Thursday, November 20, 2014

Queen's Blade: The Colosseum cards

For last poll about Spiral Chaos' attributes in a Queen, Beauty took it with 31 v-47%, then Kindness with 23 v-35%, and last was Strength with 11 v-16%. I guess the "beautiful fighters" have to be beautiful after all...
So next poll, the Anniversary is upon us, what'd you rather they do...?

Now, can you guess what game I managed to get my hands on just the other day?

Yeah, just like the other day I got the You'll QB thingie, I recently managed to buy a QB The Colosseum. The selling point of it is the exclusive art, of course: besides 3 other artists drawing Nanael (quite close to the real thing actually), Echidna and Tomoe, there's FS drawing Melpha, and Claudette's artist drawing Leina, in 4 poses each with a slightly "alternate" version to them.

Since they're a lot, I'll post here just one pic per gal, but feel free to get all the versions here.

Oh, and even if we announced Kotone last time, my pal has exams near and whatnot, so no more videos for now, but we'll get working on something else instead, look forward to that~


  1. about the poll, another manga drawn by Nanzaki Iku would be perfect...
    or another OVA would be cool too^^

  2. They should make a Soul Caliber style fighting game. that would rock!!

  3. Ah, I thought I should point out something I noticed while working on these cards... but Tomoe's spine in her nakedest pic is kinda nuts. Gotta watch out when you do the butts&boobs pose, always liable to break a few spines for that one.

  4. the download link is not available anymore, please fix it, thank you

    1. Yeah, you can find it in the translations page.