Thursday, February 7, 2013

Queen's Blade Backstories: Tomoe, Nowa and Irma

The next VQ2 is coming soon, so in the meantime, here's the last triplet with the remaining char released in English. It's a pity Irma doesn't really get much love, though...



(in case you can't read it)

I have traveled from afar and arrived at this strange land.
There are musha outfits I have never seen, non-human entities I have never heard of.
The unfamiliar cultures made me anxious, but with the power I received from the great Masakado, I was able to get here after defeating countless enemies.
And now, another challenger stands before me. I am appalled by such a profane appearance. Does she not have a sense of decency?
Either way, if a musha unsheathes her katana, it cannot be put away until the enemy in front of her is defeated. I have no hard feelings against this person, but this is for the honor of Hinomoto.
Prepare to be slain!
Sure enough, can Tomoe use her sword mastery and defeat this strong opponent?
They won’t know that unless they fight.


Today is also the end of the forest patrols.
I’m watching this large entrance to the Elves Forest all alone.
Ah, I’m sorry, Lou. You’re together with me now, aren’t you? Thanks.
Hn? Wait a second. I hear the sound of someone approaching from the other side of the tree’s shade.
No, Lou. The elves don’t make such vulgar footsteps.
An uninvited enemy out to damage the forest! Or, a challenger from Queen’s Blade?
In either case, I’ll defeat them with my staff techniques. No way will I let anyone near the people who helped me when I had no place to go to!
Sure enough, with that technique and speed of hers, can Nowa defeat the unknown enemy?
They won’t know that unless they fight.


Is someone following me…?
Having been walking with no footsteps through streets without a single light, I stopped and listened carefully.
Though I intended to erase all traces of my walking, I hear the footsteps of someone approaching.
It’s foolish to tail me, who knows all about this town, from the back alleys of the slums to the attics of the rich mansions.
To surprise the fool, I hid myself behind the shadow of the next building.
When I sensed the threat of my opponent approaching, I jumped out to cut the throat of the pitiful follower with my daggers.
But, this fellow wasn’t that na├»ve an opponent.
With Irma’s dual-wielding as her forte, can she defeat this unexpected enemy?
They won’t know that unless they fight.

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  1. Oh man Irma! I always forget about her for some reason, but I don't think she gets much exposure.