Thursday, May 18, 2017

Queen's Blade : Mobile / Asset Drop Part 1

It's that time of the schedule again, intermission time and boy do we have a treat for you guys! Remember that Queen's Blade mobile card game we talked about a while ago? Well, it's shut down now so playing it is out of the question... but who are we kidding? People just wanted to see the cards right? Are those gone forever?

Well obviously if you read the title of this post, the answer to that is a big nope. Thanks to a little deduction through the card names and a little bit of work creating a mini-app to pull the cards using that pattern, we are proud to present to you... every single card in the game! Part 1! (We'll be splitting this into a few intermissions, since we could use the time to work on some other stuff right now.)

But first, poll time! So... :

Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos is pretty old now, being a PSP Game and all. Were it translated, would you still want to play/replay it?
1rst - Of course I'd play/replay it
2nd - I might give it a shot, but dunno if I'd stick with it, it is old...
 3rd - I probably wouldn't bother.

Nice to know you guys would be interested in a translation if it existed, well most of you anyways. Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos came out more than 7 years ago... man, time flies doesn't it?

For the next poll, some trivia! Do you remember what they call Aldra's sword, and if not, 
can you guess?

Now that we got that out of the way, for your downloading pleasure... here's a link to the first pack, along with a handy extra, PNG cutins of each pic within this first pack too! The game devs used these transparent ones for attack animations actually, though they only applied to cards Rare and up.

Enjoy! And see you next week with more!


  1. Thanks, I downloaded this As soon as i saw it!

  2. Thanks very much for Nyx's cards!! ^^

    1. Wait... there is a Nyx card in the download link?

  3. Well, it's been a looong time since I've last been here... Happy New Year 2017 and 2016 (... and probably 2015 too...) Mega post incoming!

    First of, I'm impressed that you are still maintaining this site after all these years! Well done! :) I'll have to give a spin to the "new" characters for sure. Thanks for all the other stuff too!

    That Vante and Layla image from the January post is absolutely amazing!

    Queen's Blade Unlimited hype! The news of it instantly reignited my interest in Queen's Blade (the Vanquished Queen Nowa OVA had kind of killed it) when I saw it yesterday. I really like the new art style (liked the old one too though) and I'm super excited that there's a new "main" series coming out. I'm honestly a little bit concerned that there's been zero news about it since the reveal and that the reveal seem to have been pretty much ignored (hence why it took me three months to even know about it); surely they'll go ahead with it anyway?

    It mentions 18 characters; I guess it probably means the original 18? It's strange, I would have expected them to cherry pick the more popular characters. For example, I'm pretty sure that Sigui > Melpha by a fair margin from a popularity standpoint, and Shizuka would seem to be a no-brainer to add since she seem to have been quite popular despite her being an anime original (and she's been featured pretty much everywhere since).

    I'm also surprised that Elina is front and center of the little adds we've seen so far. She's also the only one to have got a major outfit redesign out of the four we've seen; is she the actual main character of Unlimited? I wouldn't complain about it since I like Elina a lot (mostly due to her book being one of the best-designed one), but that's a bit of a surprise. Leina and Airi being present is not too surprising (main character from previous series, and Airi is one of the most popular character I believe), but Nowa is a surprise for me (is she more popular than I thought?). Either way, Nowa's presence all but guarantee Alleyne being part of the new series so it works for me.

    Anyway, it might be a good idea to put a link to the newest version of QBBattle in clear view: it doesn't seem to be easily accessible from any of the header links. I had to go back to the archive of December to find the newest version; it was no issue for me since I knew I was looking for, but for people not familiar with the site it might be a problem.

    1. Oh hey, glad to hear back from you, gal!
      Lol, rain or shine, we're going to be here for the long run! :D

      Unlimited's supposed to be a retelling of QB Classic, yeah. We should be getting some more news soon, I don't really get what's taking them so long :p The stunt with Elina is kind of surprising indeed, but it should still be a story about Leina, unless they want to make it episodical or something.

      Oh, and I did get a similar complaint not long ago about QBB not being easily searchable here, that's why I put a sort-of-link under the page's title, guess you missed it? ^^U

      Ah btw, you gotta try the shiny tutorial mode and let me know what you think! :D
      Plus, Charles started doing these guides about characters that I kind of summed up in-game... though he stopped temporarily after doing just 8, oh well:

    2. That tutorial is awesome! Even though I have a ton of hours playing this already, I'm learning stuff I didn't actually know, like Cattleya's fearless attribute or Captain Liliana's undead state and Melpha bonus damage. I'm definitely going through all the characters to see how much stuff I missed!

