Sunday, August 21, 2011

QB Battle 23.7

Megaupload: App + Media (update) + Extra (update) + Fanmade (update)
Sendspace: App + Media (update) + Extra (update) + Fanmade (update)

Added the recent Lyla (mostly based on LW's Arafael), plus the fanmade Sakura Kasugano (thanks to nabesean):

Also fanmade, She-Hulk and ninja Shion (thanks to Okami31 and ayrawinla):

And adapted one more mecha, the Shadow Hawk. There's now an option to not gain or lose XP ever, and you can change the app's language to French to change a bit of the menus (thanks to Joystikman):

Since this humble blog made one year recently and we're past 30K visitors, I wanted to celebrate by at least reaching the nice number of 150 chars.
Thanks everybody for spreading the QB love, let's aim for 200 characters next~!!

Coming next: the pending config file to choose Banned chars and Tournament bosses, Chun-Li, replay with commentary, maybe seductress Shion, and there's some chance of QG Noel.

Edit (08-22): A little update to fix some of the moves of Lyla, She-Hulk and Sakura: Megaupload/Sendspace

Edit2 (08-23): Added info on the next QB Rebellion character, Izumi.

Edit3 (08-25): A little update for the "fanmade Sophitia DLC" (thanks to Okami31 & ayrawinla): Megaupload/Sendspace


  1. Happy blog birthday! :)

    A big thank you for making us a great game like this!

    For the 200 characters goal... I'll do my best to help you reach it!

    I unfortunately had extremely little play time today and just had time to download all the new files and play 2 matches... Found a Shion bug! I thought it was my matrix that was wrong, but it turns out it's the move assignation that's incorect in the end.

    You put "Roll Bombs" under move 22 instead of move 6, and "Coup de Grace" under move 6 instead of 22. The result is that if you try to do roll bombs you do Coup de Grace instead and vice versa (The reason I had Coup de Grace under 22 instead of 6 is that it hits different Jumps than Impale).

    Also, I'm not sure if it's a mistake or if it's intentional damage changes, but there's a few differences on the page 38 damages and the in-game version.

    Throw bomb: 5 damage instead of 3
    Roll bomb: 3 damage instead of 2
    Kick: 1 damage instead of 2
    Evasive Strike: 1 damage instead of 0

    If the new damage values are intentional, I'll make a new page 38... but I'll wait until I know if it's intentional or if it's a mistake :)

  2. Since the values were identical to Alleyne (the base character), I assumed that it was a mistake so I went ahead and looked at the files to see if I couldn't correct it: I figured it'd be a good learning experience!

    There was also a bug that prevented Focused Shot from getting Jump and Coup de Grace bonuses: There was a typo which was written as "Focused Shot Shot" in the other file so I fixed that too. Everything seems to be working spotless and I know how those two files work now :)

    Here's the fixed files for Ninja Shion:

    I checked all the bugs I recalled offhand and everything looks perfect, well done!

    Quick character reviews! It's not terribly in depth since I didn't have that long to play (and spent some of it bug hunting), but here goes anyway!

    Sakura: Extremely similar to Cammy, but definitively weaker. Worse base damage, worse dodge bonuses, roughly equivalent defenses (Cammy has body and leg 1 point worse, 1 point better for daze and 3 better for parry), and in my opinion, Holligan Combination is far better than the risky +2 boost. It's okay if Sakura is slightly weaker than Cammy though, considering that Cammy is my opinion the strongest of the non-marvel fan characters. Decent character overall I'd say. No complaints about the images.

    She-Hulk: I haven't checked in the files, but based on a few games, I assume she has the Hulk's horrible matrix, right? She seems to be get hit incredibly often, just like the Hulk and the Thing. Despite having a huge 26 BP, better than average scoring page and a smash that can hit for insane amount of damage, she feels more along the line of a good QB character rather than a Marvel one in terms of strength. The reasons being a matrix that sends her on score page often which puts you on the defensive most of the match, a limited moveset when not enraged and you unfortunately lose Rage very often due to how often you get hit and finally, no utility moves of any kind.
    The thing is though, since I prefer QB-strength characters, I do find her pretty fun to play. It's nice to play as a "slow, lumbering" tank character that's actually not overpowered (Like all other 20+bp current characters), and it makes her pretty unique. Big thumbs up from me! Images are great too, I had to laught at the heal move :)
    Oh, one tiny thing: I know the Hulk himself can't do that either, but it feels a bit silly that those huge, super strong muscled creatures can't break shields. Maybe it'd be a good idea to add a move 36 to her?

  3. Oh, ayrawinla and leecher, I posted at the end of the last update instead of this one and I'm not going to repost here in case you did read them...haha

    Leecher!!! Awesome job with She-Hulk! Good work, my man! Now I'm off to try them imageset I'll provide is whip-only Ivy...

  4. Ninja Shion: I lost my first two matches in the first round, and my third match was against Skeleton which I somehow manage to lose... But after that things got much better! :) She's definitively fragile, but her offense is top notch. The whole knock down mechanism works exactly as I was hoping for: Since the enemy can only do jumps, even if you do land a hit it's nearly always going to be an Unbalanced or other 'minor' injuries score page, so it keeps the damage in check while still being substancial.
    Combine that with the excellent bombs and the looming threat of Infernal Blades to the head, and I have to say that ninja Shion is extremely fun and satisfying to play, she seems to be good without being overpowered (She's very fragile) and she has her own playstyle different from all the other ninjas. Images are beautiful, and I'm officially giving myself a pat in the back for the character. Note that I may be slightly biased.

    Lyla: OMFG is my first reaction. I really wasn't expecting much out of Lyla at all, but I'm pleasantly surprised. The holy milk "punish low moves" idea is incredibly original, and I don't think I'd have ever thought of it. It's simply brilliant and opens up strategic opportunities.
    Beside that... I do question the reason behind that after Holy Milk, you can only do Miracles even if you pick the +3 damage bonus. It feel really pointless to get a +3 damage bonus and not being able to pick any attack skill except for one... I wouldn't surprised to see an errata sometime about that one!
    She's possibly the best of the official characters, with 20 bp, very good score pages beside a bad Daze, a +3 bp heal skill, holy milk, +3 scoreless block pages and good base damage... Her jump bonuses are pretty bad, but that's honestly her only weakness. I'd say she's too strong for a QB/QG character, but... She is an actual main QB character, and thinking back on it she's probably still weaker than Aldra (R) and possibly Alleyne, so I'll give her a pass.
    She's very fun to play, and she's definitively much better than I was hoping her to be.
    Although... I'm not speaking from experience, but panties like that must be the most uncomfortable thing in the world!

    There's one thing I don't understand about her though. What does the "Awakening" do exactly? I assumed that if you are Awakened, you can do Miracles, but... If you do a "Dodge and cancel awakening", you can still do Miracles so I'm not sure how that works...

    I haven't checked the robot and I'm not really planning to for now, sorry: It's not as if I'd be terribly competent at reviewing them anyway :)

    I got to say, this was a very swell batch of characters and bug fixes, thank you! Next update certainly sounds awesome too with a ton of features and new characters (Especially if seductress Shion makes it in too :))

  5. Played a little more tonight, and...

    Yeah, Lyla isn't the most powerful main QB character after all.

    ... That might be the most broken of the 150 characters in the game actually. Heaven Force + Hellfire + Earth Force = most ridiculous character ever. I still can't believe she's an official legit character!

    So for anyone who ever design a character... Make sure to not do what they did there: Bad score pages don't mean squat when you have spammable, incredibly safe, high damage moves!

  6. Um, let's see...
    -No problem about Bayonetta, I'll see what I can do (she may be the second char I make from start to finish, after Cammy)
    -The bugs on Shion weren't intentional, good job correcting them yourself. Like I said previously, you learn fast :)
    -Sakura was supposed to be "like Ryu, but not really", the +2 boost was a little like she's charging the Hadoken, maybe it'd need to be +3 to be effective?
    -She-Hulk does have half the Hulk's matrix, and even if she loses the Rage, I'd say the Grabs are useful to take it back (and apart from some damage, maybe they're only limited to that). Her having a 36 move is a good idea, though.
    She should theoretically have as much BP as the Hulk (according to MvsC3, anyway), but I compensated for that with a +2 healing.
    -I call bias on Shion :D. Just kidding, she's amazing, well done.
    -About Lyla, yes, awakened=does Miracle move, but maybe the Dodge is one of the few differences with Arafael, I'll look into it.
    And thanks to Lyla, we can do stuff like "if you use color X, you Y".

  7. Is Sakura supposed to have that many options when turned around? She has the same options as "body wound"...

  8. Yep, most chars con only do yellow when turned around, but a select few of them (like Nowa) can do green too. I didn't want her to end up being all-around worse than Ryu, after all...

  9. I'd definitively approve on having a +3 boost instead of +2 on Sakura.

    For She-Hulk, that's true, I hadn't considered the "free enrage" on grabs... I think I'd still add a +1 damage to Enrage for flavor though :)

    Would it be possible sometime to have an "update" for Ninja Shion like you did for some characters in the past? I do manage to play online once in a while, and if possible I'd love to be able to use Shion there sooner than 2 weeks away :)

    There's some pages I'll redo the editting for (Most pages are okay, but some looks very bad especially the first two), and I don't have a matrix built yet (probably going to have Claudette as a base), but...

    Summoner Shion beta!

    Lowest base damage in the game with very few boosts, worst score pages in the game (10 for Daze, 4 for knocked down, 2 for parry, ect), lose BP for any spell that actually has positive attack scores... But I think the character is very interesting. She starts with the highest BP of the regular or fan characters, she get points required for her moves even when being hit and if she has a good amount of BP remaining by the time she has access to her Ultimate Summons, she can apply some pretty swell spells.

    Matches involving her will likely be relatively long (at least the matches she win), but I'd be surprised if the balance isn't actually pretty good like this!

    And she's completely unique, obviously :)

    I used all images that had at least a C, beside two that I heavily editted. Please let me know if there's any page that is not allowable anymore, or if there's some mechanics that are impossible.

    Overall thoughts and suggestions by everyone are very welcome too!

  10. Ivy Valentine's Whip-only gallery:

    Sorry, leech, I couldn't find any Summon Suffering pic but "Swing 16" could pass for it I think...or "Swing 21" just cuz it looks savage...oh well...

    I lumped most whip moves under "swing" but there are clearly some "thrusts" there and perhaps a "wrap" or two...

    Have fun!

  11. There, now Sakura has +3, She-Hulk has a 36 move and +1 after Enraging, Lyla loses the awakening when dodging (and can only use Self-Restoration when awakened and unarmed), plus the bugs you fixed with ninja Shion.

    About summoner Shion... it's the naughtiest yet, that's for sure, but as long as you improve the weak-looking edits, she should be fine.
    As for mechanics, the variable healing and variable damaging could be done (I hope you don't mind if the half gets rounded down, instead of rounded up), as for stackable repeated damages, I think they don't stack for now, but I should be able to fix that.
    Though, there is a perspective flaw in page 11, it's "the Dweller Points you have" and it's not "opponent BP", but "my BP" (yay for the confusing first-person view :D).

    @Okami: It's okay, great job as usual, there really are a lot of pics of her using the whip form :)

  12. You didn't have to do the update RIGHT NOW, but... Thanks! That small change definitively helps keep Lyla more in line with the other characters (Though the +3 bonus when you can't do attack skills still feel really silly :)) She just might become my favorite character though...

    I'm missing a Thrust page for Sophitia :( In Okami's image set, there's one that's going for Angel Strike (since it's a picture-perfect drawing of it), and one that's really horizontal where she's thrusting offscreen so I don't think it can be formatted the right way... :( I'll see if I can scrounge up something since the Angel Strike is just too perfect not to use on it.

