Thursday, June 1, 2017

Queen's Blade : Mobile / Asset Drop Part 3

And now... the final part, part 3!
This will be the last post regarding the mobile game so grab it while it's hot!
All kinds of miscellaneous things assets have been collected here, along with a few stragglers when it comes to characters and their cards.

So without further ado...

...poll time! :

The Queen's Blade series is full of fated battles... but which would you say would/holds the most impact if/when it happens?
1rst - Annelotte vs Welveria
2nd - Leina vs Claudette
 2nd - Tomoe vs Leina
4th - Menace vs Anarista

 5th - Elina vs Nyx
5th - Aldra vs Irma
 7th - Alicia vs Snow White
8th - Ymir vs Cattleya
 9th - Zara vs Seiten

Looks like our grand winner is Annelotte vs Welveria, the final battle of the Rebellion series! It really is the most logical choice when you get down to it, isn't it? Well, I personally voted for Elina vs Nyx because I'm a sucker for low stakes but deeply personal grudges but that's just me!

For our next poll... A bit of a joke poll that wasn't intended one at first but that sort of veered that way after a lot of consideration... So what do you think ended up blowing Tomoe's mind the most from her little stay in the Continent?

Now with that out of the way, the final links!

Next week, we'll be finally back to our regularly scheduled programming!


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  2. Are these...the only Queen's Blade Rebellion cards you've got?

    1. A bit lacking in number, yes, but the game folded before releasing more of them, alas.

    2. Yep, it's not that they're the only Rebellion cards we got. It's that they're the only Rebellion cards that exist.

  3. So I guess none of the links for any of these work now.

    1. Oh, somehow we let those links die, our bad.

      I reupped them in the Translations page now, fret not :3

  4. Another link death

    1. Like I said in the comment above, there are working links in the Translations page :)

  5. Sup! First of all, thx for the work put all this collection together here for download. Now a question: any insight about when we'll be able to download Queen's Blade: Return Of Amara?

    1. Uh, the 2nd novel? Well, if you just want the pics, they're all in the wiki...
      If you mean the whole text, well, we're kinda in a shortage of proofreaders at the time... and we'd probably need some translator help to tackle the novels too, we're already working on all kinds of projects already...

    2. I see. Yeah, I meant the whole textt :) Godspeed