Thursday, June 20, 2013

QB Beautiful Fighters FAQ (2): Airi, Melpha and Ymir

Update June 23th: No HJ news this month, but Toranoana got 3 new pics of Goldie.

So the VQ OVA 1 was translated, kudos to the team in question!

And, we resume with the Q&A sessions. Enjoy!

FAQ 4: Airi

I have a question about the Infernal Tempter Airi. The clothes she wears are produced from mental imagery that she conjures up... aren't they? Couldn't she wear other clothes than her maid ones?

Airi's answer:
Since what I wear depends on what I imagine, I could very well manifest any kind of clothing at will (so long as I can visualize it).
However, as this dress befits serving my Mistress, I don't feel any need to change to other kinds of clothing.  Additionally, I believe it is a design that looks fetching with my weapon of choice, the sickle, and above all I'm rather fond of it.
Naturally, I'll wear whatever dress my Mistress would wish me to. (There is nothing I fear more than Mistress' "punishment"...) Still, could I not go to a formal ball in this?

Hans' answer:
About Airi's mentally produced clothing, we had discussed having them change from page to page.
However, it was decided that having her change her clothes too much would blur her theme as a maid... that and, to begin with, having her underwear only appear once in her artbook would likely displease the fans. So it ended up like this. The concept of a character who changed clothing was something her colleague the "Protean Assassin Melona" would inherit later on.

FAQ 5: Melpha

Nanael lives with Melpha as a freeloader, but what does Melpha feel about the two of them living together?

Melpha's answer: 
A question? For me? About my relationship with Miss Nanael, was it? Err, well... I should start from the beginning. You see, when Miss Nanael first descended on our church, she looked rather troubled.
However, for some reason all the other members of the clergy seemed to have left elsewhere, without offering their assistance. So when Miss Nanael came to me, the only one remaining, she said "Can't be helped... I guess you'll do. Show me to your room."
Ever since, Nanael has been staying at my room. I've been permitted to aid her by doing chores such as cooking, washing and sewing.
Even though I may get asked various unreasonable demands of her, there are times where I can feel Miss Nanael's love and consideration towards me within her words.
Though, I would appreciate it if she were to hold back a little while I'm practicing my Holy Poses... so as to not disturb my concentration...
This too is a test, Grandmother.

Hans' answer:
The clergy who served God were cold to the messenger angel of God not quite because Nanael was somewhat of a simpleton, but because it was written in holy scripture that "an angel that carries a bottle of Holy Milk around her hips is undergoing a trial," and as such, they thought it best to refrain from helping.
Even if Nanael wasn't looking forward to going to a Church for help, since it'd be boring, her prideful self was quite injured and worried when she found no place to turn to.
Melpha being the type who can't say no when asked, took Nanael under her care and continues doing so.
Rather than master and servant, they're connected by a strange friendship similar to the relationship between a serious, gentle younger sister and a stubborn, foolish older sister.
The pair feature on the cover of "Queen's Blade Anthology Comic Vol 4," on sale February 25th.

FAQ 6: Ymir

This is a question for Princess Ymir. Ymir's hairstyle seems to be the most elaborate and time consuming to prepare among the Queen's Blade contestants, so is that hairstyle the fashion among dwarven women?

Ymir's answer:
Hm, that's quite a good question. You don't seem to know that much about the Dwarf Tribe, so allow me to enlighten you. Ours is a race that respects "hair" above all else.
The women, their hair and the men, their beard. We spend a great deal of time each day grooming and preparing it.
As such, each resulting original style becomes a matter of personal pride. That is to say, we don't have anything like a "fashion" to it. It's merely, "our way." That's the dwarven way of life.
Got it, human boy? Wahhahhah!

Hans' answer:
As Ymir's answer is beyond accurate, there seems to be little else to add to the issue. A little more is written in the combat visual book "Iron Princess Ymir," on sale February 15th.
Since it mentions a bit about the above topic, try and enjoy finding out more for yourself.

And as an extra treat, here's the pic Hans was referring to:


  1. thanks for all of this, by the way, Vanquished Queen 1 is amazing, I didn't thought it would be so good.

  2. Just a correction: "Mithotil" should be "Mithril", since it's the name of the mineral used in "The Lord of the Rings" and many other RPGs and fantasy games like "Dungeons and Dragons".

    1. That's what I thought at first, and it's obviously "the strongest mineral" just like the D&D counterpart, but it's clearly written as "misochiru", there's no mistranslation here.

      It's probably written this way to avoid the actually copyrighted "mithril"... but the fact that no QB material since has mentioned it again doesn't help ^^U

    2. You're right: In Japanese, Mithril is translated as ミスリル (Mizuriru). Thanks for the answer.

  3. Oh god that Goldie preview...
    So she's wearing bondage ropes under her outfit, AND she even gets a full out areola shot instead of a barbie girl treatment like the rest of F.S.'s works for QB had.
    ...All she needs is a solid matrix, and I'm going to love her forever...=3=