    I rechecked page 11 from the summoner set, thought to myself "No, that's correct", looked at it a few moments more and... yup, you're right. I wish that game terminology was a bit more obvious sometime!

    I really hope that we are along the same wavelength about what's a 'good' edit and what's a "bad" edit :)

    To me, 'Good edit' is stuff like page 9, or 25... Or most of the tentacle pages in general, really.

    'Acceptable edit' is like page 11, 23, 27, or 13 really borderline.

    'Bad edit' are the ones I'm thinking need redoing: Pages 1 (top only), 3 (top only), 5 (Forgot to outline the bottom part), 7, 15, 17 (Bit blurry but not that bad), 25 (left side only), 51 (Definitively) and 55 (... unsure, might keep). Is there any other you think should be changed? Do keep in mind that I'm obviously still a beginner in editting!

    To be entirely honest, I'm really surprised you did accept the summoner since it's indeed ultra naughty: I'm very thankful you did though :) The concept is based on that: Throughout the battle her summons keeps tiring and exhausting her (Hence their presence in scoring pages and the bp loss), so without the naughty parts the character concept simply don't work.

    Beside, when you have things like Lyla using Holy Milk or Luna Luna getting a body wound... It's not that much worse I suppose :)

    No problems with rounding down instead of up! And yup, poisons don't stack currently but the Endless Assault really needs to if it's going to be worth something!

  13. @ ayrawinla...I'll squeeze the 'net for some more Sophitia pics...I'll post them tomorrow...

  14. Nah, it's fine, don't worry :) There's one picture I can use as a "shield bash", which can replace the thrust just fine.

  15. Komachi sheet (if I understood that!)

    Height: 4
    Attacks: 2
    Body Points: 12
    Luck Points: 8
    Cloth Armor
    Edged Weapon Aways
    Initial Energy = 3
    Maximum Energy = 3
    Special Name = Spell Cards
    Down Swing,Bash,36,50,3,O,0
    Down Swing,Smash,24,50,2,O,0
    Side Swing,Strong,28,64,2,O,0
    Side Swing,High,10,64,1,D,0
    Side Swing,Low,2,58,1,U,0
    Thrust,Hook Shield,32,64,-4,D,0
    Thrust,Hook Leg,14,58,-5,U,0
    Special,Wild Swing,40,58,2,Y,0
    Special,Dislodge Weapon,30,58,-4,U,0
    Magic,Ritual of Extasy,6,56,-9,G,0
    Magic,Short Life Expectancy,46,52,-6,G,0,1
    Extended Range,Charge,50,0,3,W,0
    Extended Range,Flow of the River,66,0,8,W,0,1
    Extended Range,Swing High,64,0,-6,K,0
    Extended Range,Swing Low,58,0,-6,K,0
    Extended Range,Summon Spirits,54,0,2,W,0
    Extended Range,Game of Soul,60,0,4,W,0,1
    Extended Range,Block and Close,56,0,0,B,0
    Extended Range,Dodge,52,0,-6,B,0
    Extended Range,Jump Back,62,0,-6,B,0

  16. @ayrawinla....just as well cuz I couldn't find anything else...haha

  17. Since the update added one extra move and that could cause some irregularities (I think) if you had previous save data of She-Hulk, I figured the sooner, the better ^^U

    About summoner Shion, even though there are parts that border on the no-allowable, if you cropped them beyond that they'd look no good, so as long as she stays as the naughtiest char ever and you don't try to top her, I guess I can overlook it :)
    The edits to improve are basically the bad ones you listed, I can't complain about the editing quality in general.

    @Luis Carlos: that'd sound about right, but there's no move 66, Flow of the River should probably be 50.
    She'd be a little more versatile with a couple of Block moves, and maybe with those rare fake swing/thrusts, though.

  18. Yeah, the beauty of Fakes is that they don't "cost" you any images (Unless you really want to) so if you aren't using the slots for anything, you might as well throw some fakes in :)

    For Summoner Shion... No worries: No way in hell am I ever going to try to top that :) Beside, there would be no point: How else can you really incorporate that into a moveset anyhow? If I ever do the minotaur guardian idea (Definitively uncertain at this point in time), then it's mostly going to be from unused Ninja pages and various minotaur pages but there's only two really naughty usable ones that come in mind, and they definitively aren't as bad as a whole lot of the Summoner ones plus they aren't a must. That idea has more chance of not being used anyhow...

    I've seen 4 preview pages for Pieces 7: Two consisted of full-pages of text, one consisted of Shion eating with her minotaur friend, and one consisted of her having fun with her minotaur friend (won't be used for sure). So I have no idea how many new images there will be, but there's going to at least be some... What I'm going to do is probably replace some of the images from the Ninja, Dancer and Summoner for better ones if there's any that catches my fancy, and it'll most likely make the whole thing less naughty overall.

    *wipes off sweat* Whew, glad that the edit quality is okay overall: I really can't do any better than that for now :) I'll admit I'm really tempted to just use the "shields" from Seductress Shion since I got around 25 to use from and all the cropping work is already done, but... I'll TRY to resist the temptation and try again to see if I can make something still decent.

    You know, I thought that Sophitia would be a piece of cake to make, but it turns out I was wrong... Making the images like the Angel Strike in 453x603 format is pretty dang hard! I think I'll just add a white border at the bottom so that it fits. Plus I had some ideas for making Sophitia's two parts grab, but then I'd be over the 32 pages if I still want to make my guard impact counters, and her Angel Strikes from block... I wish characters had 40 pages :)

    Oh! I did try out your new Shadow robot thingy for curiosity sake... Obviously squished the first opponent and then got the T-Rex randomly shot at me. I managed to drop the T-Rex down to 6BP before losing: Your robot is pretty beastly! It's nearly as good as Aldra (R), and that's high praise! :) For some reason, punching a T-Rex in the face with a giant robot felt oddly satisfying.

  19. Forgot to mention it in the last post... Wonder Woman constrict currently suffers from the same bug as Shigi and Melpha did before the patch.

  20. doing Cassandra too?

  21. I'm not finding enough quality pics for Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile, however I am finding lots of beautiful images of regular valkyries with swords, spears and shields...the question is if any of you want to make a general valkyrie character, something akin to a "Ride of the Valkyries" where they have been summoned en masse to attack but the book has a diversity of moves a la you'll get a bow move here, and spear thrust and swings there, a shield block, a sword swing and thrust, or maybe even a Fenrir summon...haha...

    you tell me...I'll stand by...

  22. Otherwise, we might have to pair Lenneth up with other characters...Freya or some warrior souls...

    but I still want to use the diverse pretty Valkyrie pics for something...haha

  23. Okami: General Valkyrie sounds great to me! :) I adore Valkyries in general, so I'd be extremely willing to do that!

    About Cassandra... Well, I definitively prefer Sophitia to her all the way, but I don't hate Cassandra either so that's the issue. The problem is that there's very few pictures of her doing unique moves, like the shield tosses and shield smacks. I can't pull off anything too amazing with the images available mixed with the original character moveset...

    I can do her, but she'd be pretty plain, much like Stella (offense-based shield user). I mean, I could possibly add a point-based system ala Street Fighter chars to do a super move when you have enough (Soul Crush) for a tiny bit of variety but... Or actually thinking about it, a block/parry crushing move could be neat too!

    Yeah, that'd be enough variety for Cassandra. :)Question is though, Cassandra isn't exactly my #1 character. If anyone do want her in the game, I got no objections to do her next (especially since we got the image set already and it'd nice to have both sisters), but if you or Leecher prefers me to do one of their characters instead I can do that too.

    No matter what you pick I won't begin on Cassandra right away. I'll be doing the following before I start a new character:
    1) Clean up the Seductress pages. I'm changing all the editted "bottoms", and I noticed some image overlay problems and inconsistent font size in the headers that also needs fixing.
    2) Re-edit about a third of the Summoner images warranted and cross my fingers I can do better this time. I also need to build her matrix (Might go with Lyla's matrix instead of Claudette as a base, we'll see). Not planning anything fancy with the matrix, but there's still no matrix I can use as-is.
    3) Edit all used Sophitia images to fit the standard size, build her page 38 moveset (I know exactly what I want but I still need to write it all down), make all the actual pages and build her a matrix (Massive changes required due to her guard impacts).

    So yeah, it'll be a while :)

    Leecherboy, I wanted to ask if the next official character was announced, so great timing!

    So is this another semi-loli character, or is that an adult character drawn in Mirim's style..? I get the feeling there's too many loli characters in Rebellion. It's hard to tell from the picture, but I'm not digging the character based from the image...

    But then I didn't dig Lyla at all either, and she actually managed to reach my top 5 (Near the bottom, but still top 5), so I'm holding some tiny hope that Izumi can do the same :)

    Plus, visually Lyla turned out not to be that loli in the end (at least not as much as I feared), so hopefully it'll be the same for Izumi!

    I really was hoping for Rebellion Elina though... *sigh* One can hope! Oh, speaking of which, I read that there's going to be a 20 minutes anime DVDs included in the artbooks comming out in October and January, the two DVDs featuring events from right before Rebellion (I know there's at least Shigi featured, might be more Rebellion characters).

    So I'd say that points toward there actually being a Rebellion anime eventually!

  24. I try to be informed of new chars (though QB news are really scarce), but Izumi's been a "silhouette" for months, it's just coincidence she was announced today ^^U
    I can't really comment on her loliness, though, but the artist is the same as Nanael, so she can't be too young...

    I bet the next QBR characters will be the 7 returning chars, and then we can have a nice Rebellion anime, the OVAs clearly show they're willing to try it sooner or later.

    I'd rather you take care of Cassandra whenever you're able to, I have a few chars pending to get released preferably during this summertime (that I had already forgotten, with all these trips in a row :S), like the mechas.
    I guess if watch out for the robots' Heat usage, their high BP puts them on the superheroes' tier, just about right to fight the dinos.

    And about Wonder Woman, I didn't have time to fix that bug for the superheroes, I'm currently gathering all those similarly bugged restrictions to correct them in one fell swoop :)

  25. The restrictions:

    restriction[0]=No restrictions,Bonus 2,(P)
    restriction[1]=Can't use move Thrust,Can't use D
    restriction[2]=Can't use move Thrust,Can't use U
    restriction[3]=Only move Jump,*Never O
    restriction[4]=Can't use U,Shield page turn 53 55
    restriction[5]=Can't use D,Can't use O,Page 13 page turn 41
    restriction[6]=Can't use D,Can't use O,*Never U
    restriction[7]=Can't use U
    restriction[8]=Not Extended Range no restrictions,Extended Range only move Extended Range,Energy Consume
    restriction[9]=Only Y,Only G
    restriction[10]=Only Y
    restriction[11]=No restrictions,(P)
    restriction[12]=No restrictions,Can't use move Down Swing
    restriction[13]=Lose 3,No restrictions
    restriction[14]=Can't use O,Bonusonly 2 U,(P*)
    restriction[15]=Can't use D,Can't use O,Can't use Magic,*Never move Wild Swing
    restriction[16]=Bonusonly move 1 Down Swing,Bonusonly move 1 Side Swing,No restrictions,(P*)
    restriction[17]=Only B,*Never move Special
    restriction[18]=Can't use U,Bonusonly 2 O
    restriction[19]=Can't use G,Can't use Y
    restriction[20]=Only move Jump,*Never D
    restriction[21]=Bonus 5,Energy Consume,No restictions
    restriction[22]=No restrictions
    restriction[23]=Only B
    restriction[24]=No restrictions,Modified score 0 extra 3
    restriction[25]=Only G,Only Y
    restriction[26]=Only G,Only Y,*Never move Special
    restriction[28]=Only move Extended Range,(P*)
    restriction[29]=Only G,Only Y
    restriction[30]=Only move Extended Range
    restriction[31]=Unmodified score 0 page turn 21, Can't use Y

    The 2 pages I would like to add (if there is a way):
    restriction[32]=Only Side Swing,Energy Consume (Flow of the River)
    restriction[33]=Regain 2,(P*) (Jump Back)

    If there is no way, you may change her a little to modify her.
    The pictures are here:

    The pictures names were based on Airi pictures having two additional (Flow of the River and Jump Back).

