. Also, I had to cancel the Vanquished Queens commission as it was unexpectedly expensive, but don't fret: I'm taking care of the matter myself (shouldn't be a surprise by now :p), and I should be able to finish an acceptable translation of the artbook sometime soon.


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  3. when running arcade mode as cammy, I get the message-
    Please add the character Sakura to play with the character you chose.

    This is the exact message.

    is it possible it's procing for Sakura
    instead of sakura kasugano, the actual name of the folder?
    Please advise...

  4. You're right, just fixed that, thanks.

  5. In the last set of comments- people mentioned playing the unofficial version of Saber and waiting for the official release..

    How does one get to beta test for the unofficial versions?


  6. You don't, it's not like I have plenty of time to work on each succesive version, and I usually finish each character the day before or the same day I update (so there's no time for unofficial versions).
    What you read was just some pre-release discussion, as Saber is still in the "select the proper pics" stage.

  7. Maybe yes, maybe not.

    I made a Unofficial version of Saber to try her.

    Here it is:

  8. Thanks for the new additions and finally acquiring Storm's book! You got enough on your plate so I'm not adding any more characters to your queue for now, especially since Ayrawinla is MIA and so are her characters... :-P

  9. That Saber's pretty good, though I get the feeling she could have a couple more special moves...
    But it saves me some selection time anyways, so thanks, I'll try to make her similar to Tomoe (I do try to make each char different enough from the rest).

  10. I was wondering, how can Chun Li do a low hit with a Spinning Bird Kick? Does she bite the opponent? :-P

  11. Well, that's a good question ^^U...
    You know how in the HD remake, you could do her SBK with an "arc"? That one ended up hitting lower than normal (though I found out about that just now).

  12. Well, if we take her move out of the context of the games, she could end her spinning on a low kick a la capoeira...I got your back, haha...