Thursday, January 14, 2016

Drama CDs: Airi Character Drama

For the poll about which QB part would shine this year, Grimoire took it with 36v-66%, while Rebellion, Classic and Gate ended up far behind with 11v-20%, 5v-9% and 2v-3%. Well, like I've taken to say recently... Go, Grimoire, go~!

Now, next poll, which of the 3 gals without a book would you prefer they announced a book for?

So to round up the most fabled Swamp Trio, here's Airi's turn. It's just a very, very commonplace situation... or is it surprisingly graphic for QB? Maybe both?


Next: Nowa!

Still, contrary to my expectations, no one really went ahead and tried to guess the identity of Melona's captive last time. So, let me share this pet theory of mine: (spoilers of the previous vid) I think the prisoner was...


Yeah, yeah, it sounds a bit farfetched at first, bear with me for a while. Let's just list the hints she drops, more or less in chronological order:

1) She mentions "humans" 2 or 3 times. Granted, this doesn't help narrow the list much :p
2) From their conversation, it's flat-out stated that the prisoner went to the marshland to defeat the witch. He's not the first one to attempt that, but that was pretty much Owen's reason for disappearing in the first place.
3) Melona doesn't know the prisoner. Our goo girl might not have the intel network her similarly-working Elina (I assume) has, but this does rule out all the QB participants.
4) Like our slime girl pretty much says, she was going there intending to make mincemeat out of the prisoner. You'd think it'd take a special brand of experienced, fearless adventurer to keep his cool through the whole ordeal...
5) Melona's little game of flirting backfires, gets her to blush and even makes herself say she's a "monster" (the word she abhors). It makes more sense for the prisoner to be a man than a woman.
6) She comments that his name doesn't suit his face. One could understand this to be a subtle compliment on how the prisoner is on the handsome side, while his name is not. If this was just a random guy, no problem on their name being bland, but the compliment wouldn't make much sense, it comes a bit out of the blue. On the other hand, if the bland name given was "Owen the Blacksmith"...
7) She's actually interested in his name. If this was a random guy, normally these things would go like "Oh don't need to tell me, I'll just forget". So, it's more likely for this to be a named character.
8) And my favorite, she learns his name, but doesn't really find out much about him. This might tie into Cattleya's ending from the Perfect Book, which was released around the same date, where Melona doesn't know who her husband is, but when she hears Owen's name, she instantly recalls him and mimics his physique. It could be a coincidence, or we could have witnessed how their encounter happened...

So there you go, I admit a couple of these are on the flimsy side, but a couple are canon, so it balances out. What do you guys think, does this make sense? Or am I overanalyzing things, and also I'm crazy? :3

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  1. I think the prisonner was meant to be us^^
    that Airi drama CD is... okashii.