  26. That image set is awfully good, Luis! I'm suddenly more interested in Komachi :)

    I could have sworn that Izumi was drawn by the artist from Mirim! Well, Nanael's artist is decent so I won't complain on that. I just hope that she'll be Mirim good (Fun and relatively strong) and not Nanael good (Great base idea but flawed execution, really frustrating to play as and surprisingly weak) gameplay-wise :)

    I'm finally happy with all my Seductress pages, so here's the final version! Simple and to the point editting, but result is pretty decent in my opinion! There's no full image change or anything: same base images, same values for every skill, just improved editting, clean up and font consistency. All that's left now is implementing her in the game and see if the moveset ends up being stupid overpowered, incredibly underpowered or just right (hopefully!)

    I really should learn how to make restriction files and the others too, though... Well, since you said you didn't mind and that you have lined Cassandra on me I guess I'll assume that I don't need to do the restriction file and the value files for this character :)

    Talking about restrictions, I hope it's okay if there's very few restrictions on Summoner Shion? There's probably under half the usual restrictions, but considering that her moveset is already limited at low points level, I thought it'd be a bad idea to have the regular amount of restrictions... Plus, the normally restricted moves are attacks at -1 score, so it's not as if they actually hurt :)

    I saw a two more Pieces 7 preview pages, and... Well, there's a 18+ label on the cover, and there's none on Pieces 4 and 5, and there's a good reason for that. You know the Endless Assault and Devastating Hug pages? Well, the preview images were somehow even more explicit than that. While there's a chance the preview images might be the worst in the book, I'm starting not to be too confident that there's going to be anything usable in there. I'd love if I could remove the few "monster" pages in the Seductress book, but it's not looking good so far... I suppose we'll see once my copy arrives (or that someone is super fast in posting scans online), but I'm starting to regret my preorder a little :)

  27. And completed Summoner!

    Edit quality ranges from absolutely perfect (If you don't know the original pictures you couldn't tell it's been editted) to extremely meh, but there's no eye-gouging bad ones anymore, at least in my opinion. Matrix file is included, but the rest aren't. I gave a peak and while I do know how to write part of it, I have no ideas for the syntax for the dual resources and the "Need x amount of points to activate the skill but you don't lose the points". I suppose that instead of "Needing 3 points and gain 2 points", "Using 3 points and gain 5 points" would be equivalent functional-wise, but I assume you have a more elegant way to do it :)

    As with the Seductress, I'm a bit unsure where her power level will be, but I'd say it's a tad more likely that she's well balanced against the regular characters although it'll be pretty much impossible for her to win against the robots and other super strong, super high BP chars. I was thinking about adding some effects to the Empowered Summons, but I don't want to "overdesign" her either so I'll skip on that unless play testing reveals huge flaws in the character or that she's boring to play.

    Oh, one thing I couldn't squeeze anywhere in the file... I'd like for boosts for Tentacles and Dwellers both affect Dual Summon if possible.

    Next up: Sophitia

  28. Whew, I finally finished with the Valkyries...I'm excited about this set (I'm a Norse mythology fan!)...

    The thematic explanation for why a Queen's Blade fighter would fight many different valkyries, is that you are fighting Odin himself, but he's sending his girls to do the physical work...haha...

    I envisioned the play style of this set to be a gradual upgrade in power and coolness as the valkyries gather the souls of the dead warriors...

    Beginning attacks: Sword and archery
    After gathering souls once: Polearm attacks
    After gathering souls twice: Cavalry attack
    After gathering souls thrice: Summon Fenrir
    After gathering souls frice (lol four times) :
    Summon Odin (he got tired of the girls not finishing the job, so he comes out and layeth the smacketh down)

    I'll leave it up to you how to implement the soul system if by points that you earn or lose like Sakuya's daggers ...or points that once earned you may use for a super move like Street Fighter characters...or points that you keep forever reusing polearm and cavalry attacks...Fenrir and Odin should be very, very powerful, so balance-wise perhaps they shouldn't be re-usable...

  29. Have fun! Don’t say I didn’t give you a challenge!

  30. Komachi's set looks quite fitting, doesn't seem like I'll have to change much. Although she can't have more than 32 restrictions, I'll manage, nice job.

    The Summoner doesn't look half bad now (the transparency at page 15 is a nice touch).
    Even if she has many "no restrictions", I'd say the loss of BP and special points is restricting her future moves appropiately as is, though we'll have to wait to see her in action.
    As for the new restrictions, no wonder that you don't know how to write them, I don't even know that myself yet :D

    @Okami: That's a lot of valkyries, ayra will have a hard time choosing there. Though, don't go giving her weird ideas about mechanics, lol (just kidding, I'm looking forward to see what results from this)

  31. Well, that Valkyrie image set is simply BEAUTIFUL, thanks! I'm a huge Valkyrie fan, so it's neat to see so many at the same place :)

    For giving me weird ideas... No worries there! What Okami suggests there is actually identical to Summoner Shion, minus the BP costs so it's not new weird mechanism (At least, not anymore :))

    Before deciding if this implementation is good or not, I'd suggest we wait until Summoner Shion is implemented and that we can try some games with her. This way, we'll know if heavily restricted movesets can actually work or not.

    If we decide to not really restrict the moveset beside one or two chargeable super moves (with souls), then we are in a situation exactly similar to Christabel's cannon. It does costs at least two image "slots", but that implementation does work fine from my play experience.

    There's one thing I disagree with, though. At least to me, Queen's Blade battles are in part about strong women fighting for their ideals... So the idea of having Odin as the character just sending his 'puppets' to battle irks me quite a bit.

    From a gameplay perspective, how many BP would he have? He's the top god in Norse literature, how do you balance that with regular humans? For a reasonable implementation, he'd need to be at least dinosaur level...

    I don't mind having a Fenrir summon, I don't mind that much having an Odin summon and I don't mind if the storyline reason for them fighting is because he sends them, but I do mind if Odin's the character you play as. I'm sorry for being so whiny and prissy, but I don't want to work on a Valkyrie moveset if Odin's the character you actually play as.

    Uh, re-reading what I wrote, I know it sounds as if I'm super upset but that's not the case: I just don't know how to write what I want to without sounding that way :) Making a character is a significant chunk of time and effort, so I prefer to spend my time on something that doesn't irk me :)

    My suggestion for the reason for them fighting is that the Valkyries are collecting souls from dead or dying warriors from the battlefield... Sometime, they come across people who don't want to go and try to fight them off, or they attack them directly in fear that they are there for her. If the Valkyries win the battle, they get a new worthy soul and all is good. If they lose the battle, then they realize that the person is definitively not dead or dying, and so they leave them alone until their time finally comes.

    Beside, it'd give an explanation for the balancing: Valkyries are minor goddesses themselves, so killing off a pack of them should be impossible for mortals like the Queen Blade characters... However, proving their strength and will to live would be possible. So when the Valkyries run out of BP, they simply let the person be. This would allow them to have a balanced amount of BP in-game and still make some sense. The only main tweak required would be for them not to "die" if they reach -5 bp. That's just my suggestion, anyway!

    As mentionned earlier, I think it'd be a wise idea not to work on the Valkyries before Summoner Shion is implemented so that we know better what would works and what wouldn't for the Valkyries.

    Are you guys fine with that?

  32. I was just providing some explanation if there was a concern for having different girls for each move and I was just making a funny comment, in no way meaning Odin is the Valkyrie's lazy master...

    You can provide whatever theme you want, but it would be cool to have Fenrir and Odin thrown in there as punishment to the other player for allowing you to accrue enough souls to pull the ultimate moves off...

    Odin can come out to deal the finishing blow before he loses any more of his Valkyries...he got the next Ragnarok to worry about and Valhalla is happier with feasts and plenty of mead going around!

    There's many good reasons for why the Valkyries are attacking Queen's Blade fighters, and one of them could be the old Loki plot, where he has misled many fighters or controls them somehow, pitting them against Odin's crew...or there's just a lot of confusion in the battlefield and the Valkyries mistake dangerous-looking gals for enemies...or simply everything is a test to keep track of the worthiest future einherjars...

    I do not expect the Valkyries to have huge BP, because the way I play, I try to make everyone balanced (I lowered most Marvel characters' BP to give the rest of the gals a better fighting chance and yes, even the recent Lyla)...

    Ah, another suggestion if I may... you can group the Summon of minor wolves with the cavalry move, as a prelude to the release of the huge the other player gets scared...haha...

  33. "Odin can come out to deal the finishing blow before he loses any more of his Valkyries.." I'll probably skip this bit since I don't see a single valkyrie dying to mortals, and definitively not a pack of them, but... I'm fine with the rest :)

    'Ultimate moves' are a really tricky matter to put in the game from what I'm learning. Examples:

    Christabel needs to succesfully do two semi-risky Load Cannon moves to be able to use Cannon Shot once, a +9 score attack. A +9 score is attack is absolutely massive, but it fails to be that intimidating because of one main reason: Most of the times, the move simply miss.

    With Summoner Shion, I have built the "increasing fear factor" you mentionned with the small wolves, except it's with the amount of summons present and the severity of their actions, with two Ultimate summons available. To prevent the whole "You just wasted a ton of round charging a move that miss", I tried something different from raw damage values. The first one hits for all your Dweler points in damage if you score, else you hit for half your points. For balancing reason though, the summoner lose 10 BP to use this spell, and all her Dweller points... Else it'd be just too strong. If Christabel cannon did half damage on a miss and stayed the same otherwise, I feel it'd be ridiculously overpowered.

    The second ultimate applies a 1 'poison' damage to both characters, but it's potency is increased each the time spell is cast: While you do need a lot of points to cast it, you only lose a few of them on cast. It's designed so that if Shion still has more BP than you by the time she has enough tentacle points to cast the ultimate, she can 'poison' you and try to stay afloat longer than you do.

    Those only work because she has ridiculously high BP though (30, but with AWFUL score pages and the worst damage in the game to compensate)... And it's still unsure if it'll work okay in game.

    Christabel ultimate is a bit underwhelming even at +9 score, and the summoner's ultimates have extreme drawbacks to compensate for their strength: The entire character is designed around them, really. Ninja Shion 'ultimates' works fine due to them being condition based (and a 50% chance to hit due to how they are designed), but they are not that 'ultimate' either. The Street Fighter character ultimates are rarely a factor due to their miss rate. The seductress has an instant 'win the game', but it's probably close to impossible to get the points required to do so. So I'll admit I'm still a bit unsure how to make a fear-inspiring but not unbalanced ultimate... None of the original characters have any either.

    What kind of Ultimates did you have in mind for the Valkyries, effect-wise? A big regular hit ala Christabel Cannon, or something else?

  34. Oh! One other concern with ultimates... It costs you pages. On a normal character, you have a total of 11 'attack/move' pages you can use: The rest are all used by stuff like Daze, Unbalanced, Dodge and other similar stuff. In those 10, you have to follow the game logic: You need at least one Down Move, one Side, one Thrust and a guard move (if any). Since your hitting and missing depends only on the opponent character matrix (which is based on your move numbers), you need to follow it's logic, or else you'd have people getting hit by an arrow while dodging. It also generally looks a bit better if you have High and low Side swing and thrust pages, but 1 of each is still doable.

