Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Dizzy (2 of 2) + Alice's Extra Backstory

Here's part 2 of Dizzy's exchanges with Jean, kissy kissy time~! Next, Iroha!


And a bonus, courtesy of our new pal Gabriel who is already helping a lot with freetalks and kiss scenes, an extra backstory from an obscure QG artbook.

Enjoy! (x2)

Queen's Gate, the ultimate treasure that can open the door to other dimensions.
After opening it accidentally, I found myself travelling around various worlds.
Well, it's not a problem for a genius like me.
Instead, I should be grateful for the chance to get the OOPArts from these places.

A fighting tournament to decide the strongest martial artist, or even a battle with an otherworldly samurai, that's something quite fitting for me.
So, what adventures will be awaiting in the next world?
Passing through the portal created from the Queen's Gate, an unexpected adversary was waiting for me there.
What? T, this is... me?! A little more grown-up, but it's definitively me!
...Geez, this is also the power of Queen's Gate.
Hmph, I won't let anyone hinder my adventure. Even if the one doing the hindering is myself!

Sure enough, can Alice defeat even herself and continue this treasure hunting around the different worlds?
They won't know that unless they fight.

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