Thursday, April 18, 2013

Queen's Blade Conversations: Rebellion Aldra

Liliana didn't have one in the end, so now it's time for the controversial housewife and a short introduction of her summoned beasts.



  1. I want Annelotte and Aldra to hug so bad. The Tamashi sisters vs Ymir and Eilin would be hilarious.I see Miss Luna Luna continues to put the charm on her opponents before being about their demise. I see you girl, keep up the good work. I hope Menace gets one of these, doubtful. Also I wait to see characters convos with The Swamp Witch

  2. I'm surprised by Belphe's positive personality traits. Also this reminds me of something that's always bothered me about Aldra's drastic change, I really don't see much similarity to her child form besides her hair color. It's always seemed a little strange to me how other characters know it's her.

    1. And the cat-ear thingies, right? Well, to be fair, it's only Maria recognizing her here, for all her dumbness at pretending to be someone else, when she's fighting she's still the real deal.

      If I remember correctly, in the stories Aldra was just known as "Al", a gondolier with a beautiful singing voice (people would kinda hesitate going around with her if they knew she was the old, cruel Queen), and the only people addressing her by her true name are Melona and Airi (sent by the witch) and the soldiers of her former army (but only after her tough off-camera duel with Annelotte).

    2. I suppose you're right about everyone recognizing her, I guess I just prefer "nun Aldra" from the anime. She actually looked like a grown up Aldra to me. Of course that just made the transition to "apron Aldra" in the anime even weirder...
      BTW, maybe I just forgot, but did we ever find out if her husband was real?

    3. Sure Aldra's husband is real, she directly addresses him ("you") in her Rebellion backstory, and she also mentions him in her ending, so it's not any kind of witch curse or anything.