Sunday, October 16, 2011

QB Battle 25.3

Megaupload: App + Media + Extra + Fanmade (update)
Sendspace: App + Media + Extra + Fanmade (update)

Added the fanmade Saber (thanks to Okami31 & Luis Carlos), and an alternate, whip-using Ivy (thanks to Okami31):

Coming next: Emma Frost and Queen's Gate Taki, and I'm aiming to release the Vanquished Queens translation by next time, as well.

Edit (10-25): Besides the great news that is the Rebellion anime green-lit, QBR Izumi has a proper release date now, Dec. 16th, and her cover page was updated. I got hold of her profile as well, so I'm translating it ASAP.


  1. Thanks for the update!
    Can't wait for the next!

  2. Thanks for new characters! I am very eager to see how you get around Emma Frost's non-physical skills...I'm still not adding new characters to your queue, since Cassandra, Psylocke and Valkyries are all dressed up but nowhere to go haha...if you don't want to do Valkyries that's fine btw...

  3. Right, though I told you to just keep on piling them, I do appreciate a moment of rest, especially now that I'm busy translating this huge, crazy thingie...

    As for the "orphaned" chars, if ayra isn't back by the time I'm done with Psylocke and stuff, I guess I'll take on Cassandra and the Valkyries... and maybe that Katt gal, while I'm at it.

  4. BTW, Saber's battle name is supposed to be "The King of Knights", since you already spoiled her real name.

  5. Hm, yes, she also gets called that, but if I remember correctly, it's just the 3 kings who get such battle names, all the other servants are known by their class or original name.
    And well, though her identity is a big deal in FSN, it's revealed right off the bat in Fate Zero, so it's not much of a spoiler ^^U.

  6. Saber does seem to be able to pretty much lolwtfpwn anyone from what I've played so far...but that's accurate, so yeah.

    I'm also enjoying the mirror feature...makes more sense to have the character I play as on my side when I can see both.

  7. Yep, I guess I saw Saber more of a "superhero"-tier character than a "normal" one, as she takes less damage than others.
    But to compensate, she only has 3 uses of her special attacks, and her normal attacks aren't too powerful.