Thursday, January 1, 2015

Vanquished Queens 3 (5)

And a new year is upon us, what QB goodies will be on store for us?

On Seiten's poll, "looking forward to her" won with 51v-64%, then "not thrilled" with 16v-20%, and lastly an unexpected tie between "preordered her already" and "who?" with 6v-7%. Hm, so most of you like her, that's good, that's good...
...Wait, what do you mean "who?" The nerve of some people~

Then next poll, merchandising (book edition), did you reflect from last time?

So next part of VQ3 here! We start the year with my waifu on the vanquishing side, yeeeah~



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    1. Hm, if we're talking visible genitalia, wouldn't a better example be Melona and her little stunt as she got VQ'd a little while back? I'm pretty sure that's the first time official art has gotten so far, y'know... and I'm willing to bet they only went with it because the higher-ups at HJ didn't notice~

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  4. Please, just please tell me you aren't serious, because if you are, and you judge a female character based on how little clothing she wears, and whether or not you can see her vagina, then that is seriously just disgusting and utterly sexist, you have a serious mental problem and you need some serious help for it, I am not kidding I hope you aren't allowed around actual women in real life because I fear for what you would do to them (I'll tell you this much you are not worthy of having any woman so much as look at you.), shameful, absolutely mentally depraved and shameful, there is more to a woman than her clothes (or lack thereof) and more to a woman than her private parts being exposed, you need a reeducation and a thorough mental examination BADLY.
    It isn't funny, and it isn't sexy, "people" like you should have been done completely away with in modern society.

    And when are these horrific Vanquished Queens releases going to stop? Queens Blade is usually pretty degenerate and sexist with how it portrays, and objectifies women, but these disgustingly misogynistic glorifications of raping strong women just take it to a whole new level of subhumanism for the lowest degenerates in the fandom, what happened to the fanmade characters and real updates that we used to get? now it's nothing but this mentally depraved garbage over and over and over.

    1. Oh, it's been a while since we heard one of those~

      Of course I don't share your opinion in the slightest, and if you're really confusing real people with 2d art, I wouldn't be talking about mental examinations if I were you? In any case, there are nicer ways to argue, so please consider your words before posting, ok?

      I'm sorry that you don't like VQ but we'll keep going until we're finished (not that long now), and as for QBB updates and stuff, I'm limiting myself to official characters now since I lost the mojo to create more chars (and I'm just a programmer in the first place, so...) :S

    2. I agree with "unknown" and SeekersLegacy:
      I personnaly think Vanquished Queens are not really good, and are maybe the part of Queen's Blade I like the less. However, the strenght of Queen's Blade is the fact they always reach the limit with hentai, but without being hentai, and vanquished queens was a good way to do it. VQ animes were -for most of them- well made, calling VQ garbage is too much, let's say it is the... most depraved side of Queen's Blade^^.
      furthermore, Queen's Blade is not a misogynistic thing, fact is that the more the character are strong, the more they had to be defeated, that was how VQ was made, if you don't like it, skip it.^^
      But SeekersLegacy, I don't think fans would like a character only because of her clothes or because of her vagina and breast being exposed, trying to know why characters in Queen's Blade have more popularity is (I think) useless and impossible: I've seen people hating Cattleya, some others loving her, some hating Elina, some hating Nanael, others loving both of them.
      So what? just let people prefering a character to another and don't bother why.

    3. I completely agree with you about the VQ series, but I can't agree with the rest of your post that comes off sounding quite self-righteous and holier-than-thou. Maybe some people get carried away in their love for this stuff, but it is, at least in part, highly eroticized fantasy characters that we're dealing with here. Part of QB's appeal is that it tries to push boundaries in erotic art, or ecchi, while avoiding crossing any lines that would restrict it to the "hentai" market. At the same time, I do agree that QB is also about strong and interesting women characters as well and that is a big part of their appeal and attraction, so it boggles my mind why anyone wants to see them built up to that status only to be brought down and degraded/humiliated in the VQ series. I guess some people are capable on getting off on that darker side of erotica but I personally find it to be incomprehensible and they risk alienating much of their fanbase by doing this. But I guess what can you expect from people who work in the Japanese adult comics "the more heartless the sex, the better" industry... apparently they can leave their own principles/sympathies/morals at the door with a clear conscience once having stepped into the 2D world. It's too bad, because I think even hentai could be massively improved if they didn't do that (then maybe concepts like "love" and "good feels" would rise from their minority status in the hentai world... gasp).

      I really do love the whole QB universe for the most part, and I'm attached to most of its characters, so this VQ rut the series is stuck in right now is really painful for me.

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  6. I admit I was one who answered "Who" on the last survey mostly because ... I don't know for some reason I couldn't like the character for some reason. Felt more like she was forced on us as they needed a villain. But then again it's just me.