Thursday, January 22, 2015

Queen's Blade Backstories: Seiten

Bip-bop, double post! Don't let it be said that we don't try to please everyone :p

So here's our newest Grimoire, and the so-called "villain." We'll take one week off to regain our stamina after VQ3, then we'll resume the Spiral Chaos vids, starting with Kotone-chan. That doesn't mean we won't post anything next week tho? :)



Once upon a time,

There was a ferocious monkey by the name of Seiten. Born from a stone egg, she used the mighty powers she was born with to commit all manner of misdeeds, living only for the sake of her own selfish desires.

And although she found no pleasure in preying on the weak, to co-exist with someone as ill-natured as her was to ask for the impossible. As such, she grew to become known as the “villain” of Mel Fair Land by people.

Then one day, Genjou, a renowned nun from the capital, stepped forth with the intent of punishing Seiten.

“I will show that mischievous monkey the error of her ways and have her become my disciple.”

“Nothin’ less from our Lady Genjou! Thanks a million!”

“Y’know, I’m not so sure Seiten will just up and go along with that plan…”
“Don’t be thick, when it comes to beautiful fighters, Lady Genjou’s as strong as they come. With her amazing strength, d'you really think Seiten even stands a chance?”
“Lady Genjou’s sure got the beautiful part down anyways~”

Genjou scaled the mountain that Seiten called home by herself. She was the kind of beautiful fighter who held the utmost confidence in the strength of her arms, and, as the villagers had mentioned, expected nothing less than victory should a fight break out. Rather, a fight was more or less exactly what she hoped to find. To increase one's fame by defeating other strong opponents, what better reason for Genjou to have than that?

“I am known as Genjou. Seiten, I challenge you to a one on one duel! Show yourself!”

“Ki-ki-ki-. Well if a cutie-pie like you is asking, then how can I say no?”

Genjou realized the moment she saw Seiten. There would be no hope for victory here. Such overwhelming power! Such overwhelming allure!

And… the next day.

“Lady Genjou’s back-!”

Genjou returned. As a moving corpse. As Seiten’s eternal servant.

She followed behind Seiten with unsteady steps as the monkey casually walked over.

“L-Lady Genjou…”

“Ki-ki-ki-, allow me to introduce ya. This here’s my little pet!”

Seiten spoke before forcefully pulling Genjou’s body closer to her. Genjou’s entranced look, free from all the honor and responsibility from her previous life, shone brightly as she accepted a passionate kiss from Seiten.

"Ki-ki-ki-, still wanna fight? Hope you won't mind going through her first.”

Sure enough, can you defeat the arrogant Seiten?

You won’t know that unless you fight.


  1. heh!! monkey girl's got some serious power!! wonder if Nowa could take her down. I'm sure Risty would like nothing better to do.

  2. hey are you gonna update the queens blade battle game soon? it\s been awhile.

    1. Yeah, yeah, Seiten came out almost a month ago, huh...? :3