Tuesday, January 27, 2015

QB Battle 40.4

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And here's our newest Grimoire Seiten! Based on LW's Umslopagaas, she has some nasty techniques up her sleeve, so watch out for her!

She's gorgeous alright, but I couldn't resist using the pic of her cute multiplication technique (oh excuse me, "Body Outside of Body", is it...?):

Since she's a so-called "villain", the Grimoires now have a proper route in Arcade Mode, plus she just joined all the other bosses at Tournament Mode.

Oh and since someone asked me to translate the author's comments by the end of the book, this should be it:

"Hello and how do you do, this is Aoi Nagisa. I happened to take charge of the “villain character” to Queen’s Blade Grimoire. Seiten meshes both sexiness and rogue-like impishness into one lovely package and I do believe I did a rather good job at depicting it. At least, I hope so. I’d be quite happy if you all end up loving her."


  1. man, if she's as powerful as Sun Wukong, shes must be the most powerful character of all LW's.

  2. cool!! Can't wait for her and Risty to lock horns!! LOL!! She should give the Swamp Witch and run for her money..But can she deal with Darth Vader and Aldra?

  3. Sorry if this is a stupid question but are there win quotes in queens blade battle?

    1. It's not a stupid question, but nope, there aren't.

      ...Well, unless you count Story Mode, but maybe that's a bit outdated by now...? :p

    2. It is, i hope it gets updated soon along with victory quotes for normal fights
      But this game is fucking awesome even without those

  4. Could anyone please make a battle book for Rosalina from the Super Mario series? If anyone can, I would be gratefull for life! Ty :D