    So that leaves you with 6 pages maximum, and you don't have any page for Extended Attacks yet. If you have multi-tier attacks (Like Summoner Shion or the cavalry + wolf + Fenrir), then it uses a large amount of your pages, without them generally being usable. If you add an Odin summon, and a Soul Gathering move... You are at 1 page leftover for anything else, probably extended range soul gathering or some such. So the Valkyrie would have: Down, Side, Thrust (arrows probably), Guard, Cavalry, Wolf Call, Fenrir, Soul Gathering, Odin, Extended Range Soul Gathering and an Extended Range attack if we want to have Odin, Wolves and Fenrir all in.

    It'd be swell to be able to use 20 different images and statuses but that's unfortunately not how the game system is designed :)

    If you pretty much break the game and scrap the system like I did with seductress Shion, you can end up with 14 attack pages, but that's with really stripping absolutely everything, and I'm still not sure it'll hold up in a match :)

  35. I understand...I went overboard with images...

    So we have:
    Bow attack (obviously an extended move but it could be like Mirim’s “kick”)
    Sword swing (basic attack)
    Sword thrust (basic attack)
    Polearm swing (stronger than sword)
    Polearm throw (like a dagger/javelin throw but character doesn’t lose it, maybe just for one turn)
    Polearm thrust (stronger than sword)
    Cavalry (stronger than polearm)
    Shield Block
    Gather Souls (power up)
    Summon wolves
    Summon Fenrir
    Summon Odin

    Fly / Land moves instead of jump

    The summoning of minor wolves is not necessary unless Fenrir/Odin are scrapped...if we retain Fenrir and Odin, can that move be combined in a way that the first time you use it is Fenrir and then the next time you use it is Odin, and then it becomes unavailable? I think that's impossible but well...

    I was thinking of the summons to be just heavy damage, no other effects...Fenrir being what he is could dislodge a weapon as a fear-based effect but that's if something unique was needed...the ultimates could miss, that's not a big deal to me, you just have to choose a good moment to use them...then I suppose if the fight goes long enough you could re-acquire them just like Street Fighter...

    tell me whatcha think?

  36. Completed Sophitia:

    Base matrix is Melpha (only shield character with a breakable shield that doesn't waste a ton of images on being hit stuff) although HEAVILY modified to allow for guard impacts. I made all the files to the best of my knowledge (beside the AI), placed everything in the right folder, and...

    Voila! Sophitia's now in my QB Battle game! :) That's really swell that you don't need any coding in the game itself to add a character!

    I tested her a bit, and everything works perfect except for the following things:

    1) Whenever Sophitia does the same move as the opponent (excluding Retrieve Weapon and the jumps), she does a guard impact and lands on page 47, which cause the enemy to go to Arm Wound and take it's base damage. The go to page 47 works (not surprisingly since I coded it in the matrix), but the "enemy go to page 13 and take damage" part doesn't. It's like Irma's parrying stabs mostly in concept.

    2) Her Angel Strike move needs to be only active the turn following her getting on Shield Block (17), Parry (45) or Guard Impact (47). I figure that disabling it when doing every move and reenabling it when the conditions are right could work, but is there any more handy way to do it?

    3) The Heaven's Arch (5) grab does not go to page 41 on Score. The grab Heaven and Hell (11) needs to go to 19, but only if the enemy score page is -1 or less... That might not exist in the game yet.

    The rest should all be okay, but it might be wise to double-check :)

  37. About the Valkyrie... No worries, you can never have too many images to choose from :) Like for Sophitia, even though you got like 50 pictures of her, I BARELY managed to get a fitting 32 from the moveset. And if there's many fitting ones, then we can pick the one that fits the best: Having options is always good!

    The only problem is that it sometime sucks when you have 40 great usable images and you have to throw some of them away (I still weep for some of the Ninja and Seductress Shion images I had to discard due to having too many). Ah well, no miracles to do there!

    The moveset you propose there does look quite good on paper. I'm still not terribly keen on having both Fenrir and Odin as summons (I'd personally prefer wolves + Fenrir with no Odin) but I suppose it's acceptable. The "use the move once for Fenrir, twice for Odin" could possibly work, but the problem is that it would still cost 2 image pages (It'd only save 1 move slot on the move list, and normally you have a few spares on there).

    Just to warn you, my movesets tend to change a little when it comes to picking images for each pages, but it's necessary to have a guideline of what to aim... It's generally not too far away, at least. I haven't tried matching the images to pages or anything yet, so I can't give a confirmation but it looks good on paper.

    The one issue I see is that the bow can't be "extended range only", because every extended move has a chance to end up in close range (Both matrixes need to comply so that can't be changed) so we need a "landing page" for a succesful bow shot that reaches close range. We could use like a sword thrust page as landing to save a page, but it'll look very glaring to shoot an arrow and end up with a sword thrust :) So any weapon that has it's page at extended range at least need a corresponding one at close range too unless you go with something super generic like "weapon thrust" at close range which i wouldn't recommend.

    I still maintain my "Wait until Summoner Shion is done" stance before working on the Valkyries for gameplay info on the multi-level skills though :)

    I know that's most likely not to happen until at least 2 updates (Next one seems already packed, the seductress needs a lot of new systems, and the summoner needs a few too, and Sophitia probably needs one too), but I think it might save a lot of time for everyone involved if we wait on the summoner first, if you don't mind waiting that long for the Valkyries. :)

    Beside, I still have Cassandra lined up first and I wouldn't mind a small break: I've been overdoing it a bit lately! :)

  38. Seems like you guys have the Valkyries figured out :) About the "ext.range-only" moves, official ones do exist (Airi's Dematerialize comes to mind) that may result in close range as well, and there are official "weird ext.range to close range" mappings as well, like Ivy using ext.whip to land with the claw.

    I'll check Sophitia later, maybe she needs a little encoding for those cases. But yeah, take a break, you've earned it :D

  39. A bug: When I turn "Lock XP" on, and play Arcade or Challenge mode, I return to character selection after winning a fight.

    Some little changes:
    Yoruichi & Sui-Feng should be Undead. (Except Ichigo, all Bleach Reapers are Undead)
    Airi would not drain life from "Mechanical" characters, like the mechs.
    All Mechs, Ironman and Huit & Vingt should be "Mechanical".

  40. Oh yeah! I knew that I forgot to report something! Not that Yoruichi is undead (I didn't know that) or that you can drain the mechs (I don't play any draining characters), but... I did notice that you can poison the mechs so that goes right alongside what Luis mentioned. :)

    Actually, since we are on the subject... Is it normal that getting a "Behind You" on Airi/Wraith gets you drained?

    Oh, for poison... Just to make everything more complicated to implement, summoner Shion's Endless Assault move actually logically should work against everything since it's not actually a poison, it's just continuous attacks every round.

    Semi-related to Luis' bug, I have two tiny feature requests to make. After a loss, would it be possible to have your last picked character be automatically selected instead of it always defaulting back to Airi? It's not really problematic when I play something like Elina or Mirim where I usually string 15+ win streaks, but when I play things like Ninja Shion where I lose around one match out of two, it gets old fast. Since I usually play Free Mode, after every loss I have to scroll up to 13 pages to select my character again, and then I have to scroll another 13 pages to select Random for the opponent.

    It's not a must-have feature of course, but it'd decrease the annoyance factor quite a bit! Along the same line of thought, would it be possible to also keep what was selected for opponent (Random if random was selected previously) OR have Random be the very first item in the list instead of the very last?

    Regarding the extended moves... Yeah, Ivy's a perfect example of what I find a bit glaring! I mean, it works functionally, but it feels a bit wrong to have your whip swing end up being a claw attack :) It does work, but I try to avoid that like the bane whenver humanly possible.

    For Airi, that's a good point... It's what I called "Felicia magic" when I was working on the seductress which I used to save two pages for the buffs but I forgot about it. I still really don't understand how you make that work in the game, but from Felicia (and Airi) play it does work okay somehow. So I guess an extended only bow attack could work :)

  41. @ayrawinla

    Obviously the focus should be on the's just that I saw two or three pics with wolves in them and I was like "cool, I love wolves", then I saw Fenrir in one and I was like "weird, Fenrir is an evil wolf, but hey he's awesome" then as I thought more of it I was like "but it wouldn't be good to have their strongest move to be an evil wolf, and the only one who fought with Fenrir with near-equal power was Odin, and he's the leader of the good side, so why not add him there too"...I looked for lightning bolts coming from heaven as if he was just providing some backup artillery strike, but of course most lightning pics have Thor in them, haha...and I didn't want him to cameo...

    To summarize...I'd rather have as many beautiful Valkyrie pics in as you can, rather than forcefully shoe-in Fenrir and if it's easier and more cohesive to kick them out so be might even decide to have no wolves in at'll have less moves to worry about and you can add their appropriate variations of "low, high"...gathering souls will work as a booster that would open up cavalry and/or similar big damage moves...archery can take its place as a proper extended range hurting move rather than a simple "knocking-you-on-your-heinie" kick imitation...

    Do take a break, don't burn out...I can plenty of matches to play with the newest gals anyway...

    Hopefully Sophitia is much better than Melpha, cuz that nunchuck nun can't chuck

    @ Luis Carlos
    Shinigami are far more than simple undead...they are composed of spiritual matter, so that to me is something ethereal rather than simply living dead...that's why most people cannot see them or sense them,just those that have some natural affinity to the spiritual world...vampires, zombies, ghouls, and some golems are to me a better description of the undead-type...

    To further defend my case, most characters who have a kind of move that punishes the undead or "smites" them or removes them from the living plane or world are clerics, monks, paladins, shrine maidens and similar, spiritual healers or envoys...they are able to do so because their god(s) view such creatures as not belonging to the proper world...shinigami are also an agency that corrects such mistakes or invasions...they send meandering ghosts to either hell or heaven (shinigami place) they are sort of militaristic certainly wouldn't consider angels "undead"...

    I welcome debate, suggestions, criticism and tomatoes...mmm...tomatoes... (I take my fantasy a bit seriously, don't I? hahaha)...

  42. @ayrawinla

    ::screeching tires::

    Grammar Police! Misspelled "Retrieve Weapon"!

    You've been served!

    ::hoverbike pulls out::

  43. Thanks for the bug report on the Arcade & Challenge mode, I'll get that fixed by the next update.

    Even if you get a "Behind You" on Airi, if it was while jumping, you could theoretically have "grazed" her (if it's an unarmed move, I only consider projectiles to be "safe" against the wraiths' contact).

    I guess the shinigami, since they're close to ghosts, could be considered "undead". What I don't quite agree with, is "protecting" some characters against some effects when it's not explicitly stated.
    Leaving aside that all those are "piloted" and that I'm quite sure Huit & Vingt aren't stated to be immune, it's bad enough that Nyx' spells, Claudette's thunder parry and Eilee's charm forces us to categorize every armor and weapon, if we have to make up our own "attributes" and separate the poisons too (do "pharaoh curses", "bleeding" and "flames" apply for each char?), this'll get needlessly complicated.
    I'd rather keep this simple, even if "unrealistic" at a few times, truth be told.

    ...But so as to not sound too grumpy, Sophitia is fantastic! She only needed one extra restriction (the one to parry & attack like Irma), and she should be ready now as "DLC" :D
    Though, the Heaven to Hell's restriction strikes me as odd, since actually getting a "defensive result" from that is quite unlikely (I could only do it against Leina).

