Thursday, February 16, 2017

Queen's Blade 2008 Summer Designs: Melpha (3)

For the "Which of the 7 Sins represent you better" poll, "sloth" won with 15v-31%, followed by a tie between "lust" and "wrath" with 11v-22%. After that, there was another tie, this time between "envy" and "pride" with 4v-8%, then "greed" with 2v-4% and finally, and "gluttony" with 1v-2%.
Guess we kinda wouldn't be around here if we didn't have some lust in us, would we? lol

Next poll is a rare inspiration I had: what's the QB elf which represents them better?

And here we finish with Melpha!


Next: my waifu, Menace~!

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