Thursday, January 14, 2016

Exclusive bonuses + OVA news!

Edit: Corrected our new girl's name. Those angels and their numbers, huh :p

So, today HJ updated with news about the Grimoire OVA1. Besides some nice pics in there, they also reveal a few of the bonuses you can get by buying our white-haired gal at Toranoana, Melonbooks or the HJ online store. We think there are a couple more to come, though.

They also reveal a new character. Drawn by Satoshi Urushihara (so they finally got hold of him?), it seems she's the one who summoned Alicia accidentally to Mel Fair Land while she was looking for something, and she's called "Pristine Angel, Kewell  Kyuel". So yep, we're probably looking at our next book, here.
Oh, and she'll get voiced by Ai Kakuma in the OVA.

Go, Grimoire, go~!


  1. Is Snow White and Annelotte kissing for fan service or is Snow White a lesbian? Also the new angel girl isn't too my liking, but I'll probably change my mind. Once I see more of her. Anyways nice work

    1. Probably fanservice, because Snow White mentions looking for a Prince in Alicia's backstory, but then again, Annelotte often gets mistaken for a boy somehow and has been considered something of a Prince herself to some of the other girls... So maybe a bit of a clever play on the fairy tale there.

  2. Dat symetrical docking with Tomoe, dat angel...I can't belive how hard my dick is right now.

    About the poll, Hachiel is one of my fave characters but a book of her would be too similar to Nanael's so I voted Shizuka, she also deserves it more than anyone else

  3. ah, so this angel's name is Kyuel, it surprised me in the first time seeing "Kewell" and thinking they forget about this number+el names for angels^^
    One of the angels in a RPG lore I wrote some times ago was called rokuel^^