    A few things you may want to correct:
    -Shield Smack appears as Shield Smash in a couple places (and as Thrust High at 47), should be available when unarmed and should be lost at page 55
    -Ext. range Thrust should be Shield Smack as well
    -Page 57's restriction should be "only extended range", as usual

  44. I forgot, I guess if you're in free play, auto-select your character and the opponent's is a good idea, I'll see what I can do.
    Though, when selecting chars, I hope you don't mean "scrolling all pages" literally, if you enter a number in the page index, you instantly turn to that page :)

  45. What do my eyes see?!!?! Retrieve Weapon still misspelled in the DLC?! Shakespeare curseth you!

    haha...thanks for the quick we need a new glossary?

    and I see leecher that I didn't convince you with my discussion of why "shinigami" shouldn't be just casually dumped them with regular ghosts...are angels ghosts too? I expect your thesis on my desk at 0900 hours...

  46. Well, the Bleach shinigamis did die before becoming them, so they aren't technically alive... but that may be too philosophical a discussion for me, I'm more of a simple guy, haha.

    As for Sophitia, you could say she's more of a pre-release, when we iron out the mistakes and stuff (I might have made some mistakes there too, her shield move should be "safe against wraiths" and all of them should be lost without a shield), she'll get a proper release with the moves in the glossary, bio, arcade ending, etc.

  47. Got it...thanks...and good job ayrawinla!

  48. On a break at work so I'll have to be brief for once!

    1) Sophitia simply mows through stuff and she plays awesome too (At least from 3 really short games)... Why is it that the only strong character I managed to create isn't one of mine? *snif* Well, I guess she sorta is too, and Christabel and Ninja Shion actually play just fine, but you know :)

    2) Guard impacts are amazing! "I bet you are going to 24 me... take that! Wham!" Just as I hoped for :) Oh yeah, 24 also catches 36... At least it should.

    3) I have a critical flaw in my matrix... If you do Extended Away, you insta blow up your shield and the game gets all confused with ranges. I'll post a new version when I have that + the typos fixed (So that I don't get arrested by the typo police again).

    4) The reason I made that Heaven To Hell thingy is because I wanted one grab to have higher base damage, and the other having higher potential damage (since it can hit body, head, ect), but with it still being able to deal some damage on a parry or guard block (move 26)... If I knew that move 26 never catched that grab I wouldn't have bothered with the restriction :)

    5) I don't understand how you made the Angel Strike restriction work. I know you have added a "Always Disable move all" in the -s file, and that you have a "Enable move all" in the -r file when you hit a guard impact or parry or shield block, but... I don't understand how come the "Always Disable Move all" just affects Angel Strike and not the entire moveset.

    6) Thanks for the praise for Sophitia, it's very welcome! Thank you too Okami for the good image set, and thanks Leecherboy for all the corrections.

    7) For the poison thingy, that's okay: I'll just Dweller army the undeads instead :) So no worries about keeping the status simple-ish.

    8) *shifty eyes* I... didn't know you could type the page number, so yes I always did actually scroll 13 pages everytime I picked a character...

    And now, back to work!

  49. A question...Any character vs Sophitia at extended range...Opponent chooses "block and close", Sophitia chooses "jump back" and her shield this right?

  50. Nah it's not :) That's what point #3 up there was about.

    Fixed Sophitia:

    I formatted the zip file in the same way Leecherboy does so you should only need to unzip it in the right folder and everything should be fine. All typos I was aware of were fixed, it's now always Shield Smack everywhere and the matrix is fixed so that you don't blow up your shield when trying to do Away. I didn't include the -r or the -s files since they were unchanged.

    For my poison thingy... looking at the files... Just not adding the clause "Not Trait Undead" would make my Endless Assault work against everything, right? If not it's no biggy, but with my newbie eyes it looks like an easy solution :)

    And... Well, I have to apologize a bit... When I get ideas, I get all excited and I tend to really focus on accomplishing that idea. While making the summoner and Sophitia, ideas swarmed in my head for the guardian version I've been toying with for a while... After understanding the files more, I saw that with some changes, I might be able to make the character from A to Z without having to make leecherboy waste time on implementing her. Plus, I have an entire fitting image set with zero duplicates.

    The problem? It's not Cassandra, or the Valkyries or anything that anyone else cares for at all. I really should take the break or at least work on what you guys want, but... I can't stop myself from wanting to do the selfish thing and do my idea first even if it's extremely reduntant for everyone else by now.

    So what I'd like to know is the syntax of a few things and hope that they exist in the game already: I'd feel unfair for me to ask you to add even more mechanism just for the sake of my Shions when there's already so many and that I'm probably the only one who play them. If those things do exist and that I can manage to make the character 100% functional, I'll post her up when ready and you can decide if you want to include her in the fan pack or not.

    1) In her restriction file, Lyla has the following for Holy Milk: "Repeat Color U Lose 1 until forever". Is there any syntax that allows you punish a color for only a few rounds instead of forever?

    2) Is there any syntax that allows you to restrict moves if the 2nd character is at 0 or fewer BP? By examining Katja I managed to understand how to make a 2nd BP bar, how to select if the 1st or 2nd character to take damage, how to make the 1st character take damage if the 2nd have no more BP and how to do a dual heal. What I don't know is how to disable some moves if the 2nd character is at 0bp or lower. I also don't know how to make the 2nd character lose BP as part of a spell cost (not a must).

    Actually, that's the only two things I'd need to make the character work really well. I had some other ideas I scrapped since I know there's no way they are in the game currently (like preventing enemy healing), but they were really just frills and not terribly important. If those two things up there are in the game already I can likely make the entire character like I want her without adding anything more to your already huge workload for something that'd really only be for my sake.

    ... And yeah, sorry about Cassandra and the Valkyries! I'll look at them after this and the break :)

  51. For my part it is fine ayra...I understand you want your characters and I do play with both Shions...I can't say I'm a fan of that artist and I still don't like tentacles or monsters, but Ninja Shion so far is pretty fun to play...Annabelle is doing poorly for me though...I guess she's all about her cannon...haha...

    As a big comic fan, I sometimes feel like I'm pushing the comic gals onto the spotlight...especially since they tend to be extra powerful...I'm glad at least Black Widow is enjoyable for y'all and kick-ass to boot (perhaps better than she is in the comics...haha)...

    I'm patiently waiting for the upcoming characters...I know they'll be in soon enough, so no worries...

    I'll get on your Fate Night Saber soon enough, leech! I've always been interested in the Fate/Night ladies...

    Oh yeah! Sorry for mentioning the shield problem right after you said just didn't click with me you had already noticed it...duh...exploding shield...somehow it sounded more

  52. Christabel fares unexpectedly poorly for me too, to be entirely honest! She definitively has a better moveset number-wise than Captain Liliana, but since the poor Captain isn't very good to begin with, I guess it wasn't enough to make Christabel terribly good either. She's not hopelessly weak at least :)

    I'm glad to hear that my characters actually do see a bit of play... I never had received a single comment about either of them so I thought they were getting absolutely no play.

    It's not that I don't want to do the Valkyries or Cassandra, it's just that when inspiration strikes, I have huge problems walking away from it :)

    I do play She-Hulk too actually, I like the whole "clumsy slow tank" thing. And I do have all your comic gals in my game too, so I end up facing them in battle very often: The fact that they are so strong just make them worthier adversaries :)

    I read all the help files: I should have done that earlier! It's very well written, but there's just so much stuff and conditions all overriding the others can get pretty confusing!

    There's two good news:
    1) I understood how you made Sophitia Angel Strike restrictions work now, so no need to explain that one! It's pretty handy to know.

    2)I found some swell stuff I didn't know existed, like "Add cumulative score X YY Z": I certainly can use that! I also spied a cumulative poison already being in the game so that's swell too for endless assault.

    The bad news are worse though:

    1) There really doesn't seem to be any existing restrictions based on if your 2nd character is alive or not... :(

    2) I haven't managed to find how to write "repeat until 3 rounds" or some such for Lyla's punish ability (which is not in the help file yet I think).

    Ah well :(

  53. Christabel is 1-11 and Shion Ninja is 6-8...Christabel might be the next Leina! lol...

  54. No problem with guardian Shion, if she's as awesome as the others I'll gladly welcome her here.

    On the character select index, I noticed it was getting annoying around the time when there were like 6 pages, it'd have been pretty lousy if the game forced you to only press the back and forward buttons with 10+ pages.

    And about the restrictions, I admit they can get a little confusing at times (I kinda thought you were more of the self-taught type :D), and for the issues:
    -Yep, without "Not Trait Undead" it affects everybody
    -There's no general restriction that affects for a number of turns, but making a "Repeat for X turns" isn't hard
    -Similarly, a precondition for your partner like "Partner Alive" is quite easy (it'd be more elegant if Katja herself used it, but I guess I was just adjusting to the concept when I added her)

  55. I'm definitively more the self-taught type, but when you need 100% accurate syntax you sometime have to dig a bit further than usual and maybe even ask for some help (The shame!) :)

    I really hate to make you add those conditions, but... If you can add those two restrictions and give me the syntax for them, I can take care of 100% of the rest. The file will end up being messier than it needs to be (most likely) but I'm confident it'll work.

    For the guardian playstyle, it's both a combination of Lyla's holy milk concept but pushed further (Multiple moves that add punishment restrictions but only for a few rounds) and Katja (I absolutely adored the concept of having two BP bars, but I found Katja to be very underwhelming overall and I can't say I'm a big fan of the whole 'loli' thing in general). Most of the fancy stuff are on the guardian side of the equation, but Shion herself still has a fully usable moveset for when the guardian is knocked out (That's to say basic down swing, side swings, thrusts and the 'protected' group with a super fancy Slash Through move).

    Image-wise I have my 32 picked, but not editted or put in the actual pages with text. What I'm doing (or will be doing mostly) is that I just use the images without text to test things out first (I can pretty much lay out everything but those two restrictions). Editting-wise, there's only about 6 pages out of 32 that requires some editting: Beside the main 'damage taken' pages, she's actually always clothed *gasp*! :) So that's a big relief compared to both the summoner and the seductress.

    Oh, Okami, somewhat related to your tournaments... Some time I did a sort of completely unscientific testing: What I did was that each character (Only marvel I played was Black Widow) have 3 chances to reach a total of 10 wins. I play them as best as I can, and do cheap maneuvers to win if necessary. If you lose a match (dying or normal loss doesn't matter), you lose one chance. If you do pass 10 wins, you keep going until you do lose. If you end up facing any 20BP+ characters that are not Hulk, the Thing or Locust (those are much weaker than their BP indicates in my opinion, Lyla and She-Hulk will fit under here too), then you get a free match: You don't get a loss if you lose since the odds are heavily stacked against them, but if they somehow win they definitively still merit it. It's not scientific at all and heavily luck-based due to which opponent you are getting, but the results were somewhat interesting!

    For the most part, results are mostly as I expected them to be. Most the characters reached the 10 wins on their 2nd or 3rd chance.

  56. There's only a handful of characters that didn't reach the 10 wins... And yes, Christabel is on it :( Those characters are:
    Airi (Reached 9)
    Christabel (And I still don't understand why: Liliana reached it in 2)
    Dizzy (Unexpected)
    Felicia (Unexpected)
    Irma (Totally expected)
    Iroha (Unexpected)
    Junko (COMPLETELY unexpected, I consider her very good)
    Yoruichi and Sui Feng

    Leina actually made it in 3, and Huit made it in 2 by playing extremely cheap.

    The characters who passed 10 consecutive wins on their first try were mostly the ones I expected them to do it because I either consider very strong, or because I do usually do very well with them:
    Aldra (R)
    Annelotte (barely, lost to Nowa out of all things)

    There's some stastistical anomalies though! I expected Alice to be on that list, but she barely made it in three. Melpha got to 15, and that was when Entangle was horribly bugged (Basically, ignore her fancy spells and just play her as a straight up warrior and she's surprisingly efficient).

