Thursday, August 21, 2014

Spiral Chaos Freetalks:Ymir (2 of 2)

So last poll, Ymir's weapons vs Cattleya's, Ymir's won by a bit of a landslide (38v, 56%) against Cattleya's (29 v, 43%), now I never expected Ymir to have that many fans. So, this next poll is about figures, how's that merchandise going?

Now then, time for Jean to learn about Ymir's secrets?


Next: Cham Cham!


  1. I got a few figures, most of them Revoltechs. I will have them on display during my Queen's Blade panel at Anime Fargo.

    1. Revoltechs and Nendoroids are plentiful when it comes to QB, so that's a good thing to bring.

      Though, watch out for theft, they go for like 80$ at cons usually (at price gouging prices) and so, for less than honest anime fans, you never know.