Thursday, November 27, 2014

Vanquished Queens 3 (1)

Edit (12-01): Replaced pics with leveled versions, less color-faded.

First, I posted one more chapter of Alice's novel! (proofreader help still wanted!)

For last poll about the anniversary, an OVA, a video game and more Grimoire won with 20v-23%, 15v-17%, 13v-15%, a double tie between more Gate and VQ at 9v-10%, then more manga, more promotional art and more concept art with 7v-8%, 5v-5% and 2v-2%. Other options included a Shizuka book (oh, don't we all), more figures and statues (don't they do a lot of those?), all of them (well, yeah), and more Cattleya (that was refreshingly specific).
Then next poll is about Airi; she won evil trio best buddy last time, so what's your take on her anyways?

And we finally start VQ3, about tiime~! My pal gave me these 3 pics as a download link too, so I might as well post it, since Blogspot's resizing is always ludicrous...
So we start with Melona's debut. But what a debut, dude! Leave it to F.S. to go well above and beyond the line of duty and get crap past the radar! (as the cool kids say) And I don't just mean... (see the end of the post for a hint)


Hint: ...Notice that innocent-looking, conveniently-located puddle of Melona's...?


  1. I really hope I wasn't the only one who said "Shizuka book". She was in the card game after all.

  2. Replies
    1. Not really, as all the different media (games, anime), VQ just has its own "continuity".

      If these stories can really fit into the canon or not, that's an interesting debate we have every new VQ book comes out, but no matter how "fittable" some seem (like Echidna's obsession with teasing Tomoe), I don't think that's really HJ's intention.