Sunday, December 4, 2011

QB Battle 26.5

Megaupload: App + Media + Extra + Fanmade (update)
Sendspace: App + Media + Extra + Fanmade (update)

Added the fanmade Psylocke and Saber Alter (thanks to Okami31 for finding pics for both):

Coming next: Cassandra, and probably Valkyries galore.

Edit (12/09): Updated the What is QB? page with the next character (after the upcoming Izumi), Queen's Gate Kanu.

Edit2 (12/16): Izumi's out, and the guys at Moeyo previewed her right on time (for some reason, making the last pics needlessly naughty).


  1. Thanks for providing us with 2 new, cool characters! I feel like I'm playing Soul Calibur's Nightmare when I choose Saber Alter...haha...evil aura...

    Also, thanks for picking up Cass and Valkyries...
    I'll work on Sakura at some point this week...holidays are interfering with hobbies!

  2. Awesome characters as always.

    I'm looking forward to Sakura (From Cardcaptor Sakura or Naruto I like them both.) although I like Konan better it will be interesting to see what Sakura's attacks are since she seems to mostly just have physical attacks powered up like Tsunade.

    Also you mentioned Morrigan Aensland before in the previous update comments, can't wait for her, some other female characters I am hoping for in the future are Lucy from Elfen Lied (*Crosses fingers) and KOS-MOS from Xenosaga both of whom I think would be great for this game.

  3. Morrigan will take just a little longer, and KOS-MOS is definitely at the top of my list.
    I don't know much about Elfen Lied, but if it's as much an "adult/gore-y" series as it seems, not many people will draw "fighting" pics of her.

    And since you mentioned Card Captor Sakura, I imagine most of her pics would be just cute poses, instead of her using her array of cards properly ^^U.

  4. I like how KOS-MOS looks though I have no idea if she'll have enough fighting pics and what kind would they be (guns? fists? mecha?)... Elfen Lied was so over-the-top gory gruesome that I only watched an episode and a half and quit it...funny, I did watch some Card Captor Sakura...I like the idea of magical tarot cards...(here's my man card...haha)....

  5. Though I've never played any of the Xenosaga games, as far as I know KOS-MOS is able to morph her arms into weapons, including (but probably not limited to): the gatling G-SHOT, the F-SCYTHE, the R-CANNON, the blades D-TOOTH and R-BLADE, plus she can use the X-BUSTER cannon from her chest and the exploding force-field super, D-TENERITAS.

  6. Here’s Sakura from Naruto:

    She is an agile fighter with powerful punches…(I don’t think she has to ready the big punches with a power-up, because by now she does them instantly)

    Cherry Blossom is her signature technique pretty much…she can use it to punch the opponent directly with all her strength or as a quake-type attack that opponent could avoid by jumping (if not, opponent will fall down)…

    She would throw a lot of kunais but they are not powerful daggers, they're just little HP drainers...she can slash with kunais and maybe even poison them...I don't think her kunais can be dislodged because each ninja carries a bunch and she can always "summon" more...

    The explosive tag is not an instant hit...if opponent doesn't jump or move away from it they will get hit by it...I guess the combo would be to knock the opponent down then throw explosive kunai as they stagger up...

    Being a medic ninja, Sakura can easily heal herself for a couple of points, so that could be a regular move...

    The "trap" and "throw" pics are can use them if you want but I think there's enough to do her justice...

    have fun!

    Oh, and give me 3 new characters! haha...there's no rest for the naughty/wicked...

  7. May I suggest a character?
    I would love to see Zelda here. I gathered some pics, but don't think it would be enough.

    Maybe she would use her Transform from Smash Bros. Any additional idea?

  8. @Luis Carlos,

    if you want me to work on her, I can...

  9. @Okami31: So you got Sakura in the end, great job! (it's a good thing I thought to add the SF one as "sakura kasugano" :D)

    For the 3 chars candidates, I'm repeating Ayane from NG/DOA, and this time I'm going with:

    -KOS-MOS (a robot with multiple weapons, what's not to like?)
    -FFX Yuna (dunno if she's the 2nd most popular FF warrior, but a mix of summoner + gunslinger should be nice, as she got into changing clothes recently)

    @Luis Carlos: I never knew Zelda actually ever fought. I guess she'll have the 3 spells (Din's Fire, Farore's Wind and Naryu's Love) and the arrow super from Melee, and maybe some slashes from the Twilight Princess version, though more than 50% of her pages would have to be Sheik.

    And yeah, more pics wouldn't hurt ^^U...

  10. Alright, Leech, I'm gonna let you decide between Yuna and KOS-MOS...what's it gonna be? Mecha girl or summoning priestess?

  11. Because of popular demand (and some nice timing?), do try your best with KOS-MOS.

  12. Well, I didn't get Luis Carlos's go-ahead but I was inspired and found more pics for Zelda

    At first, I was going to propose to split Zelda into two characters a la Samus or Saber but it is true that she's not much of a fighter...there's a couple of pics with her wielding a swords but none of them have her attacking with's just defensive or she's all about arrows and I guess you'll have to do "transformation" but didn't you say you couldn't do back-to-back transformations when you were considering Samus (at least Samus has enough pics both ways methinks)...

    As Sheik, she can slash with knives, throw knives and whip around with that wimpy chain (haha)...I put some pics with Sheik playing the harp but none of the Ocarina songs would have an effect in battle...aren't they mostly to transport you to temples or change statuses as day/night or no-rain/rainy? maybe you can figure something could be a "heal" too i guess...

    oh well, there you go...sorry Luis Carlos if I trespassed...and Leech, I'll gladly do Kos-Mos...I don't know my choice yet but I'll work on that...

  13. @leecherboy: Zelda starred one game: Zelda: Wand of Gamelon (very obscure, anyway).

    Zelda could be a Ranged Character (casting Spells and arrows) that has an orange vertical sword attack on Melee and the ability to turn to Sheik.

    Sheik could be a low damaging ninja, that lacks the powerfull orange vertical, and has the power to retreat and turn back to Zelda.

    Due the ability to becoming 2 characters, she could have very low BP.
    That is my idea for Zelda/Sheik.

  14. Right, good job with getting that whole lot of pics so fast, that should be enough to feature her properly.
    Luis Carlos' idea for her sounds about right, though her BP can't be too low just because of her dual nature, but I guess I'll see how it goes.

  15. you're welcome!

    My next pick to go alongside Kos-Mos is Neytiri, the native blue warrior from Avatar (ya know, the huge movie)...I'm expecting her to be an archer-type with a knife for close quarters...maybe she'll ride her dragon too...she should be fun...

  16. The female lead from Avatar? Lol, I sure didn't expect her to pop up here, I haven't even watched the movie.
    Just be careful it doesn't turn out like Tsunade, as I don't think she's known for her battle prowess (I may be wrong, though)... ^^U

  17. Nah, Neytiri can fight...the more troubling question is why are you the only person in the civilized world that hasn't watched AVATAR?!?!?!?! haha

    I'm just waiting to see if Tsunade shows new moves or not before you make would suck that just after she's playable they give her some cool jutsu in the manga and you'll have to fix her...I guess that's the risk with any ongoing series...look at Ichigo in Bleach, how many freaking forms is he gonna have?!

    I think Tsunade has enough as she is and would be definitely different than Sakura, what with her slug summons and overall superiority in strength...remember, she also has that jutsu that regenerates her full life but leaves her a little winded and it's a one-shot...that would be a cool quirk for her fighting persona...maybe annoying when fighting against...haha

    Go watch AVATAR nao!!!!!!!!