Thursday, May 25, 2017

Queen's Blade : Mobile / Asset Drop Part 2

Time for part 2!
Sorry for the late post, got sidetracked by midterms and forgot it was still my turn to post stuff.
Here's even more stuff from the QB Mobile Card game!

So let's get right on that...

...after discussing our weekly poll again! So... :

Trivia : Aldra's sword is a real piece of work, but do you remember what it's called...?
1rst - The Daemon's Blade (22 Votes/50%)
2nd - Hell's Oath (9 Votes/20.45%)
 3rd - The Punisher (6 Votes/13.64%)
4th - Lucifer (4 Votes/9.09%)
 5th - The Queen's Blade(3 Votes/6.82%)

And the answer was... The Daemon's Blade! 
Looks like most of you got it right, you guys didn't cheat now did you?
Honestly, I pretty much forgot its name myself so I might not have gotten the right answer either actually. Some of these trivia questions can be pretty tricky... and my memory's not that great.

But enough about that, for our next poll, time to take a look at some of the fated battles in the series... Leina vs Claudette, Nyx vs Elina, Aldra vs Irma... which of these destined opponents do you think ends up or would end up leaving the most impact in the series where they to clash...?
Fights like these are always pretty exciting, aren't they?

And with all that said and done, time for another download link!

And see you again next week for the last batch!


  1. For the new poll I voted Leina vs Tomoe, not because it's my favourite, but because the music starting right before with the falling leaves is, I think, one of the greatest moment of the whole anime.

  2. Huh? Is this same link to part 1?

    1. yeah, these are the same, Leecherboy pls fix this problem.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thanks very much.
      btw is this all of the complete cards?

  3. Annelotte vs The Swamp Witch. The fate of Gainos would rest on this battle for sure!! Pity it never got animated. Only Leina fought her and she pretty much got OWNED!! No duh on that huh?

    1. ha, maybe one day we'll get a rebellion season 2...
      kind of like hoping Blizzard will release Starcraft Ghost or GW is gonna produce more Necromunda figures.

  4. Do you think you can put these up in a gallery on g.e hentai if you don't mind? I don't have a computer at the moment.

    1. Ok, made a gallery with the cards so far. Didn't bother with the cutins because it's basically the same images, and I'm not sure if those guys would complain...