Thursday, January 21, 2016

Drama CDs: Nowa Character Drama

First of all, Toranoana finished unveiling all their exclusive bonuses, that besides the Tomoe docking thing from last week, also include a 2016 calendar that apparently combines Grimoire stuff with 10th anniversary stuff. I suppose I should have added this to yesterday's post... but I forgot, teehee :p

Now, for the previous poll about 3 favorite girls to get a book, I'll group the results since there were a lot of gals:
1) Shizuka 64v-27%, Anarista 40v-17% and Maria 20v-8% won, with a reasonable lead
2) Hachiel 19v-8%, Meena 15v-6% and Cute 14v-6% chased quite closely after Maria
3) Despina's Slaves 13v-5%, Mime 12v-5% and Siam 11v-4% barely broke double digits
4) Dorothy 9v-3%, and a tie between Maron and Genjou at 7v-3% took last place
I guess it was clear that Shizuka and Anarista would win... but what can I say, I have a soft spot for Siam and Dorothy myself :3

So next poll, I guess our angel getting an actual book or not is still in the air (pun intended~), but how do you guys fancy Kyuel?

And continuing with the character dramas, here's Nowa, marking halfway through these short tracks. What will she end up learning today?


Next: Leina!


  1. So...Alleyne wants to fuck Nowa? That's...knid of new. I mean, is not that wasn't implied or something but never that specific.

    1. not more specific than the Beautiful Fighters OVA or Emperor's Chair OVA.