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Queen's Blade ~Another Story~: chapter 5

So here's the probably unplanned, but ultimately final chapter of the series!

Siam faces Nyx, what's going to happen?


Episode 5: Siam's One Day of Melancholy

"Stop being so gloomy already."
She recalled her mother's words.
"If all you do is sigh, your happiness will go away."
(Ah, mother was right again.)
"Mother, I'm sorry. Once I've sorted this problem out, I'll make sure to listen to you."
Siam sighed softly, the furious looking girl in front of her readying her staff as if agreeing.

Turning back the clock.
Siam had been in a dispirited mood.
The cause being her defeat in her battle against Melona. "Defeated while trying her best" would have been leagues better than "Complete defeat while unable to do a thing."  The additional insult of her last attack, the one she had steeled herself into doing, the very one that basically amounted to suicide, didn't help.
(I was saved thanks to that, though...)
Siam laughed at herself. She was incredibly lucky to have ended up alright after that, avoiding serious injury from the situation. But the current Siam couldn't see any silver linings right now. Only the misery of the idea of "living in disgrace" after her defeat filled her head.
On top of that, there was also this feeling of self-loathing from reaching a new low... a perfectly vicious circle of melancholy.
How many times had it been now? Siam gave a bigger sigh.
"Mother saw me, she should have scolded me."
When Siam's mother saw her daughter, who had returned in terrible condition, she didn't lose her presence of mind and simply devoted herself to treating her despite her surprise. Although the injury was not grave, it was still thanks to that proper treatment that Siam was back on her feet so soon.
"Don't lose heart."
"What is a win or what is a loss, you won't know for sure until later on."
Though she didn't press her for details, seemingly she had gotten enough of an idea of what had happened just from her daughter's body, she tried to encourage Siam. Words backed by her experience as a beautiful fighter, they were moving, but...
(I'm not like mother.)
Even if those were the right words, Siam as she was now didn't have the heart to pay heed to them. Even though she knew it was bad, facing her mother was painful right now... so Siam went out, feeling like she was simply running away. While she apologized in her mind, her mother saw her off with a smile, almost as if she was enjoying herself.

The first thing Siam did when she left town was to check on Leina's safety. Siam assumed that if something were to happen to the Earl Vance's daughter, it'd surely become a well spread rumor by now, so with that in mind she went to various places to get information...
(Seems like it wasn't anything serious.)
Siam was relieved, since that had been a constant worry after her battle against Melona.
(There was nothing I could have done.)
A sense of helplessness hit her. It felt like people all around were ridiculing her...even if it was just a delusion, Siam set out to avoid people...
...And before she knew it, she had reached the highway at the outskirts of town. Away from the Earl Vance domain and entering the Queen's Capital.
"Queen, huh?"
Would she be qualified to fight in Queen's Blade? Thinking about those things just got Siam more and more irritated. Fortunately, there were no signs of anyone being around, and so she drew her sword and started swinging it. Though she was doing it without rhyme or reason, she felt that it could help her forget her unpleasant thoughts if she moved her body. As she kept swinging her sword, Siam lost track of time.
(Not good!)
Siam panicked at the short scream. Looked as if, while she had been engrossed by swinging her sword, someone had approached her. She timidly looked back...
(Someone seems to be in pain...)
There was a woman with long hair that looked to be a sorceress nearby. It looked like she was really hurt. She wore a bright red robe, had some ornaments that looked like weapons extending from her arms and held a bizarre looking staff.
The woman, who had a surprised look on her face, fiercely snapped at Siam the very next moment.
"Swinging a sword in a place like this, what's wrong with you?!"
Though Siam knew she was at fault, merely listening quietly as the other kept ranting, she eventually grew angry.
"Shut up."
She readied her sword and the woman showed an obviously frightened reaction.
(Is she... actually a weakling?)
Maybe it was a side effect from her misery from the past few days, but a dark sense of superiority sprouted in Siam's heart.
"What I do, it's none of your business. If you don't like it... you get it, right?"
Siam threatened her opponent with her sword.

