Thursday, April 11, 2013

Queen's Blade ~Another Story~: chapter 2

Well, so the 1st VQ OVA came out, and it's a little ray of hope for all of us who want the VQ stories to get a happy ending.

So now, do you remember episode 9 of the first season, where a young girl is defeated by Ymir?

Well that's our heroine in this story, kudos to Final Agent for helping to proofread it, let's get to know her better!

Who is Siam, and what is she fighting for?


Episode 2: One-Eyed Siam

Question: Say I’d like to aim for Queen’s Blade, where should I begin?
Answer: Well, as long as you have the beauty and strength of a beautiful fighter, the rest should come naturally...
Justice, dreams, friends, yourself, the right to freedom... the important things in life are different for everyone.
And for Siam, the most important thing to her was... her mother.
In fact, the moments spent with her as they sat down to eat was, as far as Siam was concerned, nothing short of pure bliss.
Gazing at her, the young girl's heart felt soothed.
...There was little doubt on the matter, on this entire continent there could be no one more beautiful or worthy of admiration than her mother.
“There's no need to be so entranced by my face, eat your meal."
Her mother may have meant that as a joke, but she was pretty much right on the mark causing Siam to go into a panic.
"Calm down already and eat."
"S, sorry."
Still, even as she apologized, Siam was already returning her deep gaze to that woman’s face.
...She was the best, indeed.
Though it might not mean as much coming from her daughter, that was Siam's firm belief.
However, her mood quickly shifted as soon as her eyes turned downwards ever so slightly, to her mother’s right arm. A bitter feeling welled up just by looking at it, that motionless arm wrapped in cloth.
Siam's mother had once been a beautiful fighter...or so it would seem. She rarely talked about her youth.
Despite her attempts to hide it however, Siam had managed to piece enough information to come to that conclusion from people her mother had known for a long time. A powerful fighter, if her battle name was to be believed, who had thrown herself deep into the dangerous world of prizefighting for high sums of money... and one day, the danger of that world finally caught up with her during a match where her arm was cursed...
Why, in the face of such risk, why would Siam’s mother take such risks just for money? raise her.
Naturally, it was not as if her mother would confirm or even say anything about all this. Still, despite being far from rich, she couldn’t remember a single time where they had been in any financial difficulty...
She had her mother to thank for that. And that was why, Siam had decided, it was now her turn. She began to talk...
"Mother, about Queen's Blade again..."
She was cut short.
"B-But if I win at the Queen's Blade, I'm sure that even mother's curse could be..."
"I’m happy to hear that you’re that worried about me... it’s just, becoming a beautiful fighter is impossible for you.”
Her mother may have been trying to let her off gently, but still, Siam got a little vexed.
"W-what, I get that I’m not as much of a beauty as you, but I....”
"You’re lovely. I know that better than anyone."
Siam's face flushed red at her mother's words.
"Y-you're just saying that..."
"Well then, discussion over."
Siam hurried to get back on track.
“Stop sidestepping the issue!”
"But it's true that you're lovely."
"Lovely, really?... Wait, well if I have that then what makes you say that it’s “Impossible”?”
"You're bad with bladed things, aren't you?"

