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Queen's Blade ~Another Story~: chapter 4


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Siam meets Melona, but does she stand a chance against her?


Episode 4 : The Witch's Familiar

She wasn't looking forward to this.
But she wouldn't be able to sit still if she didn't.
She was scared.
But part of her was also looking forward to this.
"Just go out as usual," and with just that, what little composure Siam had remaining fell into disarray.
She knew what was the cause.
(She even appeared in my dreams...)
Siam silently touched at her cheek. The memory of when Leina's finger applied the medicine there still vivid to her.
(In my dream, that finger didn't just stop there. It went all the way to...)
Her expression softened from thoughts unrelated to her current predicament, Siam quickly thought back to the issue at hand.
"This could be a real problem, though... I wonder if it's unavoidable?"
At the time, Leina had expressed a desire to go "towards the ridge," but at what time, Siam had no idea.
Even if she were to go to said ridge, it was quite likely that they would not even meet.
(If that's the case, that would be disappointing...)
Leina was going to confirm whether or not there was any truth to the rumors of the attacks on travelers. Setting aside her personal feelings, Siam was basically intending to do this too. Should they cross paths, she would feel bad if she'd had to declare someone that nice a rival.
(But, in a way, I think I'd look forward to it if it came to that.)
She felt Leina's strong mind and piercing heart, even seen part of her abilities. If they met face to face in battle, it was obvious she wouldn't win. And yet...
(I'd like to try.)
Siam thought. She briefly considered if that meant she was more aware of her goal to become a beautiful fighter now.
"Feels like she'd probably just let me off with a sermon. She was surprisingly gullible."
As she wondered if that was rude to think of her benefactor, Siam's expression cleared up.
"Let's go!"

"Skeleton Ridge."
A fittingly fear inducing name for such a desolate mountain ridge. Still, it was close enough to the territory of the Earl Vance, an influential person in the kingdom, that those who tried to make a name for themselves who were confident in their abilities would gather here. Though Siam, who had aspirations of her own too, had
planned to make it a place to further her training...
She had blacked out.
Siam's eyelids trembled, and she opened her eyes. However, she felt she couldn't focus them properly. She tried to start up her body by shaking her head, but that didn't work.
As she was lying on the ground, unable to manage even standing up, Siam wracked her brains trying to collect her confused memories.
(That's right, that strange woman...)
Siam's memories began to play back what happened when she arrived at Skeleton Ridge.

A young girl with pink hair, weird ear ornaments and skimpy clothes... When Siam arrived at the mountain ridge, that certainly wasn't Leina who had been there to greet her.
(Why is such a girl at Skeleton Ridge?)
She didn't look to be carrying any weapons, which felt out of place at the ridge. She called to Siam, who was in the midsts of thinking the girl was nothing short of suspicious.
"I wanna ask you something, but..."
An innocent sounding voice. But for some reason, it gave Siam chills.
"Hmm, yeah, you look like a beautiful fighter...sorta. Anyways..."
The girl's eyes sparkled charmingly.
"You wouldn't happen to know anything about a beautiful fighter from the Vance house, would ya?"
Leina's face appeared in Siam's mind. Siam answered with a short reply in hopes that the girl wouldn't notice any inner turmoil.
The girl's eyes narrowed and her high voice lowered a pitch. She only had her gut feeling to go on, but Siam was certain that the girl before her was dangerous.
(Don't let her meet Leina!)
Siam was determined.
"I'm not acquainted with any of the great nobles. Now then, I'm in a hurry so..."
Leaving the girl's side, Siam took to her blind spot so she wouldn't notice anything. The girl was spaced out, likely thinking something over.
Positioning. Range. Perfect timing.
Siam suddenly attacked.
(And then she caught me off guard! Anyhow, I fainted...)
Because at that moment, the girl's hair swelled up.
And Siam was knocked out before she could even realize she was hit by a huge fist.