"H, hm. The "Master of Flame" Nyx will make you regret that!"
Exchanging harsh words, Siam and Nyx began fighting little by little.
Two women facing each other. As Siam observed her opponent's moves, Nyx swung her strange looking staff.
"Lord Funikura, your power!"
An awkward silence followed. Before Siam's confused face, Nyx's expression grew flustered.
"Lord Funikura! Lord Funikura!"
"Maybe, he's resting! Wait, you mean I'm in trouble!?"
Eventually, Nyx began ignoring her opponent and kept talking to the staff.
(I wonder if I picked a fight with a troublesome person.)
Such a thought came to Siam's mind and, in a sense, killed her enthusiasm. She was reluctant to challenge someone who was as openly upset as she was. Though Nyx was looking at Siam earlier, her talk with that staff (?) showed no signs of ending anytime soon. Before long, Siam exclaimed:
"That's enough. You need to go back home and get taken care of by your mother."

The next moment, Siam was nearly hit by the blow that came from the staff.
(What happened?)
Nyx's expression had changed completely. Her eyes were completely locked onto her, a worrisome atmosphere floated in the air, different from before.
"My... mother... how dare youuuu!!"
(I'm in big trouble!)
Siam kept on the defensive, facing Nyx who attacked with her staff. As they were reckless attacks, reading her moves proved impossible. Though she was barely keeping up, defending was draining her stamina.
(Big trouble! Really big trouble!!)

Furthermore, Siam felt an even more turbulent atmosphere coming from the staff Nyx was swinging. A troublesome enemy is likely to become even more troublesome later... and Siam's worries were brought to life.
Nyx's staff pulsated, opening its ominous eye.
"NOW I'm in big trouble!"
"Lord Funikura!"
To Siam's surprise, Nyx let out a shout of joy when the "living staff" Funikura awakened.
"Hahahah! I'll finish you with this!"
Nyx focused her magical power. She swung Funikura at Siam, who was paralyzed by shock...
Fireball flash.
The impact made a thunderous roar. Before long, the cloud of dust surrounding them settled, and only a fallen Siam remained. Seeing her immobile opponent, Nyx trembled with the joy of victory.
"I did it, Lord Funikura!"
Funikura's tentacles smoothly extended out to Nyx.
"Eh! Eh?! What!?"
Funikura held Nyx down by her more delicate areas.
"You're... angry? Why?!"
She was entirely constrained now.
"Since Lord Funikura was resting, I-I had no choice... No, not like that!! I'm sorrhiaaaaaaan!!!"
Punishment time.
"Forgive me... forgive me, Lord Funikuraaahn... For treating you like a lowly weapon... I'll never do it again!! I'll nwehber dooo idd aaaaahn..."

The number of figures lying on the floor increased by one and the battle ended discreetly... Actually, there was one angel passing by, keeping track of the results, though neither of the two ever knew.
The one who got up first was Siam. She had avoided a direct hit from Nyx' magic and, though she was uninjured, had fainted after being blown away roughly by it. Incidentally, although she had come to in the middle of Nyx' exchange with her staff (?), the whole event that unfurled before her eyes had just left her speechless on all kinds of levels. She stood still, catching her breath.
(You said I won't know if I've won or lost until the end, right?)
She recalled her mother's words.  It felt like their implication had changed a bit too. Even though she had lost the match regardless, she was the one who was standing in the end. It might have been luck, but she had survived facing dangerous opponents like Melona and Nyx...
"Maybe I should have more confidence."
Siam bowed to the fallen Nyx.
"Thank you. About what may have happened to your mother, I'm sorry."
Walking back home, Siam's melancholy disappeared from whence it came. Her thoughts on Queen's Blade swelled up again.
"Tomorrow will also be a battle!"

Siam's One Day of Melancholy - END


And unfortunately, that's all we get about Siam. I'd love to casually give the preview of the next episode:

"Next : Weapon Merchant Cattleya. A woman concerned about her husband and son, many people appear before the shop she manages... Next time, "Goods and Swordsmith"."

...But that never came true. So at least, we should send her off in a manner more suitable for QB, something like:

"Sure enough, can Siam become a beautiful fighter and lift her mother's curse?

They won't know that unless they fight."

...Hope you liked this short story!

Coming next, my so-called "last trump card"!


  1. Siam battlebook when?

    It's good to see this side character got her own story, and even better that Nyx got some more screentime. Pity it has to end, but well worth it.

    As long as there are beautiful girls, there will always be a Queen's Blade to determine who is the best fighter among them.

  2. omg... Cattleya is next?! :D :D :D <3

    Finally... something new about Cattleya that isn't a figure (not that I'm complaining about the amount and quality of those!)

    1. Unfortunately no, she was supposed to, but no Siam chapter 6 has been released to date, we do have to assume this is the end :(

      But Cattleya will actually be the first to star in the "last trump card" coming next, guess that'll have to do... :p