Sunday, May 25, 2014

Queen's Blade Grimoire Seiten Profile

So here's the profile from the newest char! Thanks to the quick work from our pals Gabriel transcribing and Final Agent proofreading, we even beat the official announcement from the QB site scheduled today, yay! They might be adding something to the info here though, like the release date...?


Demon Monkey Necromancer Seiten

The Monkey King born from a stone egg, Seiten is a powerful Necromancer and the “villain” of Mel Fair Land, known to rampage around using the mighty magical power she was born with.

One who lives by giving full rein to her desires, Seiten is much like a force of nature.

At some point in time, Genjou, a well known and virtuous priest, sought to exterminate her only to somehow end up being bossed around by Seiten as an undead servant. Though Seiten's rampages grew more and more frequent following her meeting Hakkai of the Orc Tribe, who is a bad influence on her, she seems unwilling to attack the weak. There's also a side of her that seems to genuinely act as a devoted helper and friend to some.

Above everything else, what she desires most are powerful adversaries. Due to this, she shows great interest in participating in the tournament along with the idea of fighting the beautiful fighters within it. After all, there's bound to be a bunch of strong gals ready to rumble there!

Occupation: Necromancer
Weapon: Power Pole
Ability: Can revive corpses as the undead
Likes: Delicious things, strong enemies
Dislikes: Boredom
Height: 171 cm
B-W-H: 97-59-89


  1. well the profile does sound like someone form Dragon Ball Z though.

    Looking forward to seeing her in the game.

    wonder what the front of her looks like. she's got a great backside :)!

  2. A character based on Son Goku from Monkey Magic/The Journey West story (Saiyuki) ? Nice, only a matter of time. WOuld like to see more on this character. Hopefully Gojo shows up somewhere along the lines too!