Thursday, January 12, 2017

Queen's Blade 2008 Summer Designs: Claudette (1)

Regarding the poll about armor practicality whose choices got increasingly crazier, it ended with a tie between "a bit of design isn't bad" and "intimidate and dazzle everyone all you want!" with 17v-36%, followed by "100% decorative, 0% practical, AHAHAHAHAHA!" with 8v-17%, and lastly "100% practical, 0% decorative, so long as I survive" with 4v-8%.
Not many survivors among you lot, lol?

Now next poll, is power worth some unpleasantness?

And here we begin with Claudette! For a change, we're translating the introduction thingie, that has a few details about how she came to be. Since it's kinda long too, that's all you're getting this week, pity that :p


Now, you might have noticed that it says "Chrona" was the proposed initial name of our redhead. Leaving aside other possible romanizations (Krona? Clauna?), it does sound different than her sisters' all right... but the other day we happened to find some messages in the ancient Yahoo QB group where it all started, and our legendary predecessor mentioning that one of the earliest QB chars was called "Celica"... was that Leina's original name? Hmm...


  1. For the new poll, can I have the Melona shapeshifter power just for humiliation?

  2. You know, it really sucked that they never made a QB battle book for Claudette's Rebellion mode (Queen Claudette) She should've been at least a sub boss or a boss in the QB Rebellion books.