Sunday, November 20, 2011

QB Battle 26.1

Megaupload: App + Media (update) + Extra (update) + Fanmade (update)
Sendspace: App + Media (update) + Extra (update) + Fanmade (update)

Added Marvel's Spider-Man, and the fanmade Emma Frost (thanks to Okami31):

Corrected some repeating restrictions of some super-heroes, and adopted the official names of the Rebellion girls (Sigui, Yuit & Vante, the media file/update have their updated images), so watch out for the tournaments and stuff.

Coming next: Psylocke.

Edit: Replaced the App file, as Emma Frost had a matrix typo.


  1. Just Psylocke next update? :-P

    Great job on Emma...definitely gonna play a lot with her...

    I'm getting a matrix error: "please revise the M file of the characters...can't find Emma Frost_23.5.jpg..."

  2. Right, a matrix typo, fixed now.

    And well, it'll actually be Psylocke and Saber Alter next update, if I can make it... ^^U

  3. Yay Saber Alter!

    Alright, time for the new character game again...give me three options and I'll pick one...I'll also provide one of me own (I'm not going to add Tsunade until she potentially shows new moves on the current story arc)...


  4. Hum, so Tsunade is a bit too fan-servicey for her own good...

    So, one more list. I'm repeating Jam Kuradoberi, and I'd go for:
    -Morrigan and/or Lilith (of course she earnt the spot, dunno if Lilith has enough pics of her own, though)
    -Tron Bonne (consecutive MvsC should have made her popular, and she has lol-worthy potential with the ServBots)

    I'm slowly running out of obvious choices, so I guess it'll get harder for you to get pics?

  5. ...Has Rebellion Tomoe actually just been announced in this month's Hobby Japan?... I'll try to confirm it asap.

  6. No contest on your choices...Morrigan it is!!!

    Oh, there's plenty of good, fighting gals out there...I'm sure you'll rack your brain for more pleasant picks!

    btw Tron Bonne was out of left field as a choice...haha...

  7. And since I can't do the teacher yet, I'll work on the student!

    Sakura, from Naruto, is my choice!

  8. No love for Tron? :D Heh, it's not like many chars could compete seriously with Morrigan...

    There are lots of fighting girls remaining indeed, but if the artists aren't dedicated enough to them, this could get difficult.

    Sakura is a great choice, but I'm not sure if she'll be easier or harder than Tsunade, since I don't think she has any relevant jutsu (just punching and healing?).

    Btw, still no confirmation of the Tomoe business, but it's almost confirmed the Illustrated Stories will resume next month.

  9. I was thinking about it and Tsunade obviously has more techniques going for her...Sakura was largely useless for most of the anime until she was taught by Tsunade and had that big fight with one of the Akatsuki...but even so she's mainly a brawler/healer with almost no unique spice her more, you could add poison kunais (as a medical-nin she is an expert with poisons), poison immunity, chakra scalpel (stuns/neutralizes opponent) and her signature move Cherry Blossom Impact (which is just a jump and punch the ground with enough force to make a crater)...

    However, finding pics for Sakura should be a breeze...I am always coming across them in my general fan art browsing...

  10. About time to continue with the Rebellion's Illustrated Stories! BTW, Do you plan to translate later the remaining stories Fabio didn't translate from his blog?

  11. I'd like to translate them, but not really knowing japanese means I'd probably take a long time to do it (and it's not like they're short chapters either), so for now my hands are tied, so to speak. :(

  12. Hey Leecherboy, how can I communicate with you? I got some QB stuff that might be cool for you to display on your blog.

  13. Well, you can find my e-mail in the app (in the "help -> about..." section), since this blog is mainly about the game.

  14. Whew...lotsa Morrigan...but of course, every pic is about her sexiness and not her fighting prowess, so once again you'll have to get creative...

    For "seduction", feel free to use any pic cuz most would fit into that category...I just saved a couple under seduction as I was browsing...

    "Soul Eraser" doesn't show her blasting the cannon, but just handling the weapon...subtle but it works...

    No "Finishing Shower" with rockets/missiles, but can we cheat and use the bats as the explosive ordinance?

    No "Silhouette Blade/Shadow Servant" get creative...

    No "Astral Vision", though that's a move that can be ignored...

    I put a couple of "Darkness Illusion" but feel free to use what's best if they don't fit...

    "Eternal Slumber"... I only found one pic of her blowing a kiss, but any sensual pic would do...

    "Vector Drain" could be any "fly" move...maybe one going downwards...haha

    No punches, so maybe she only uses claws and blades/spikes/chains/scythes...I also labeled a couple as "special" cuz I ran out of ideas and I was dizzy of looking at so many pretty pics...haha..

    Anyway, enjoy!

  15. Once again, great job!

    Since in MvsC (and TvsC, it seems) she called out to Lilith in a couple of supers, so I guess I can always find some pics of them together if that'll fit the supers better.

  16. To note: In Darkstalkers 3, in both Lilith and Morrigan ending, Lilith is absorved by Morrigan.
    Many people uses then lilith as Morrigan's Darkness Illusion.

    I belive Darkness Illusion is the only special she needs. Sexual Embrace (a Vector Drain variation on Darkstakers 1 with a better name), Shadow Blade and Soul Fist are enougth to make her very unique.

  17. I never liked Lilith cuz well, she's...err...flat? also a bit kid-like...I like my gals buxom and curvy...womanly!

    Anyway, carry on...thanks Luis Carlos for the notes...I only know Morrigan from Marvel vs Capcom games...

  18. The original idea was making her as a opposite to Morrigan. So, if Morrigan is the curvy mature woman, she is the flat kid one.
    One idea was making her angel-like, but it was forgotten due copyright problems.