Thursday, January 5, 2017

Queen's Blade : Rare Stuff Part 4

Well that was quick, welcome again to :
Rare Stuff with Final Agent

Where we sift through some of the rarer QB junk we have that still hasn't been
scanned and present it to you!

From the first edition release of the QB Rebellion Zero Manga
But first, let's take a look at those poll results :

The new year is upon us, which QB will you be trying to see in your 
first dream in hopes of good luck?
1rst - Alleyne (Representing the Hawk, as the QB girl with a bird motif) (28 Votes / 50%)
2nd - Cattleya (Representing the Eggplant, due to a certain OVA) (14 Votes / 25%)
2nd - Risty (Representing Mt.Fuji, as the tallest QB girl) (14 Votes / 25%)

The polls weren't even close this time, looks like the elf love among you guys is still going strong.
I personally was too sick to even remember what I dreamed about this year, sad stuff.

Next poll! I hear a lot about armor practicality being first and foremost for certain people, but it seems they often forget humanity was not always very concerned with the idea of 'keeping practical' themselves. So what do you think? If you were to go in battle, would you prefer your army focus on 100% practicality or would you be perfectly fine going in with just a very pretty outfit and nothing but your wavering sanity?
 Let us know!

More Rares after the break...

Here's another pencil board, this one coming from one of Cattleya's later figurines if I recall correctly.

A card of Alleyne and Nowa obtained from... actually, I don't recall where that one came from, it looks a lot like one of those that came from those QB Gum Card packs that came out a while ago however. The Rebellion pic was yet another first edition release card, this time from the Princess Knight of the Blue Storm manga series.

And this pic comes from the CD release of the main theme to the QB Spiral Chaos game. A bit of an unusual release, since the CD only has 4 tracks to it, 2 of them being just instrumental versions of the originals.

And finally, here we have a painstakingly scanned version of one of the Alleyne poster releases.
Getting this scanned was tough! So I hope you all can appreciate the pic!

And again, if you have anything particularly rare for QB (or any other Hobby Japan property) that you're willing to share, then hit us up and drop us a line at! Or contact us through our discord advertised on the blog header.

See you around!

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  1. Coool!! wonder if Annelotte is gonna sing the "Rubber Ducky" song LOL!!