Sunday, September 4, 2011

QB Battle 24.2

Megaupload: App + Media + Extra + Fanmade (update)
Sendspace: App + Media + Extra + Fanmade (update)

Added the fanmade Chun-Li (thanks to Okami31) and Sophitia (thanks to Okami31& ayrawinla):

Also thanks to ayrawinla, fanmade guardian Shion and seductress Shion:

And the summoner Shion (naughty pics warning). There's also the config file to enter tournament bosses and chars banned from random choices:

Coming next: Komachi, Battlebooks' Storm and QG Noel.

Edit: Corrected the fanmade updates having summoner Shion not selectable. Also, since no one seems to be taking care of these anymore, translated Rebellion Menace's bio.

Edit2 (09-05): Oh, the next week I had a couple of days off and everything, but it seems I have another week-long trip to Madrid, so don't expect many things for the next update. Noel Vermillion is guaranteed, though, because she's as standard as they come.


  1. Yeah, sorry about the super late image update last night... I've been meaning to do it for a few days (I'll do it when I feel better), but then I found myself the night before the update and I still hadn't done it, so either it was last minute or it was not at all. Sorry about that :(

    Still not feeling better, but I at least had to give a look-see at the updates, and whoa, thanks for adding all of them! :) I looked at the files, and yup, both the seductress and the summoner are a pure nightmare, sorry about that too! I only managed to play like 5 matches each with the new chars, but here's the first findings:

    Chun-Li looks pretty decent at first glance, and she has actually pretty good score pages except for Leg (I thought her legs would be near invincible!):)

    Dancer Shion behaves pretty much like I feared she would: The love points are 100% useless since they are WAY too hard to get, and the 10 points Love victory is impossible to get. On the other hand, she's actually super strong fighting-wise, even without getting up multiple strengthen bodies... She's probably not top 5 from the QB/Guest characters, but she's extremely effective... But there's a few big bugs that affect the balance. The permanent bonus to Strengthen Body should always apply, not only on hit. On the other hand, the damage increase to Piercing Scream from hugs and crawling mischief (if you somehow get enough love to use it) remains even if you go to extended range. I also had a match where I was at -2 and I could keep fighting for 2 rounds, but I couldn't reproduce it. Crushing Hug High also has 1 base damage too much.

    For Summoner Shion, well the first big bug is that she's not playable :) In the character folder, she's named as shion_(summoner)
    If the folder is renamed as shion (summoner) she does work though. I got absolutely demolished the first two matches, the third match I self-incapacitated myself by using Endless Assault (It's missing No Restriction), the other matches went fine. Other bugs I found is that you lose 2 tentacle points instead of gaining 2 points on a Leg Wound, Endless Assault only damage the enemy character not Shion and Dual Summon is usable even with 0 Dweller Points.

    Do you want me to try to correct what I can (Though I don't think I can do the 'return to extended range' part of seductress Shion), or do you want to handle them?

  2. These past days were a little crazy, so sorry if there are bugs (I'm fixing the folder one right now).
    Maybe what confused me about the temporary bonuses is that they all say "permanent", except the Hug bonus when using Devastating Hug (that one should work until Extended Range).
    The one with the negative BP is probably due to losing with temporary BP, I'll have to fix that one myself.
    If you could try to correct the others, I'd appreciate it lots :)

  3. @ leecher...still haven't updated but do u have an ETA for range-only Ivy?

  4. Thanks for the update! we are really lucky to have something like this, especially when it's updated so frequently.

    I feel kind of sorry for the Shion character, it looks like she tried a bunch of different professions, but when she tried to be a summoner, it backfired... BADLY, although I'm guessing all the Shion characters come from one book since you can see the Minotaur thing in some of the Shions besides guardian, and the tentacles...
    It looks kind of like Motoko Kusanagi (Manga Version) from Ghost In The Shell (Same as Christabel) they have similar artwork so I guess they are done by Shirow Masamune?

    I wonder when more characters from the previous Queen's Blade will return to Rebellion? we already know what they look like so maybe they are waiting because it's going to be teams of characters like Eirin+Ymir, Huit+Vingt, and Tanran+Sainran?
    I'd looooove to see a character Claudette+Swamp Witch, or Maria(Leina)+Risty.

  5. I'm not that much of a Shirow fan myself (I've only ever read Orion), but yeah, his style is pretty much unique, and they all come from the compilation artbooks he seems to be releasing lately.

    For the Rebellion chars, the only one I see in dire need of a tag partner is Alleyne, who seems to look exactly the same as before, so a new book of her could be confusing.

    @Okami31: I'll try to get the new Ivy done for the next update, but since I might not make it in time, I didn't properly announce her.

  6. Out of Shirow's works I have only read Ghost In The Shell (My favorite Cyberpunk series!) and Black Magic (Which didn't make much sense but they made an OVA of it that seemed like Terminator), with Ghost In The Shell they made a movie of it that was completely different from the Manga (The main character Motoko in the movie is really serious, while in the manga she jokes around a lot and is like a tomboy.) I still enjoyed it nonetheless but I still prefer the more recent anime version of Ghost In The Shell the most since it has more involvement from Shirow, and Motoko is closer to her Manga personality.
    I checked on Wikipedia and there are a lot of Shirow things that I have never heard of, so I guess the characters like Christabel and Shion are from them.