      The basic tutorial is a good idea too: it's really not obvious for new players that what is happening is not random and that there's actual logic behind all this.

      I did hit a few tiny issues with the mode so far (like Aldra's "jump up" step actually getting you hit unlike what the tutorial says, but it's successful anyway), but nothing major.

      I was about to make a "review" of the new characters, but I see it'd probably be a good idea to do their tutorials first to see if there's some mechanics about them I missed. I should have went straight to the tutorials first... Well, better late than never! First impressions are awesome for Despina and less awesome for the rest, but full impressions will be forthcoming later.

      The miny guides are cool: yeah, Alleyne's is brokenly good for a regular QB character.

      I totally did miss the sort-of link... Oops! Can it be written in a different color so it'd help blind people like me that skim-read too much?

      Too bad about Queen's Blade Unlimited... I guess we'll just have to wait patiently (which is unfortunately harder than it sounds). Ah well... As a side note, I completely agree with you that I'd rather have a more comedic series than the original one.

    3. I did try to make the sort-of-link more visible, but apparently the intro at the top has a limit of 500 characters! And even making it into bold letters would go over it... ^^U

    4. Ah well... I guess people will just have to be less blind than I! :)

      Mini-Review time!

      Cindrella: POTENTIAL BUG: At Extended Range, I did move 60 against She-Hulk and she did move 56. We stayed at Extended Range, but I now had the option to do Down Swings.

      Anyway, Cindrella is such an unfortunate case. Her art is utterly amazing, possibly the best out of all QB books. There's tons of nice effects (so it's not just the character herself unlike most books), the taunting facial expression is on point, and the book really nails that "Final Boss" overpowering sentiment. Plus, she has a diverse and fun skillset, so she's fun to play as.

      Unfortunately, she's so blatantly overpowered that you basically have to try to lose. Highest BP out of any character, +10 (!!!) attack, and multiple +4 or better attacks that can be boosted further. She has no healing and her score pages are average, but that's about it. I love the character overall, but she's just too good (X-Men characters are a bit more fulfilling to fight using her, at least).

      Despina: Amazing! Potentially my favorite character ever. She has a super-neat skill set that fits well with the theme, and unlike a lot of other characters "utility skills", hers are actually pretty dang significant. To compensate, her basic damage is really low and her score pages are really bad, so she's not overpowered either. She's my favorite "status" fighter by a large amount.

      Her art is really pretty too, and the theme fits very well. I literally have zero negative things to say about this book.

      Goldie: POTENTIAL BUG: Dodge improves Open Hand Slap twice, and based on the translation it shouldn't do so I believe.

      First of, having three completely unusable skill (and two pages) is absolutely retarded. Such a waste. Gameplay-wise, she's an extremely potent bruiser. She has some of the best Score pages in the game (probably the best after Mirim), a very strong scoreless block, her Oranges are very potent, and her dodge bonuses are extremely high. Plus, she has a very threatening attack at long range (with drawbacks, mind). Definitely one of the best QB Bruiser, if not the best. 0 utility skill, though.

      I'm not a fan of the art, but I know a lot of people will disagree with me on that so I'll let that be :)

      Others incoming in next post...

    5. Gretel: So utterly underwhelming. She has a neat concept of "get hit so that you can use Hansel attacks" and has a lot more options after being hit than most other characters, but the praise stops there. She has low BP and mediocre score pages, so getting hit is not a good idea. Despite having a lot of skills, she has basically no utility anywhere, and they all kind of mesh together with very little differences between them.

      Thematically, it doesn't fit that well either. Okay, Grettel has that candy aesthetics, but Hansel seems to have zero correlation with the theme. The moves are also not consistent with the "form change": for example, Down Swing has Hansel and can be used out of the blue, but does not link into Hansel moves so the image would have made a lot more sense as Grettel.

      I like the idea of the character, but the implementation seems pretty botched to me. She's usable due to okay damage and jump bonuses (and the "you can do nearly everything after being hit" helps), but she's very low on my "fun to play" list. Visually, Hansel is as plain as can be, so meh on that point too.

      Kaguya: Pretty sure I did her before, but anyway! Can a character be carried by a few moves? Very mediocre damage across the board (minus a few critical exceptions), no healing, bad score pages, no blocks, mediocre jump bonuses, no utility.

      ... and 10 unblockable splash damage, combined with a +7 charge and a base +5 damage 24... She can 1-shot a lot of characters in the very first turn. Her gameplay is to simply to manage to land one of her killer attack; everything else is basically feints. Since most QB characters are between 9 and 12 BP, her 10 damage splash is nearly an instant-win.

