Thursday, January 19, 2017

Queen's Blade 2008 Summer Designs: Claudette (2)

(In case you actually noticed, yeah, screwed up last week and made the post as "2006 Winter", when this is from the "2008 Summer")

Regarding the previous poll about great power coming with great responsibility cost, "I'd rather keep my pride" won with 19v-39%, followed by "bring it on if I'll become strong!" with 15v-30% and then "I'd be okay with somethings if I can be super strong" with 14v-29%.
Nothing like good ol' confidence, right?

For the next poll, if any of the more "lonely" QB gals could have gotten a friend, who'd you preferred to?

Aaand, here's another dosis of Claudette!



  1. Poor Nyx, she has the sadest background of every QB characters, who would not whish to help her ??

    1. Nowa got rocks tossed at her and never knew her family so she was raised by an uncaring old bat who'd often punish her for no reason simply because she lost the lottery of who'd be forced to take Nowa in. Bullied by everyone in her village just for being alive when she was just a small child is pretty darn sad too.

    2. I agree, but there is a big difference between Nowa and Nyx: Nowa met Alleyne, Nyx met Funikura. Not only Nyx had a sad childhood, the rest of her life is sad too.
      And Nowa is stronger, I love the moment in Hide&Seek when she counter Elina's attack "So, you know about it"