Sunday, August 30, 2015

Queen's Blade 10th Anniversary Tournament at Anime Fargo 2015

Hey there Queen’s Blade fans, the name’s Eradose.  You might have seen me lurking around here from time to time, but today, I have something really important to share with you guys.

QB Tournament Poster.jpg

For the 10th anniversary of the Queen’s Blade series, I’ll be hosting a Queen’s Blade tournament at the Anime Fargo 2015 convention (a special thanks to Final Agent for making the poster (Final Agent : You’re welcome)). The convention begins on Friday, September 19th, at the Baymont Inn & Suites Hotel (formerly known as the Doublewood Inn) in Fargo, North Dakota (yes, Fargo is a real city, no, it’s nothing like the movie). Registrations will take place on the opening day of the convention while the tournament itself will take place at 7PM on Saturday, September 19th. This will be a 16 player tournament, so make sure you register as soon as you can.

Books from my own personal collection will be provided for use in the tournament, 36 in total, which should keep the character selection nice and varied...

Queen's Blade Classic
-Alleyne: Fighting Master
-Leina: Exiled Warrior
-Airi: Infernal Temptress
-Elina: Captain of the Royal Guard
-Nyx: Master of Flame
-Nanael: Angel of Light
-Tomoe: Warrior Priestess
-Menace: Ancient Princess
-Claudette: Lord of Thundercloud
-Irma: Assassin of the Fang

Queen's Blade Rebellion
-Captain Liliana: Great Pirate
-Aldra: Summoner
-Laila: Celestial Punisher
-Annelotte: Princess Knight
-Yuit & Vante: Alchemy Miracle
-Mirim: Hyper Vibration Valkyrie
-Werbellia: The Marshland Witch

Queen's Gate
-Dizzy (Guilty Gear)
-Mina Majikina (Samurai Shodown)
-Jubei Yagyu (Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls)
-Taki (Soul Calibur)
-Ivy (Soul Calibur)
-Kan'u (Koihime Musou)
-Noel Vermillion (BlazBlue)
-Lili (Tekken)
-Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury/King of Fighters)
-Kasumi (Dead or Alive)
-Pyrrha Alexandra (Soul Calibur)
-Suchie-Pai (Idol Fighter Suchie-Pai)
-Iroha (Samurai Shodown)

Queen's Blade Grimoire
-Alicia: Darkmaster in Wonderland
-Tiina: The Little Mermaid
-Zara: Demon Hunter of the Red Riding Hood
-Kaguya: Magic Clothing Sword Princess
-Gretel: Witch Slayer Confectioner
-Seiten: Demon Monkey Necromancer
-Despina: Pied Piper of Harems
Of course, if you want to bring your own Lost Worlds book, that’s fine too, all you’ll need to do is follow a few simple rules. First, it HAS to be a female character. Second, the book has to be approved for tournament use. Finally, while the tournament is being restricted to those 16 and over, some books will need to be banned due to certain… content.

This list includes :
-Sigui: The Inquisitor
-Melona: The Protean Assassin
-Branwen: The Enslaved Dragon Warrior
-Goldie: The Golden Battleaxe
-Luna Luna: Moon Shadow Dancer (She's extra banned!!!!)
-Tarnyang & Sainyang: Anti-Demon Experts
-Ink Nijihara (Moetan)
-Katja (Seikon no Qwaser)

Now then, we have a sizable prize package for our winner. 

First, is this custom Leina trophy made just for the tournament.

Next, we have a Alleyne wall scroll donated by Final Agent, the recent Despina Queen’s Blade book, provided by Firelight Games themselves, a Lost Worlds starter pack consisting of Brimstone the Fire Giant and Brian “Teflon Billy”, which was donated by the CoreCon gaming room, and finally a $25 gift card to August Moon Anime, who will have a booth at Anime Fargo this year.  Roughly estimated, trophy included, this prize package is worth around $100, and will be going to our lucky champion.

Unfortunately, Anime Fargo’s pre-registration ends September 1st, so some of you reading this might have missed that deadline.  However, you can still buy a pass the day of the convention, so you may not totally miss out.  You can check out more information on the convention here.  I think it’s also worth mentioning that Spike Spencer (the voice of Arakune in BlazBlue, Nall in Lunar: SSH, and Shioji in Excel Saga), Petrea Burchard (the voice of Ryoko in the Tenchi Muyo series), and Paul St. Peter (the voice of Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts, Jack in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and the Nine Tailed Fox in Naruto) will be attending.

Also, if you can’t make it, I always run Lost World demos at every convention I go to.  The next one being at Valleycon 2015 this October (same location too).

Hope to see you guys there. -Eradose


  1. "being restricted to those 16 and over, some books will need to be banned due to certain… content." You are really banning some character just for that??

    anyway, that Alleyne wall tapestry is quite good, where did Final Agent get it? I want the same!^^

    1. If I was going to allow all the books, the tournament would have to be 18+, and after 9pm. I have to follow the convention's content rules, and I doubt anyone would be willing to play a tournament that late in the evening.

      As for the wall scroll, you're going to have to ask Final Agent about that.

    2. They're rare, you might be able to nab one using Yahoo Auctions and Goody Japan as your proxy but still, it's a matter of luck if anyone is putting one out for sale at the moment.

      I had 3 copies, so I gave away my 'To share' copy~

  2. I am jealous that I will not be able to go and compete in the tournament.