"Shit, that's just cheating..."
Siam involuntarily cursed. Although she had recovered her memory and senses, she still couldn't move her body freely yet. Looking all around her, it looked like the girl was nowhere to be found...
(Where is she?)
Thinking it suspicious, Siam tried standing up again. This time, she noticed that her body was coated in a transparent fluid.
"That girl, what is this... weird feeling?"
Siam noticed an abnormal phenomenon. The fluid wrapped around her body was moving, delicately, like a living thing. Rather than feeling bad, it felt...
Siam panicked as she almost let out a strange sound. Then a voice called out to her.
"How awful, a surprise attack."
Before Siam's eyes, the fluid rose and took on the shape of the young girl. The girl kept talking while looking down on Siam, who had lost all words.
"It was a relatively good attack for a weakling. A weakling's a weakling though."
"W, what... ah."
A new stimulus, different from the earlier one, was applied to her body and robbed Siam of her strength.
"So, you do know something after all, huh?"
"Y, you, what are you? ...Hinh!"
The young girl tilted her head to the side.
"Me? Well I'm Melona?"
"I didn't... ask for... your name."
Melona made no attempt to conceal her displeasure at Siam's words.
"You, do you even get what kind of position you're in? I'M the one asking the questions here."
Melona displayed a cruel smile.
"Looks like that felt pretty good, what about this?"
The feeling over Siam's body was suddenly changed. She was caught unaware.
"Ahah, hahahahahahahah!"
"How does that feel? Maybe like you'll die from laughing?"
Tickling. Something that children would do when playing with one another, though nowhere near as innocent... Siam was already in pain now. Siam was speechless, her body made to bend backwards from the sensation.
"...Hh! ...Hh!"
"Hey there, if you don't spill, you're really going to die."
As she said that, Melona slowed her tickling down. Siam pleaded, her face filled with tears.
"Fhiine, fhiiiine, s-stop already..."

In the end, Siam revealed most of what she knew. That she had been saved from danger by a beautiful fighter the other day and that the beautiful fighter was someone from the Vance house that said she was aiming for the mountain ridge... The only resistance Siam was able to put up was not revealing Leina's name.
"...Then I'll wait... or better yet."
Melona, who was muttering to herself then turned towards Siam.
"Oh, you're still here?"
Melona waved her hand dismissively.
"The Marshland Witch told me to crush 'Strong guys'. I got no business with weaklings like you."
Siam trembled in frustration. As Melona stared at her coldly, her expression suddenly changed, as if she had come up with an idea.
"Well, you did hand over some good info. How about I thank you?"
Melona's appearance shifted immensely. Her face, body, dress... until another "Siam" stood before the original.

"I examined you pretty thoroughly earlier, so this is a perfect copy. With this, the beautiful fighter from the Vance house is done for. Hey, you'll be famous too..."
(What is she going to do to Leina with my appearance?)
Picking up her sword, Siam rose, shakily.
(I won't let you do that!)
Even at the risk of both stabbing each other, Siam stepped towards Melona. But Siam's strained body betrayed her. Breaking pace, Siam swayed greatly. Beyond that, only the cliff's open mouth awaited.
"You chose suicide?"
Melona looked quizzically at the point where Siam had fallen off of.
But her muttering was just a sign that she had lost interest.
"Ah well... I'll just wait for the main dish now."
As she was falling down the cliff, Siam's consciousness slipped away.
(Leina... I'm sorry...)

The Witch's Familiar - END

Next : Roughed up by Melona. The beautiful fighter that appears to Siam is one who was tormented by self-loathing and powerless rage. Next time, "Siam's One Day of Melancholy."


  1. Oh Siam, you are QB's own hard luck woman.

  2. Maybe it's obvious if you guys remember the first season, but the end of this chapter ties directly into the very first chapter, with Melona meeting Leina in a mountain pass/ridge.

    Also, the pic above fooled even me into thinking Siam had defeated Melona, it's hard to see Melona's tell-tale pupils there ^^U.

    1. Wow, that's an awesome detail! So I guess things have come full circle now, eh?

      But, that pic above? The last pic? Doesn't it just go with this part?

      "A new stimulus, different from the earlier one, was applied to her body and robbed Siam of her strength.

      The feeling over Siam's body was suddenly changed. She was caught unaware.
      "Ahah, hahahahahahahah!"
      "How does that feel? Maybe like you'll die from laughing?"
      Tickling. Something that children would do when playing with one another, though nowhere near as innocent... Siam was already in pain now. Siam was speechless, her body made to bend backwards from the sensation.
      "...Hh! ...Hh!""

    2. Huh? No, the pic is fine where it is, even the original text placed it exactly there.

      Besides, Siam was supposed to be lying down on the floor the whole time during her "torture" of sorts, it was just at the end that she managed to stand up...

    3. Yeah, I figured the original must have placed it in the same place... which is odd, I thought maybe they made the mistake to begin with, or that the pics don't really go with the last thing written, but you're right, re-reading it makes it seem she was on the floor the whole time and didn't even pick up her sword until the end. It still confuses me though. I guess it's just that looking at her face, it seemed she was still being tickled and pleasured by the fluid still on her from that part, lol.

      (btw, I just noticed... does Siam go nopan? D:)

    4. Hm, Siam going commando? I think that's just Melona's fault. From looking at the pic, I'd say her transformation wasn't complete yet, that's why her clothes look weird and her chest isn't covered.

      ...Or maybe that was Melona teasing her in a whole new way, but Siam wasn't in the mood to point out something that silly.