Thursday, May 1, 2014

Queen's Blade Backstories & Conversations: Werbellia

Well, with the Alice poll, QB to GQ was the most (41 votes, 53%), then it was the Spiral Chaos games (23 votes, 29%), then crossovers (9 v, 11 %). Artworks and MMD only got 3v (3%) and 1 v (1%) respectively, with the novels none. What, then the novels aren't that popular after all? Oh, but that just won't do. So, on another note (that might be quite related), in a few days we'll be starting a new project that could be huge... but we need a proofreader to handle it, as we kinda got enough on our plate right now. That's why, if your english is quite acceptable and you have some free time, start thinking it over, ok~?

About the new poll, we got one kinda centered on the Witch this time (with our new friends in there, to boot), plenty of options once again!

And finally, this is the first time we have this kind of double feature on just one character, so:



“I hast been expecting thou... the sisters of fate, as it was written in my prophecy.”

The Marshland Witch slowly stood up, the radiance of the Netherworld upon her back, as a beautiful voice rang through the halls.
The Princess Knight, Annelotte, took hold of her sword, glaring at the Marshland Witch.
In contrast to Annelotte, who looked as if she could take up arms at any given moment as battle-ready as she was, Aldra's body stiffened once she saw the witch's appearance.

“It can't be... that... Annelotte... we... can't go against her...”


Annelotte raised her voice, hearing Aldra's unexpected words.

“A sound judgement... hm, it would be wise of thee to obey my prophecy... That's good, that's good.” 

“You lie. Your ambition to dominate this Continent, I shall shatter it with this very sword of mine!”

The Princess Knight drew her sword with an air of composure and moved forth to try and cut down the Marshland Witch without hesitation.

“Don't! Anne! That woman! The Marshland Witch, she's our Mother!”

It was only for a moment, but Annelotte's sword arm grew weak from the unexpected words that came from Aldra. Wasting not a thought at letting this chance slip by, the Witch knocked the sword out of the Princess Knight's hand.

“Unlike the elder sister, thy younger sister could do with some taming... indeed, this body art thine mother's, the Demon Princess of the Netherworld, Werbellia's...”

“Our... Mother...”

“Thus if thou art to hurt me, thou wilt do naught but injury to thine mother... if thou understand now, then as told by the prophecy, join me. Noble, beautiful devil sisters.”

“...I refuse ...Marshland Witch.”

Annelotte picked up the sword-lance from the ground and gripped it once more without hesitation before declaring:

“I shall free Mother from your spell!!”

The figure of the Marshland Witch reflected in her crimson eyes, Annelotte readied her sword-lance and pointed it at the Witch.

Sure enough, can the Marshland Witch Werbellia take control of the Princess Knight's soul?

They won't know that unless they fight.


  1. A big project that needs some proofreading, hm? I wonder if it's time for me to throw my hat in the ring...

    1. Are you kidding us, pal? We won't get tired of asking you, you know...~

      ...But well, anyways, just wait and see, it'll be on soon.

  2. Just thought you should know that Firelight Games is offering 20% off the Kaguya book until June 4 (a one month only sale).

    1. Ooh, isn't that nice! And Kaguya's book, that's like selling out everywhere, too.

  3. Sigui and Werbie having a "POSE SHOWDOWN" Eilin is an idiot, Laila is ditsy as always, and Branwen is always ready to fight.