Thursday, May 22, 2014

Queen's Blade Backstories: Kaguya and Iroha

First of all, the new Grimoire was just announced, so feast your eyes on Seiten, the Demon Monkey Necromancer by doujin artist and QB newcomer Aoi Nagisa... Proper profile coming soon!

(Oh, and apparently the poll's been reset momentarily or something...? that's kinda awful, I hope it's back to normal soon :p)

And what brings us today is, the backstory from Kaguya, plus Iroha's for added effect. We were kinda expecting Kaguya to have Grimoire Conversations already, maybe Seiten up there will give us the pleasure?



A stately mansion stood out amongst the luxury houses lined up in the city.

Five fine young noblemen had come today to the mansion wherein resided Kaguya, the pride and joy of the old, rich couple here as well as their only daughter. They came aiming to propose to her.

The prettiest girl in all the city, that claim could hardly be denied when it came to describing Kaguya.

Although, the prospect of becoming son-in-law to the millionaire couple, who were already quite old, was also something worth no small consideration.
There was but one condition to marrying her.

“He who wants to marry Kaguya, bring me treasure!”

They were to fetch the super weapon-like treasures scattered throughout the land known as “Magic Clothing” and then, they were to fight and defeat Kaguya as she wielded the treasures in battle.

“As promised, Kaguya, my sweet, I bring to you the Fist of the Fire-Rat.”

It had been a long journey. As such, what the young nobleman handed out was a pair of long worn-out, gigantic gauntlets that were unwieldy and made of metal.

“However, they appear to be broken. I don't believe you'll be able to best me using those. You should merely surrender to your fate and quickly accept my proposal...”

“Oh-, these are great! Kaguya's thrilled!”

With an adorable look on her face and without the faintest trace of hesitation, Kaguya equipped the gauntlets. The gloves, at least 10 times the size of her hands and that had remained inert thus far, immediately began to give off a pale light as soon as they were fitted on Kaguya's hands.

Kaguya touched the ground with her glove, an innocent look about her, causing her abundant twin mounds spilling forth from her unguarded chest area. The young nobleman swallowed his saliva with a “gulp”, and attacked Kaguya.

“Well, now it is time for your end of the bargain! Become miiiine!”
“How rude--!”

A wave of raging flames burst out from the gloves all of a sudden and engulfed the young nobleman. Though he had been spared being turned to charcoal, he would not be wooing women ever again.

Four more gave her one treasure each and each were defeated in turn, forcing them to flee as Kaguya became stronger with each Magic Clothing.

“I wanna play even more, and see just what these treasures can really do.”

It was at that moment that someone else visited her mansion. A woman of incomparable beauty and whose strength was leagues beyond that of the young noblemen who had fled just now.

Indeed, it was a beautiful fighter who sought to obtain the Queen's Blade.

“You'll do! If you can beat Kaguya, then you can marry her!”

Sure enough, can Kaguya defeat this powerful beautiful fighter?

They won't know that unless they fight.


My name is Iroha. It is out of a large debt of gratitude that I serve and take care of my Master. Though we are by no means living a life of luxury, I can honestly say it brings me great joy to serve my Master each and every day.
However, lately Master has been acting unlike himself. Could something be troubling him? All he does is sigh all day…

No matter how many times I ask, all he ever says is: “It's nothing, you needn't concern yourself, Iroha.” Am I not doing enough in fulfilling Master's wishes? This saddens me…

But one day, I discovered Lord Tokugawa was to hold a fighting contest. Were I to achieve victory there, would that by chance be what it takes to satisfy Master's wishes!?

Just wait, Master! I'll definitely win this contest, and prove to you that I can fulfill any of your desires! That's how I decided I'd depart, seeking entry in this fighting contest.

Yet, my opponent today... what unconventional armor she is wearing, not to mention she's clearly unarmed. Could she be some kind of specter, an ogre perhaps?

Sure enough, can Iroha defeat these unknown opponents, and lay to rest her Master's worries?

They won't know that unless they fight.


  1. Hmmm do you know which fairy tale character Seitan is based on? the others were pretty easy to figure out, but she has me baffled.

  2. Sorry for double posting, but thinking about what character she is based on some more, the only one that I can think of is that monkey guy that Goku (The DB character) was based on at first, the only way to know for sure is if that staff she has can extend, other than that, and the fact that she is apparently a Necromancer I have no idea.

    1. Yup, Seiten's based on the same "Journey to the West" Goku was, and she wields the same staff/pole indeed.

    2. humm. kinda wonder will she have a super sayian type mode or throw spirit bombs. I'll admit. she hot!! totally owns Luna Luna!!

  3. MMMM, I have encountred feelings about this design, the overall appearence is nice, but I don't like the form of the tits (may be this is just a matter of the art) and I have troubles to identify her as "Son Goku" I've seen lot better female Gokus, is not that she is ugly, but she looks like a random witch

    1. I agree that she shape of her breast there does look odd. It seems almost as though it's slightly "squashed" in how it's shaped - and that skin-tight purple covering doesn't help matters. Hopefully things will be improved for her final debut.

      It'd be a mistake, however, to equate her character design with Dragon Ball's Son Goku. Son Goku is only loosely based on the character of Sun Wukong, from Journey to the West, which is the basis for Seiten here.

    2. Well, yeah, when I said "Son goku" I meant "Sun wukong" not the dragon ball versiĆ³n alone.

    A glossy and shiny, pigtailed and purple haired/outfit Sun Wukong? Really? This upcoming book might be my next Melona at this rate =3=

    On that note, I've been taking a break from my game development to continue those write up's from so long ago as I got back into playing the GW books once more. I'm going to release one for Queen's Gate, and then I might dabble into the current Grimore's and our own custom sets in turn. ( I'm also slowly getting a rather large project done for one very obvious custom book as well, I doubt it'll be show able anytime soon, but just note I am pushing for one to have custom unified artwork =3= )

    1. Oh hey, been a while, buddy! Looking forward to your QG analysis then, as always, I always learn something new from those.

      And a new custom book, eh? That's awesome, do your best. And, maybe you mean the artist in question will be your pal s0lar1x, if I'm not mistaken? I'm a bit of a fan of his stuff :)