    Eirin & Ymir looks to be EXTREMELY mediocre on paper and I was thinking she wouldn't make it, yet not only did she rank second (26 consecutive wins), but she's the cause of more losses than any other character in the game... So I most likely missed something there.

    And finally, the biggest anomaly is Elina: She's not awesome on paper, but I do play extremely well with her... Guess how many consecutive wins she got? 49. 49 consecutive wins without a loss. During that she beat Iron Man, Thor, Griffon and other similar things... While she's one of my best characters, there's absolutely no logical reasoning for that to happen!

    So I'm a bit curious if your tournament results kind of match up with my play results (If the bottom characters are the same, and if the top characters more or less matches)!

  57. In my tournaments, they fight mostly random, but not doing stupid moves that would backfire and of course, they tend to use boosted moves over non-boosted when the situation arises unless the random numbers I pick really push them to choose otherwise...

    Nowadays I even restrict the desire to go to extended range if one character has a ranged ability and the other one doesn' Leina wouldn't go to range vs Nyx or Alice...

    1. Airi 33 34
    2. Aldra R 26 36
    3. Aldra 37 40
    4. Alice 21 31
    5. Alleyne 58 40 (fourth to 50 wins)
    6. Annelotte 28 31
    7. Black Widow 38 21
    8. Branwen 28 33
    9. Cammy 32 32
    10. Capt Lilliana 32 29
    11. Cattleya 24 30
    12. Catwoman 22 22
    13. Cham Cham 30 32
    14. Christabel 1 11
    15. Claudette 33 33
    16. Darkchylde 35 30
    17. Dizzy 43 36
    18. Echidna/ Dark E. 61 40 (third to 50 wins)
    19. Eirin/Ymir 47 40
    20. Elektra 55 33 (sixth to 50 wins)
    21. Elina 26 31
    22. Felicia 19 20
    23. Huit 12 33
    24. Irma 15 34
    25. Iroha 21 29
    26. Ivy 22 22
    27. Jubei 39 38
    28. Junko 23 30
    29. Kasumi 27 27
    30. Katja 20 29
    31. Leina/ L 3D 18 33
    32. Lili 31 34
    33. Luna Luna 21 23
    34. Lyla 7 5
    35. Mai 25 24
    36. Melona 12 36
    37. Melpha 16 32
    38. Menace 15 34
    39. Mina 26 26
    40. Mirim 25 30
    41. Nanael 22 28
    42. Nyx 29 26
    43. Risty 22 25
    44. Rogue 79 40 (second to 50 wins)
    45. Sakura (SF) 6 5
    46. Sakuya 6 11
    47. She-Hulk 8 6
    48. Shi 30 30
    49. Shigi 17 36
    50. Shion (Ninja) 6 8
    51. Sophitia 7 2
    52. Spider-girl 63 37 (seventh to 50 wins)
    53. Stella 21 24
    54. Taki 10 10
    55. Tanyan 66 30 (first to 50 wins)
    56. Tifa 12 11
    57. Tomoe 26 30
    58. Vampirella 52 36
    59. Witchblade 63 23 (fifth to 50 wins)
    60. Wonder Woman 15 10
    61. Ymir 33 35
    62. Yoruichi & Sui-F 11 20
    63. Yukimura 6 18


    Lyla set at 16

  58. Of your losers, Dizzy is the most discordant with my results...She generally does very well and what's a bit annoying, her fights tend to drag a bit...Necro's cannon/blast/whatever has decimated many characters same with the angel's "catching fish" move...haha

    Of your winners, I can see that you were exploiting Aldra R's magic moves...since she's random on my tournaments, she generally loses trading blows with her oar...Annelotte, she seems very strong on paper but somehow she doesn't win often...Elina sucks for me, but her claw moves seem to be effective sometimes...Melpha, holy crap, she's one of my worse, maybe cuz she spends half the time bending her body in "holy" moves instead of actually hitting the opponent, and she loses a lot of life trading blows even when protected...same with Shigi, her strong staking moves miss a lot, she's better off swinging her chain about, haha...

    To me the trio of Alleyne, Echidna and Eirin are consistent winners...when they lose they generally leave the opponent battered enough, hard hitters and fun to play and Eirin doesn't call for her sidekick in most matches either, she just slugs it out herself with her nasty iron balls...

    Well, there you unscientific just-for-fun tournament results and analysis...haha

  59. Leech, I have 3 new pics of Chun Li courtesy of danbooru (a nice dodge, a knocked, and a flying kick with text):

  60. Had lunch time free so I finished implementing Guardian Shion... She's mostly functional, but I'm having a few issues that I'm not sure I can actually fix:

    1) Either "Add cumulative score x yy z" is bugged, or I'm not understanding how it works at all. I have 3 moves (Behind You, Wise Gamble and Slash Through) where I want to increase damage taken when the enemy is turned around. The problem is, the damage goes up WAY faster than it's supposed to. Here's my Slash Through restriction:

    restriction[25]=Bonus 1,Score page turn 21,Score Add cumulative score 2 21 8,Only Y,Only G,Only move Ninja Maneuver

    So from my understanding, on Score it should add +2 to damage taken for each Slash Through that lands, up to a maximum of +8. Let's take Branwen as target, in a match where the only thing that happened were a dual parry, a landed Slash Through and a second landed Slash Through so there's nothing that interferes. Slash Through has a base of +1, and Branwen turned around has a score of 0.

    First Slash Through hits for 1 damage (base, no bonuses). Second Slash Through hits for 12 damage, and I have absolutely no ideas why.

    I also tried using 8 21 2 instead, and 2 21 2 for values, and I still get 1 damage first hit, 12 damage second hit... I just don't understand.

    2) I'm having minor problems with damage taken. What I want to do is that Shion takes the damage on minor hits (unbalanced, ect) and the Guardian takes the damage on the big hits. First part works no problem. However, if I set the Guardian to always take the damage in the matrix, he'll still take the damage even when he's below 0 bp and I really don't want that.

    If I put a C in the Matrix and select the second option "Guardian takes the damage", everything works absolutely perfect: The guardian will take the damage when over 1BP, but never when below that. However, the first problem is that the default value is "Ask everytime": When the question pops, it asks if "Katja takes the hit" or "Hanna takes the hit". Are the names hardcorded in the game? There's no "Katja" left in any of my files. The second problem is that the AI always select the first option when faced with a decision... And if Shion choose to take the damage from the big hits, she's pretty much instantly dead.

    If there was a way to "lock" the style selection to "Guardian takes damage" then everything would work perfect all the way.

    3) Trying to add multiple Punish crashes the game entirely. Like, if you have a punish yellow active and you add a punish red, the game crash. So I assume you are limited at one Punish for a character, right? I can live with that though... I'll have to change 2 moves but it's not the end of the world, which also means I won't need a "punish for 3 rounds" condition.

    Okami: Whoa, thanks for the entire results! If you want to insantly boost your Annelotte win rate substancially... Don't use her "Defend" moves ever. Those are the worst moves in the game by far, and they screw you over really bad. It's a safe move with a +1 score... What this means is that you are 100% guaranteed to take damage (unless the enemy jumped) everytime you use the skill. They are "please kill me" buttons. Annelotte actually has pretty good score pages, so she's much, much better off to do anything but those moves even if all she can do is greens. Melpha's Protected moves are the exact same way, so never use them either. The characters would be much better off with having no skills at all instead of those...

    And Captain Liliana does pretty good for you too... I just don't understand why Christabel fares worse than the captain! Kasumi at 27-27 is mighty odd to me too :)

    And I like that dodge page!

  61. Nice, I was about done choosing her pics, but some more variety can't hurt.

    @ayra: I like to think every new precondition/restriction makes the system a little more flexible, and unlocks some more of the potential I want to use one day in the so-called "final game mode" (still in the inception stage, lol), so don't hesitate to ask :)

    As for the restrictions themselves, they'll be "Repeat for XX ", for XX turns, and for the partner's BP, if you remember the "Result X - Y > Z" precondition from the Street Fighter guys, you'll be able to enter "body2" (for example, "Result body2 - 1 < 0" for when the guardian is below 0), and that way you can even compare both BPs.

  62. Oh, almost simultaneous posting... Anyways:

    1) Turns out that restriction was bugged, my bad. I've already fixed it, fortunately.

    2) If you only need for the CPU guardian to take the hits first, I guess I can settle that with a new special trait. Just put "Second option first" in the Sheet file, and I'll make the CPU do that (and yeah, it's awful that Katja messages still appear, I'm so fixing that right now... ^^U)

    3) It's actually failing because the correct syntax is "Repeat forever Color U Lose 1", I guess if you're stacking them (currently you can stack up to five repetitions), miswriting them like "until forever" doesn't work (my mistake, once again).

  63. So are you saying not to use Protected Attacks for any character or just those? Any other tips? How does your Shigi win so easily?

  64. Okami: Nah, Protected attacks in general are good. The problem with Melpha's is that it has a Score on it, unlike all other Protected Attacks in the game that I know offhand. What this means is that if she manages to reach her "attack" page succesfully (like when your character reaches her Slash High page for example), she will actually take damage that matches the enemy attack +1 (since her page has a score of 1).

    You miss the enemy? The enemy either hits you for Score + 1, or you get hit and gets to body wound, ect instead.

    You hit the enemy? Grats! The problem is that they'll still hit you for Score +1... So there's a good chance you'll have taken more damage than them even if you hit and they "miss".

    Annelotte Knight Tactics suffers from the same problem. If you notice, other character block moves usually have -5 or -4 scores: This means that you do get hit everytime the move complete, but that since very few attacks hit for more than 4, you'll rarely take damage (and if you do, it'll be reduced by 4 or 5). A few characters have even better block moves that don't actually have Score page on them like Alleyne or Aldra R: This means that if your move is succesful, you'll never take damage, and you'll also be protected from all the "on hit" attacks.

    Annelotte Knight Tactics have 1 Score... So if your block works, you still get hit for damage +1 which is absolutely horrible. And if your block doesn't work you'll get hit with a body wound or some such, so it's a lose-lose situation. Divine Strike is "okay-ish" since it's a +3 attack that gives you +1 for your next attack, but even then I'd recommend you to shy away from it (Trample works better in all situations, for one).

    For Shigi, Fear is incredible against opponents with weapons. Her "Bind" moves are absolutely amazing now that the bug is fixed (If you used it pre-fix, then you massively boosted the opponent). Don't use her move 36 too often (the +4 damage smash), use her move 24 instead (the +3 damage smash) since it still hits hard, but is MUCH safer and it lands a bit more often too.

    Leecherboy: Yay! The multiple punishment thing does work now! :) So yes, I'll definitively need the repeat turn xx thing since there's no way I'm making a character with multiple infinite duration punishments :)

    I'm pretty pleased with how Guardian Shion works right now. She's obviously stupidly overpowered right now with her infinite duration punishes and her 1-hit kill Slash Through move: I actually even 1-shot Branwen with Duck after doing two Wise Gamble when the duck made her turn around... But once those are fixed/added I think she'll be just fine :)

    If you've already managed to fix the bugs and if it's in a releaseable state (ie. There's no half-completed things blocking it), would it be possible for me to get the fixes so that I can finish tweaking Guardian Shion? If it'd be an hassle, don't worry about it: I'll just wait until the next version release if that's the case :)

    Thanks for all the info and all the bug fixes!

