Thursday, November 19, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Cute (2 of 2)

First of all, apparently last month it was confirmed that we'd get our Snow White on January, plus the voice cast for Grimoire OVA1 was revealed:
-Alicia: Saori Onishi
-Zara: Ishigami Shizuka
-Seiten: Hikasa Yoko
Can't say I know many VAs, any thoughts?

For the Nyx inspiration poll, it was a close run but the tabletop D&D-ish answer won with 22v-40%, followed by Spider-Man and the Goddess of the Night Nyx with 15v-27% and 12v-21%, last place being for the sun-moon duality, with 6v-10%. But huh, the correct answer was Spidey indeed, we thought this'd be an easy win since we had already stated so in her wikia page~ One of these days we'll translate the Hans interview where he talked about this stuff...

Now next poll, a silly thing about my waifu. Inspiration for Luna Luna's color change, perhaps?

Back to our couple, is the hypnosis business over?


Btw, I made a playlist with all of QBSC's freetalks, ain't I just thoughtful~?
Next: Cute (QG)!!!


  1. I already got tthe Hans interview in the Queen's blade Perfect Visual collection Book, want it right now?

    1. ...Uh, did you polish up your japanese over there?

      You're welcome to go ahead and send it to me if you want, but I'm making no promises, we're overworked enough as we are :p

    2. "-Please tell us about Nyx.
      Nyx is a very unfortunate character, and stems from the superheroes of America comics. Usually a superhero obtains superpowers from an unfortunate accident. And with the powers the superhero suffers, but lives as a superhuman. For some reason, they make queer outfits and wear them. So we put that in Nyx's story. But she's only strong because of her protector, so she bluffs with all that she has."
      from the Perfect visual collection book in english, don't you have it?
      Concerning my japanese, well, I came back much earlier in my country (1 month in Japan instead of 1 year) so I did only small improvment... meaning I'm not able to help you with translation right now. (despite you know I want it XD)

    3. Ah, the Perfect Book, of course I got it in both languages :D

      I was talking about the Master of QB book, where he says she's Spider-Man-ish, but also with some Nyx goddess imagery, actually. It's a really long interview where he talks about all the classic chars and other stuff.

    4. Ok^^
      Well the perfect one was enough for me to answer correctly in the poll, I'm rather surprised most people were wrong.

  2. Can't say I know many VAs, any thoughts?

    I know quite a bit but those 3 to be honest didn't sound me at all. Checking their profiles though I know some of the characters they voiced and I'd say they will do a nice job.

    1. Hm, now that I think about it, funnily enough Seiten's voice seems the same as Fighter's from Bikini Warriors.