      Is she fun to play? Kind of, yes. She's incredibly limited, but landing those huge attacks is satisfying (she must be very frustrating to play against, however; either you slaughter her or you die in one or two hits). Visually, I like how dynamic her book is; it portrays movement quite well.

      Seiten: I'm actually unsure about how I feel about her... On one hand, she has super high BP (17), a massive +4 heal on a relatively safe move, a poisoning scoreless block and very dynamic art. On the other hand, she has the most unfun move in the game (Body outside of body; I'm not sure if I'd agree to fight a human player using her and abusing this for annoyance sake), all her damages are low unless boosted by Genjou's Pledge (which is very significant, granted), her poison block is very hard to land clean and her breasts flopping around in different directions nearly every move fits under "too much" for me.

      I'm surprisingly having problems getting win streaks with her. On paper she seems as if she should be upper tier at the very least, yet I'm not doing well with her. Streak of bad luck, bad player, or does she get hit more often than most characters?

      Snow White: Meehhhhhh. Low BP, mediocre score pages, no utility moves, mediocre damage, non-existent jump bonuses and she has nearly nothing going for her. Her locked move is nothing special. She does reach decent damage after Magic Injection (which is not hard to get) and some of her attacks do boost her next attacks by a further +1, but none of her attacks have any attribute. She has to fight as a bruiser basically, but she needs a turn preparation before being able to fight (basically) and her durability is always going to be bad.

      Art is nothing special either (concept is neat though); I feel that she has basically nothing going for her and she's easily the worst of the new characters for me. It's nice to actually see Shizuka in book form, though.

    6. Tiina: And here the other strong contender for worst Grimoire character. Average BP, average score pages, low-ish damage, average jump bonuses, zero utility, multiple locked moves that are all super underwhelming.

      The songs are blocked behind having to succeed a 28 attack, which is incredibly risky at best, and the unlocked songs are basic +2 moves with nothing on them. The Kraken attacks are locked behind a -9 move, and the kraken attacks themselves are again just +2 with very minor utility.

      She's not atrocious, but beside her art there's basically no reason to play her or to go for her special moves. She reminds me of the very old characters: they work, but they do nothing special.

      I think that's everyone!

      On another note, would a character made from screenshots from the show be acceptable? I'm really in a Queen's Blade mood now, and I think making a Shizuka or Rebellion-Elina book could be fun.

    7. I think I've corrected those bugs for next time, thanks!

      Haha, as harsh as always... except for Despina, who is totally worth it. If it helps, Hansel is supposed to be wearing "sherberts", as the author tries to explain in the last pages... but yeah, doesn't really mesh with Gretel's candy overload.

      If you want to do a character with screenshots, I guess that would be fine by me?

      Btw, in the last QBB versions I was close to achieving like an actual online mode with "servers" (by abusing Gmail accounts, that is), but in the end they had limits and it didn't work. I was so close too... :p

    8. Servers would have been awesome! Too bad that didn't pan out...

      Hey, I wasn't that harsh! There's only two I was overly negative about :) The rest was either positive or split. Any of the new character you love personally?

      Regarding Rebellion Elina, it might be a no-go. I learned that my computer doesn't read blu-rays (I was certain it could...) so I can't take the screenshots as I expected. I have a crunchyroll sub, but Rebellion is only 480p on it, so the screenshots don't look too good except for closeups (which are problematic due to images being horizontal and qbbattle requires vertical ones).

      It's a shame because I got about 40 action screenshots from the first two episodes alone (I don't remember her being much in the others though). Most likely enough for a good book... If I can get my hands on a better recording I'll give it a try, but at 480p I think it's better to forget about it (and I'm not planning on changing my computer soon so my physical copy is useless).

    9. Oh, what a pity about the screenshots...

      And sure, I'm quite partial to Kaguya myself, gotta love her Iron Man vibe! Plus Despina has quite the charm, Tiina is so pretty, and I don't really have any problem with Seiten's physique, lol.

  4. Thanks for the cards, I always wanted to see these. Also, will you ever be able to get the art used for the pachinko games?

    1. The pachinko games' art...? I um, don't think so, can't see how we could...

      Is there even any interesting art to salvage from them?

    2. Well the promotional material and trailers had art that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. No clue if the jps download page has any of it, my japanese isn't very good.

    3. Doesn't seem likely, no. Dunno if the password to download these is anywhere, either.

  5. The cards are pretty cool!! That schoolgirl Menace though. so cute!!

  6. Hey I'm new here nice to meet you by the way. Do you know anyone that where I can find of Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls? If not, that's alright.

  7. Download link doesn't seem to work anymore.

  8. The link is death, fix please