  65. Here, a tiniest wip version to fix the accumulated score, remove the Katja messages and add the "repeat for xx " and the "body2" for the Result precondition. I'm not posting it up there, because it barely fixes anything:

    In an unexpected (but not illogical) twist, the CPU did always choose the 2nd option only when taking damage. I'll do the "Second option first" eventually, but I guess it's not needed for now.
    So there, go nuts :D

  66. Thank you very much for the fixes!

    Although... I might not be saving you time after all since I have problems again :(

    1) It might hopefully be just a syntax problem again, but I can't seem to have more than one multi-turn punish at once working. Having multiple forever punishes work, having a single multi-turn punish also work correctly, but having more than one crashes the game.

    So for example, if I hit with
    restriction[5]=Score Repeat forever Color Y Lose 1,Score Bonus 2,No restrictions
    and then hit with
    restriction[23]=Score Repeat for 3 Color D Lose 2,Only D,Only O,Only Move Special
    The game crash. Hopefully it's just a syntax mistake on restriction[23]!

    2) I've tried multiple ways, but I can't manage to disable the moves the same turn the guardian hits 0BP or less: It always kick in the turn after. So let's say the guardian hits -1, on that turn I can still use all my Guardian-related moves. On the following turn, the restrictions kick in correctly.

    Here's an example line from the -s file:
    Always Result body2 - 1 < 0 Disable move Guardian Block

    It works, but 1 turn late. I tried a variety of other ways, like using Aftercheck instead of Always, or changing weapon system ala Sophitia with tag 3, I also tried making the moves disabled by default and enabling them when the guardian is over 1BP and I even tried putting the result check directly in the Daze condition in the restriction file... All methods ends up working, but it's always one turn late.

    It's not a gamebreaking problem, but it's not terribly logical either :) I'm out of free time for tonight so I'll leave this aside for the time being, but I'm also out of ideas on what else I could try that might work, so... Suggestions welcome :)

  67. BTW, after checking the Japanese Street Fighter Wikipedia page about Ryu, his official battle name should be "Continual Pursuer" (at least his Street Fighter 4 one).

  68. @ayra: Oops, I did make a noob mistake with the repetitions, it's fixed here:

    As for the restrictions with updated BP, yep, it seems they aren't registered in that same turn (all the restrictions get checked before the scores and the damage take place), but I think I can fix that for the next time and get the SF guys and your minotaur working correctly, sorry for the trouble :)

    @Luis Edgar: I didn't know the SF guys actually had official titles, I'll change that, thanks for the heads-up.

  69. Thanks! Works swell now :) And the "one turn late" thing is not game breaking: Since it only activates when the guardian dies (which can only happen on the 4 main damage pages), the only attack you can do with the guardian generally is the block.

    So I had everything settled and working, time for some testing! I figured she'd be mad overpowered as is and that I'd scale down accordingly: She has 20 BP total, multiple punish moves, increasing cumulative damage on Turned Around pages and good damage boosts (on hit). Sure, her base damage is slightly lower than Taki's, but the rest surely compensates many times over.

    First match, Wyrm. I grow Slash Through up with Wise Gambles, Slash Through and well-placed Duck and slaughter the thing. Second match, Wonder Woman. I put restrictions up, win match unscatted.

    Third match, Sakura beats Shion by hitting one Knocked Down and one Unbalanced (She has bad values for those and it goes through the guardian BP). Fourth match, Huit kills the guardian in one hit with 1 missile punch and then kills Shion in the 2nd round with a smash.

    And it goes on like that. I'm pretty puzzled to be honest :) I used Katja for base but mixed in some Sophitia where needed (Like the Capture moves having close to 100% success rate on Katja and I didn't want that on Shion).

    One of the things I noticed is that she get disarmed stupidly often: In order not to make things too complicated, I put all her weapons into a single unit called "Ninja Weaponry": I figured that armed, unarmed and guardian living were enough states for one move set without having 2 ala Ninja Shion. The disarm isn't that bad if the guardian lives, but if the guardian is dead, disarm is nearly a death sentence.

    Katja scores are pretty bad, and they are what I used here (Beside worsening Knocked Down and Offbalance, and improving Turned Around): It helps me realize yet again just how score pages are important... It makes me fear a bit that the summoner will just get mowed through, but we'll see in due time I suppose :)

    But anyway... Guardian Shion seems to be the best 'regular' character to take out the Wyrms or the biggest Marvel characters but she has a pretty average win rate against the regular BP ones (It's decent, but not amazing: Sophitia certainly fares better so far).

    I'll play test her more because my logic tells me she's supposed to be overpowered, and odds are I'll still scale her down sliiightly, but... The tests certainly are turning out a bit weird right now :)

    But she's fun and that's what matters most!

  70. I found some pictures of King Arthur.

    Since her moveset can be very different (Simple, turning to Alter, pairing with Shiro, using ther Noble Phantasm as a Special...) I put there only the "main" pictures (damaged ones).

    If you like it, I can seek the attacking pictures.

    Okami, if this is useful to you, use it! I'm a Fate fan too!

  71. Hmmm, me and my current house guest where sitting down and playing this as of late and we where bouncing along ideas that would be interesting to see added onto this.

    One idea he had was say having different overlay effects when stuff scores based off of what hit. Would overall help visualize the attack, more less make it a bit more dynamic. I'll admit the thing sounded rather good, but I don't think the games has stuff in it ATM to keep track of different attack types does it? Like Slash, Smash, Gun/Ranged, shield, inhibiting, ect ect.

    Not sure how much extra work that would tag onto you, but just shooting it out there as a maybe forseeable update later?

    Otherwise only thing to say is that Black Widow seems very, VERY strong...14 BP, able to recover +2 at extended,and the fact that I NEVER seem to be able to land a hit on her, even thrust high on her jumping seems to just miss.

    ...There might ALSO be a matrix error of sorts as at times we saw her able to do extended healing, in close range. Not sure if this was an intended result or not.

  72. Ah, Charles, it's been some time! I was kinda lonely when I didn't hear from ayra and you for months ^^U

    Starting with the Black Widow, yep, there was one typo in her close-range matrix. But for a super-hero, she'd be around the one with the least BP, I wouldn't say she's too strong...

    As for the overlay effects, you mean like "hit sparks" in a fighting game? The game does know what attack you used last (that's why the SF EX attacks can share a page with the normal ones and give/take energy) and if you used a weapon or not, so it could be done to a certain degree. Just two issues I'd see with that:
    -I pretty much suck at drawing, so I wouldn't be able to design those overlay effects
    -I hope you're not expecting to separate the effects by weapon (blunt, projectile, sharp), since you know, pretty much each character has their own variety of weapon and it'd be quite the work.

    @ayra: I see you're "thinking with states" now, you're on the right path :D (nah, just use the states you need, really).
    I'm glad the guardian is working fine. If she has many of those funky restrictions, I can see how balancing her is tough.

  73. Glad to see you back Charles!

    Regarding Black Widow, I don't feel she's too strong either. She's probably a bit too strong for a QB character, but she's on the weak side for a Marvel/Superhero one. I'd say that there's actually an handful of QB characters like Alleyne that are stronger than her, really.

    Completed Guardian Shion! I also included a fix to Sophitia's matrix, where low fake didn't guard impact and that enemy 36 lead to Guard Impact instead of Shield Dislodged (oops).

    Do note that Guardian Shion will crash the game if you don't have the two game updates that Leecherboy posted a few comments up. I think I have all the bugs and kinks solved but please inform me if you find any.

    It's the first AI I built and it's pretty bad, but... I don't see how you could ever build a good AI with the moveset.

    Particularities of Guardian Shion are the following:

    1) She got two BP bar, with some moves not usable once the 2nd BP bar is drained (All Guardian skills, Tree Smash and Open Disdain to be precise). It's heavily recommended to set her at "Guardian takes the damage" because Shion herself dies like a fly if she gets hit by the big hits (which are the only ones the guardian can take).

    2) Slash Through and Duck pretty much places Shion in a Turned Around state, but unlike most other characters she still has attack options in this date.

    3) Open Disdain will make the enemy lose 1 BP whenever Yellow is used for the rest of the game (only on hit). The Guardian Mark skills will make the enemy lose 2 BP for 3 turns (The turn the skill is used plus 2 following) when they use Red/Orange or Blue/Green depending on which Mark is used.

    4) Slash Through, Behind You and Wise Gamble will increase damage the enemy takes when they are on page 21 (turned around). That bonus damage is cumulative, but except for Wise Gamble, this effect only applies on score.

    So yeah, she's not as unique as seductress or summoner Shion, but she's still pretty interesting in my opinion :) Her main options are about trying to heavily enemy move posibilities with the punishes, build her a scary Slash Through, slug it out using her superior amount of BP (when including guardian BP) or a combination of all three of the options above.

    She might sound really overpowered on paper, but... After a lot of games, she really doesn't fare that hot. Decent, but certainly not great... Which means that she's not the character to use if you want 20+ win streaks, but she's not horrible either.

    If you do play her, please inform me how well/bad you are doing with her so I can balance using more than my own opinion :)

  74. @ayrawinla...just to make sure, your Seductress and Summoner are not ready to be playtested cuz they need the other text files from leecher?

    I downloaded Guardian and I'll try her out today...

  75. Exactly. I wouldn't mind making the -s and -r files since I now know how to make them, but... Problem is that they both need stuff that don't exist in the game yet so it's impossible to make the files right now.

    Both need to have two resource system (instead of just 1 as currently exist), and the seductress needs to have both permanent stat boosts and temporary stat boosts that last until extended range, temporary positive body points and a "1 damage per point". Summoner Shion needs "points divided by 2 damage" and cumulative "poison" that applies to both players (I think the rest exist in some shape or form).

    But yeah, if you don't like monsters, summoner Shion definitively isn't for you... Offhand, I think there's some in 2 pages in Seductress Shion, but I should get my new book this week so hopefully I'll be able to scan two good "Piercing Scream" pages without monsters in them, and hopefully change a few of the minotaur pages from the Guardian book too (Some are a bit meh).

    Even if you find Guardian Shion to be the worst character ever made, please do give your input even if it's very negative :)

  76. So far she is winning and losing evenly...loses more often if the guardian is ko'd early and wins more often expected I guess...

  77. Great work with guardian Shion, and you even got the AI file right! :)
    I don't think she's overpowered at all (I got pwned against CPU Alleyne and Aldra), because it's not like she really has 20 BP, on average you could say she's 10-11 BP tops...
    Just a couple of things:
    -The grammar police will get you again for the "retrieve weapon"
    -"Punish" doesn't say how much so you should probably make a note in the sheet
    -You could note in each score page who can take the damage, even if it's something like S, M or C for Shion, the Minotaur or free Choice.

    And some unrelated trivia: seems like the Vanquished Queens artbook confirmed the Inquisitor's official name as Sigui. The name's pronunciation doesn't make much sense, but well, it's the "Word of God", isn't it?

  78. Grammar police was eating donuts...missed it...dang it!

  79. In her first 10 matches, Guardian Shion ended 5-5...looks like she's perfectly balanced...

  80. For leecherboy: You can find the official battle names of the SF characters in the Japanese Wikipedia or here:

  81. @leecherboy
    Actually...I was...^^;
    Chances are was thinking:
    -Slime (do-don't give me that look!)

    I acually do think via a few free resorce kits from say RPG Maker VX/XP and the like under free use that getting the hitsparks for such wouldn't be that hard at all. it would just be making them work under the current system is all...inclduing that for very selective attacks in a set of 150 books...

    Regardless it's an idea I had thought about, something to add if at all possible.

    and awwwsss, I've missed chatting and keeping tabs with this area too I'll admit. Thought RL can be a drag at times and ensure I'm tugged elsewhere...also having so much other stuff on my plate can end up...distracting me when I do have free time ^^;;

    Maybe I'm just aprotching her wrong then. Tried for the life of me to take her out, but I'll also admit I didn't use any of the magic casters ether. I should also give your new cast memebers a try or two.

