Sunday, May 19, 2013

QB Exiled Warrior 16 + EX (end)

And here's the long, final chapter of the story, plus a short, weird extra chapter featuring my fave girl Menace!

Download them here and here, and enjoy!

It took us like one year to get this manga done, but we hope you liked it!


  1. Nice! Thanks for the frequent updates and sticking with the project until the end!

  2. Beautiful work you guys have done! Big thanks from one QB fan to another.

  3. Gokurosama! :)

    The ending was a little less epic than I'd have hoped, but the artwork was nice and it's all Leina who is certainly one of my favorites. Would have been nice to see more Tomoe, though.

    Is that it with Queen's Blade mangas, them?

    1. Not even close, we want to work on all the QB that we can :)

      We're kinda taking a break right now, but next will probably be QBR Zero.

  4. very very nice, I can't think about what would be QB without you, without all your translation, and without all your work on the game and drama CDs
    congratulation, félicitation, omedetou, felicitación

  5. I'm very thankful that there's a QB fan like you, leecherboy.