Thursday, March 2, 2017

Queen's Blade 2006 Winter Designs: Menace (2)

Almost forgot, but hey, remember the "QB the Duel" card game thingie? Our buddy Luis started a Steam mod for Tabletop Simulator after it, so go check it out if you're interested! Also, apparently there was a QB cameo in the manga of the 7 sins sister series: chapter 3 shows a couple of our girls in quite the suggestive pose, plus some others show up in a fictional (parodical) manga cover.

Regarding the poll about Menace & Anarista's relationship, "lovers" won with 16v-35%,  followed closely by "friends" with 15v-33%. After that, there were "role model" with 9v-20%, and then "crush" with 5v-11%.
Hm, funky choices ended up winning. Considering how much she admired her, I'd have bet on "role model" winning myself, but hey, guess your mileage may vary, right?

Now next poll, a rare pet poll that occurred to me~ My pal wasn't available for pic editing tho, so I had to put together some kind of sloppy collage there :p

And here's more of that Menace goodness. We still can't figure out what was up with Menace's "shout" thingie from her book though...?



  1. Wasn't it supposed to be like a sonic scream using Setra as sort of a microphone to stun people?

    1. Um no, wrong on both accounts, I'd say? I don't think Setra works that way in the first place.

    2. In all honesty, that'd make a lot of sense co sidering the minor idol elements Menace has going on. But it looks like they didn't go for it considering the scream seems to bother him in the process too. The imagery might still be there tho, since it does sort of look like she's yelling into a mic.