    Been debating on someone else to add, maybe with a 'stacking' effect to hamper the opponent, yet very low on score pages, needing to get dazes and the like to deal any kind of damage.

    Not too sure who to think about using as a base thought for such...

  82. Wellll... My order is stuck at the duties for examination. In that order I got two extremely innoffensive shoujo-ai books, Annelotte's book, Mina's book, Lyla's book and Pieces 7...

    Logically, it should be Pieces 7 that's being held up, but... I'm having doubts that it's actually the Lyla's book due to the age the character look. Well, I guess I'll see in time if it gets sent back to Japan (and if I'll get a refund in that case) or not!

    Thanks for the comments for Guardian Shion! 5/5 is the best someone can aim for balancing-wise in my opinion :) I assume everything's okay image-wise since there was no objections?

    About her having the equivalent of 10-11 BP, I find that it varies a whole lot (hence why the balancing was very hard). You can kill her in two +2 Unbalanced, but she'll survive a +5 Daze (which nearly no one else does). So sometime, she really has only 8 BP, but occasionally she'll get even more than her 19. For example, if the guardian has 1BP and it gets hit for 12 damage, it's like losing only 1BP. If I were to set every move hitting the guardian first, then she would actually have 19+ BP all the time (Albeit with bad scores and limited moveset after the first 11 BP). But considering she seems to be average so far, she'll stay as is for now :)

    For the Retrive weapon... It's not that I typoed the same error twice in a row, it's that my 'master template' for that page has it named wrong dating from Sophitia (summoner and seductress have no retrieve so it wasn't used), and since I always start from the master template, guardian Shion ended up having the same problem... Oops :) Modified my master template so that particular typo shouldn't happen again! For those curious about why having a master template, it's so that I can just change the text and the image without having to reformat everything, select font size, rewrite the page number in different color and all that annoying mindless stuff. The drawback is that if you have a typo or an error on them, all the characters will end up with the same error :) I'll the post fixed version when I have it made.

    Charles: While I normally I do agree with your ideas, I'm not sure I do on this one :) To have the right 'effects' like that, we'd need to pass through every single character -s file, and manually pass through every single attack to assign a value. It's not hard, but... It'd be a very time intensive and EXTREMELEY boring and mindless process. I mean, wouldn't mind if that feature got added in, but I certainly won't volunteer to do that job :)

    Regarding your character idea, I've been toying with something like that for a while, but I was uncertain of the implementation that'd work so I ended up doing halfway through: That's what Guardian Shion is, really. Semi-low base damage, with moves to hamper the enemy (multiple punishes) and a stacking effect that leads you to want to hit a certain state (turned around in this case).

    I had thought about limiting the enemy more to really hamper them, but I figured that not only should a character be fun to play as, she should also be fun to play against. Punish effects aren't that annoying since you can still do stuff, it's just that doing so will hurt you. Hampering the enemy more (like destroying their attack scores or shutting off the majority of their moveset for example) might be fun for the player but it's definitively not for the opponent.

    Seductress Shion is a bit more the other way around: She got absolutely horrible scores, but she scales up extremely well (At least should, as she's not released yet), but since she doesn't hamper I guess she doesn't really fit your idea :)

    If you have your idea really defined and a good image set, I'm pretty sure that I can fix the matrix and everything for it even if there's no fitting "base" character for it (as been the case for the seductress and summoner).

  83. Felicia's glitches haven't been fixed yet, right?

  84. I did think Felicia's glitches were fixed... but it seems a couple of Cat Spikes can result in Rolling Bucklers, I'm fixing that asap.

    @ayra: Yep, image-wise, guardian Shion is fine. :)
    And your description of what the "hit spark per weapon" would entail is accurate, too.

    Also, how weird that your order is being held up... It shouldn't be Lyla, since mine arrived properly by EMS (unless your country has some special censorhip?), so I'd bet on Pieces 7, that seems to be around summoner Shion-levels of naughtiness.

  85. @leecherboy... I didn't notice the cat spikes glitch, I was experiencing the claw-high instead of claw-low glitch...

  86. I think I fixed that one in the previous release, did you update Felicia's matrix file?

  87. Okay I updated it now...because I have changed the BP of all superheroes to make them more balanced and I have removed all characters except those I posted results for, I don't mass update the data section...I just add the new characters and update glossary...

    I guess I should read from now on what the read me file says so I can see what's been updated...haha...

  88. Eirin's balls...what are they exactly? Does she hit them with her hammer like baseball balls? Does she have an unlimited amount of them?

  89. I started the gathering of Saber pics...since I don't have a program to save pics from flickr I didn't add Luis Carlos' flickr set posted under King Arthur cuz he's Luis, don't think I am ignoring your contribution...

    Also, since I don't know anything about Fate/Stay except that I like their character designs, I might label forms and moves incorrectly, so please forgive my lack of knowledge and the extra work you will have to put in...

    with that said, I'll get back to pic surfing!

  90. @ayrawinla

    What does Sophitia's "Holy Prayer" do? Darkchylde dodged it and Sophitia lost becoming incapacitated...

  91. -That page of Eirin says "Iron Ball Discharge", so they could be somehow hidden in the hammer itself? (we'll know when we get the anime, I guess)
    -You could use bulkr or bulk image downloader to get the pics easity... And don't worry about the exact names, the pics being cool is more important :)
    -Sophitia's Holy Prayer was corrected in the "DLC" above, sorry for the confusion

  92. @Okami:
    Ok, sorry for being spoilerish (since it is a minor spoiler, and her moves will reveal it).
    I'll try to upload on other place. Like 4shared.

  93. @Luis Carlos,

    No worries, I was kidding...I looked her up briefly to figure out what Alter and Saber Lily were and stuff, and her real name was the first thing on her wiki...and I am not planning to watch the anime any time soon (I still have to finish Wolf and Spice)...

    There's lotsa pics of both her regular form and Lily alt costume and of her Alter form...It might be that she can produce two different characters when I'm through if leecher wants it so...

  94. I love Alter Saber (that doesn't appear on the anime). Maybe Alter Saber should be VERY cool with her Master (Sakura, on Dark Form. This form only make a cameo on anime).

    Saber Lily (and Saber Extra, the red one, and even Tiger Saber, the tiger one) are extras from new Fate games. Fate was once a Eroge Novel game, but become so popular that lost the "Eroge" on his other games, and even the "Ecchi" is very rare.

    Okami, if you want help making the Saber (or the Sabers) just let me know!

  95. @Luis Carlos, I'm cool, thanks anyway...I'm going through all Danbooru pics while at work and then I'll check Deviant art, but there's really enough pics in danbooru for both methinks...just wondering what would make Alter different than Saber game-wise besides more powerful hits?...

  96. Even if I've yet to read FSN properly and haven't played Fate Unlimited Codes, after some searching I'd say Alter Saber would deal more powerful hits, have more BP but take more damage and lose auto-healing (I don't think she's protected by Avalon anymore), have her moves more restricted (her sword loses the invisibility) and better range attacks (she has more prana, or magical energy)... probably.

  97. Just see Luke Skywalker (Saber) and Darth Vader (Alter Saber). Maybe they are good matrix base for they.

    But the best thing to for Alter Saber is having duo attacks with Sakura. She, unlike Shiro, is powerful and usefull. And has a creepy insane smile.

    Maybe is easy make her pairing than alone.

  98. Whew! You got a bunch of Saber pics to choose from!

    As I mentioned earlier, I think there’s enough pics to make two characters. One character can be a pure Saber, and the other one a Saber that transforms into Alter. Why not a full Alter? Because I think you are going to be forced to leave out a lot of good pics, like the dual sword attacks or what not. So maybe (taking into account I know nothing of Saber herself), one can be a chivalrous, straight-forward knightly Saber, and the other one can be the vicious, blood-spraying red-mist-craver Saber that morphs into Alter throughout the fight. Whatcha think?

  99. Amazing work, more than 200 pics...!

    I think there's enough for a Saber Alter (she couldn't "transform" into it, since if there's something that defines Saber, is her honor as a knight).
    There may even be enough for a Saber Lily (the one with the white armor), though I'm not sure if there are any differences between Saber and Saber Lily...
    The dual sword pics kinda leave me puzzled, I never heard anything about two swords ^^U.

  100. Wow! Amazing work! (2)

    Explanations: Saber Lily (and Saber Extra, the red one) is a bonus of Saber on Unlimited Codes. So, is the same character.

    In a Fate Stay/Night ending, Saber could transform, unwittingly, in Alter Saber. She tries to not turning Alter Saber, but it is difficult in battle, anyway.

    There are 2 types of Dualwielding for Saber. With Excalibur and Avalon (the scarab, like the Dual 9 and Ready 35 pictures), and Excalibur and Caliburn (the fake Excalibur that Shiro made. If you want an single attack using it, use the Dual 2 [Unlimited Blade Works background], since Caliburn disapears as the attack is finished.)

    For Okami, Excalibur, when not full charged, is invisible. So, many of you "Special Attacks" pictures are "weak attacks".

    Something else you want know? I'll be searching for Sakura pictures, if I can make an Alter Saber and Sakura character. (She appears on Alter turned 1).

  101. LOL! My special attacks are weak! haha...they looked spiffy to me!...I'm glad the quest for pics was very successful and easy, just time-consuming...I'm eager to play this character, so have fun with her creation!

    I'll post my next character suggestion after Sunday...(OOT I dumped Wolf and Spice cuz it was boring and I'm gonna start watching Code Geass to see what all the hubbub is about...I'm so behind in anime culture...sigh)

  102. I've been awfully sick, been mostly sleeping during my off time and my head still hurts like hell, so I haven't even tried thinking about characters or anything like that... Sorry about that.

    I haven't looked at the Saber images or anything yet but I'll give a look see whenever my head feels like working again.

    I did get a tiny something done though... I didn't get my package yet, but I did see scans online for the Pieces book. It's... actually more hardcore than the previous ones in general, there's a TON of text, and the pages with new content are about 1/3rd of the book. There's still some usable things in it though, especially for the seductress. I never liked having the monsters in the Seductress book, so I took out as many as I could which turned out to be a pretty decent amount: The only remaining ones are the two Hug pages and the Unbalanced page, in fact. I feel as if there's some super solutions for them too, but meh, can't figure it out right now so that's as good as it goes. The only change are visual: While there's a decent amount of changed pages, the text and the functionalities are identical.

    I also revised a few of the Guardian images (I replaced some with removed Seductress images and added some from Pieces 7), added the punish amount and who takes the damage. I changed the Matrix file because I figured it made a whole lot more sense if the Guardian took the damage during Guardian Block instead of Shion, and I also changed the -s file so that Tricky Shot became Tricky Slash (To fit it's new image from Pieces 7).

    Finally, I had two image upgrades for Ninja Shion, so I put that in the file too. I only included the changed images for each character.

    Leecherboy, if you are doing a release for the Guardian or Seductress next update, could you please use these pages instead? It's all formatted like in the game so a simple unzip should do the trick if you already have a character folder for the guardian and the seductress :)

    So yeah, hoping I'll get better soon and be able to do something actually productive afterward!

  103. Glad to hear from you, hope you recover quickly, this ain't time to "get down with the sickness"...haha...

  104. That was a bit of a close call, I prefer to have all the images ready while I'm with the finishing touches, since my upload speed is quite awful (I wonder if I should start using something like Dropbox and sync just the modified files?). Though fortunately, it's not like it's delaying me.

    ...But nevermind that, just focus on recovering soon :)