Thursday, February 9, 2017

Queen's Blade 2008 Summer Designs: Melpha (2)

Regarding the "Unlimited reboot is a good choice" poll, "only time will tell" won with 25v-43%, followed by "the idea makes sense" with 14v-24%. After that, there was "reboots never are the way to go" with 8v-14%, "it was the only choice!" with 6v-10%, and lastly "they should have tried with a new series honestly" with 4v-7%.
Hm, lots of differing opinions, there have sure been lots of successful and unsuccessful reboots through the story of anime, huh? Let's hope we get lucky with this one~

Now, apparently the 7 Sins gals will be joined (for now in figure form?) by the new "7 Virtues", so we wanted to do a poll somewhat related to that. Which sin would you say fits you most?

And here we continue with our classic priestess!



  1. You know I never realized it until I saw the pics that Melpha has nunchuks like Mike of TMNT. Pity she never used them in the anime.