Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Queen's Blade Anniversary : Commissions

Hello and welcome fellow QB Fans, my name is Final_Agent and I'm the mysterious partner that Leecher so often references in his posts. I handle proofreading, manga scanning, editing and various other odd jobs related to the QB series. Happy Queen's Blade Anniversary by the way!

By ManiacPaint

My collection of Queen's Blade related items is likely one of the more impressive ones on earth, to both my amazement and chagrin, amazement since I can hardly believe some of the rare stuff I managed to get a hold of and chagrin because it will forever be incomplete without the infamous Queen's Blade Remote Controlled Car. Suffice to say however, even without the QBMobile, I have a LOT of QB stuff a great deal of you have likely never even seen... yet.

By Arceon
But that's unrelated to my reasons for posting today. As with every year, I can't help but be saddened by the depressing lack of art of some of the characters in the series. I can understand why there'd be no fan art of say... Count Vance, being only the father of the Vance sisters, Jean, for simply being the sole guy in video game filled with girls or Irma, because she's Irma... but for there to be so little of everyone and so much of Cattleya is just too cruel.

So I decided to put my money where my mouth is, you guys may not know this of me, but I happen to have a lot of experience commissioning art. I happen to love commissions, and I've gotten many things drawn for me over the years at cons and such for stuff unrelated to Queen's Blade.

It can't be helped, every once in a while I get an itch to go out there and bother some poor helpless artist with some impossible requests of my own. So at the very least, I decided that I'd add to the QB pool a little this year. So enjoy, Queen's Blade Fans!

By Bittenhard


  1. Yay, congrats on your first poost~

    Thanks to the artists involved as well, yay for Dorothy's ass and Kaguya~

  2. the one with kaguya is really awesome, the others are cool too!

  3. This reminds me of my dream to commission an artist to do a series of game book portraits and make my own Queen's X book. It'll probably never happen, since that many pictures would cost quite a bit, but it's fun to dream.

    1. Well, for a full QB book you need around 30 pieces of art. I took a look around some of the artists and their prices and the minimum price I kept finding (for moderately quality work) was:
      15 - 20$ just for full body sketches
      40$ to 50$ just for full body line art, still no color

      On average, I'd say a pic like what you find in QB will at least run you 50$ per pic at the minimum from most artists. Some charge way more than that too.

      So, say you get it all in sketches from ManiacPaint (who has just opened commissions again), for 30 pics, that'd run you at least 450$. I wonder how much they pay artists for the QB books in general... hmm...

      There's also whether or not the artist is even able to make the kind of crazy poses of the QB stuff likes to show off to consider.

  4. You Sir, you are a hero among man