Question : In Queen's Blade, are armed participants always at an advantage?
Answer : Well that's not entirely true, but most participants do carry weapons. Why don’t you go about finding a weapon that suits you?
Overall, Siam was rather confident in her physical strength, and when it came to self-defense, despite saying that becoming a beautiful warrior was beyond her, her mother had taught her a few basic martial art forms. However...
"I really am useless with a weapon."
Even though Siam had gotten this far, standing inside the nearby weapon shop, she already felt like this was a lost cause.
Seemed like the weapon shop’s owner had once been a fan of her mother’s from back in the day, but despite his cheerful attempts to help Siam, it only served to reaffirm her intense hatred of weapons.
...Bladed weapons were especially bad to her.
Siam couldn’t help but confirm this as she stared at the long sword that had been placed in front of her. The very idea of swinging a thing like that at other people...that was...
She felt goosebumps just thinking about it... which was rather pathetic. She let out an involuntary grumble.
"I wish there was something to help cure a hatred of weapons."
"There is."
The shop owner unexpectedly replied. And as a flabbergasted Siam watched, the owner soon came back from within the shop with some kind of eyepatch in hand.
“Some kind of magic item. Apparently, it makes you handle weapons better while you wear it."
"As if something that convenient could exist..."
Skepticism quite apparent, she put on the eyepatch.
...Once it was on, she had to admit it felt pretty nice.
She looked into a mirror... and felt as if she was facing an entirely different person. Someone stronger than her.
... No, rather, wasn't she strong now?
She grasped the long sword.
"I was scared of this?"
Siam swung the sword without a care. The weapon shop owner's face paled, but that didn’t matter to her.
"I'll take it."
After frightening a few more people, Siam left in high spirits. Seeing her off, the owner let out a sigh.
"Autosuggestion is really something."

Siam went on ahead, not hearing a thing of that last bit.
...This was it, she should just head off in the direction of the Vance territory. After all, if she could handle that, she could handle any opponent. Maybe take out both daughters of the Earl while she was at it!
Siam's heart fluttered in anticipation of the battles to come.
"I’ll be back home before dinner! Mother and I can toast to my victories then!”

Question : The other day, I was able to obtain a terrific armor set. With this, Queen's Blade should be a cinch! Right?
Answer : Reality is a harsh mistress.

One-Eyed Siam – END

Next : A chance meeting with the "Exiled Warrior" (A Work in Progress) and the "One-Eyed Slashing Demon" (Self-Proclaimed)... Also, what brings them to Queen's Blade? (Are they even in it?) Next Time, "Siam, Leina and the Pet"


  1. Well, so the 1st VQ OVA came out, and it's a little ray of hope for all of us who want the VQ stories to get a happy ending.

    Happy ending? Why would you do that? XD

    VQ was a bigger dissapointment for me, even more than I expected I mean. The ova had less tits, ass and humilation than any random QB regular episode.

    And the xtra with Tomoe torturing was only a set of 4 gifs on loop.

    Any of the previous QB ova was better.

  2. I agree that the happy ending was something of a letdown for those of us who are fans of Vanquished Queens; it seemed to betray the spirit of what those stories are all about. I wouldn't say that it had necessarily less sexiness than any particular episode of the mainstream anime, though.

    That said, yay for Siam!

    I'd guess that Menace was the one who cursed her mother's arm; that might be paradoxical, however, since Menace doesn't seem to have been revived before the Queen's Blade tournament that Leina participates in...or was she? Still, it's interesting to consider.

    1. About VQ, well, call me a romantic, but even if I appreciate the dark situations and the "beauty in defeat", I want the stories to get fully developed and reach a proper end, with the characters overcoming them and learning something from it, as I assume the OVA does, that's why it surprised me. It can't be helped if it results in a "happy ending", since we obviously won't have any of our favorite heroines killed or disfigured in the process.

      About Menace being the one to curse her, I guess if Siam's mother survived her cursing power she could have ended with a totally charred arm... but as you say, Menace was resurrected in time to participate in the QB edition we know and this cursing seems to have happened many years ago, and I'm not that sure about Menace participating in fights for money. It's actually more likely that a pre-queen Aldra did it, while she was gathering resources to find her sis...?

    2. I think the curse would come from the Swamp Witch, Siam's mother might have been a very good fighter who would be a trouble for the Swamp Witch.

  3. I'm one of the fans on the fence about Vanquished Queens. I guess I love the QB series for a different reason than the biggest fans of the VQ books would be. I haven't been able to see the episode yet, but this "ray of hope" makes me more excited to see it... then I wouldn't mind it so much if more VQ OVAs maybe even lead to my favorite, Cattleya, to show up again :D I actually kind of like her VQ story anyways, how ultimately she ends up overpowering her "punisher".

    What they did with Siam is really cool, looking forward to more of her :D