    One thing I like that you did with the seductress Shion is how with her "Heartbreak" move it shows her eating some meatball things and she says "Yum! I love this food more than I love you! <3" I literally LOL'd when I saw that it's hilarious! Heart status = Broken.

    And has it been revealed how Alleyne was cursed? I know Leina has to sleep 16 hours a day, Tomoe is blind, Aldra has amnesia, Risty can't eat or sleep (Something like that I'm not really sure.) and the Swamp Witch mentioned she also had cursed Alleyne, but they haven't said how.

  7. What did I do wrong? I get this error message when selecting characters...

    ************** Exception Text **************
    System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
    at QBBattle.FormPrincipal.RandomizaLista(String personaje)
    at QBBattle.FormSeleccion.AbreCombate()
    at QBBattle.FormSeleccion.buttonAceptarPlayer1_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnClick(EventArgs e)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnClick(EventArgs e)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnMouseUp(MouseEventArgs mevent)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseUp(Message& m, MouseButtons button, Int32 clicks)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.ButtonBase.WndProc(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Button.WndProc(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
    at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

  8. I updated the whole data file and it seems to fix it...don't know exactly what was the problem...

  9. @leecher...awesome job with Chun Li! She's very fun to play and kicks quite some ass too!

  10. Shion Seductress is an interesting character...I don't mind her, though she ended 3-7...still better than Christabel :-P

  11. Glad you like Chun-Li, the error was probably because of the new config file (you should really check out the changes if you're cherry-picking files ^^U)

    @Pikmintaro: I agree with the Heart Break being lol-worthily cute, didn't expect that considering the "serious" vibe of all her other moves.

    Concerning Alleyne, we don't really know anything about her other than tidbits (seems to have trained Annelotte, was cursed somehow and is confirmed to be returning in Rebellion, seemingly with the same outfit).
    For the other curses, I think Risty's is more like "no matter how much she eats/drinks/sleeps, she isn't satisfied", and Aldra didn't really got cursed, using demonic power for 8 years took a toll on her.

  12. Pikmintaro: Yup, it's from Masamune Shirow. Christabel and Shion comes from the 'Pieces' series of book: They aren't full fledged stories like Ghost in the Shell though, they are mostly art books. You do have a bit of dialog, and you do have a story, but usually you have a few lines of explanations of the situation, and then you have 5 pages of images with only the occasional full page of story. Christabel is from Pieces 6, and Shion is from Pieces 4, 5 and 7.

    In the original books, there's only 1 Shion: It's the Guardian one that keeps getting in situations with various monsters during her quest. What I did was cherry-pick fitting images for my characters from all across the books. I originally wanted two Shion: The Ninja one due to all the super sweet kick-ass pictures throughout the book, and the Seductress due to all the sexy images and it would enable a moveset completely different from anything that exist in the game. While doing the Seductress book and going over all those 'monster scenes' over and over and over again to select my images for the seductress... The summoner idea came to me for another completely unique moveset, with Dwellers, Minotaurs and Tentacles. Leecherboy was nice enough to let me attempt making that book even though the pictures are a bit... explicit to say the least.

    Actually, the Pieces book with Shion are extremely explicit, Pieces 7 in particular. It's DEFINITIVELY 18+ books. I had to edit roughly 100% of the summoner pictures by adding pieces of cloths, extra tentacles to cover no-no areas, additional cherry blossoms and so on. For the seductress, I took the necklace gem from the Pieces 3 main character, and used that as a "nipple shield" so the editting for those pages went a bit easier. I knew absolutely nothing of editting before doing that, and even though a lot of the Summoner and Seductress edits are pretty obvious... I still learned a whole lot while doing that!

    Guardian Shion came in existence when I decided to remove the minotaurs from the Summoner book due to moveset concerns and when I noticed that if I took those plus the kickass Ninja images that went unused (there were too many for the ninja), I could make a book with two BP bars (That I always wanted to do) and a "punish" moveset that I wanted to try since Lyla's release. Plus, I figured I knew enough of the game system files that I could add Guardian Shion without having to take any of leecherboy's time (Didn't turn out to be entirely true, but unlike the more complex seductress and summoner I could do the majority of the job by myself).

    For the "I love this food"... Well, I was trying to remove all the monsters from the Seductress book now that I had a few new images from Pieces 7 and I didn't like the old Heartbreak picture. Even though she's clothed in that picture (which doesn't fit the rest) I decided to use it anyway, and since I had an annoying text box in the way (Was Japanese text), I figured I might as well use it when that came to mind :)

    I'm thinking of writing a bio for the Shion for leecherboy to add to the arcade mode, and the chronological order will likely be going Ninja->Guardian->Summoner->Seductress so it won't finish with the summoner.

    Finally... I don't personal find that the summoning really backfired that bad storyline-wise. I mean, she can summon creatures when she needs to do battle, so she's just fine out of battle. In battle, her summons don't actually hurt her (just tire her out if you will) and the furthest they'll push her is until she gets unconcious so she's never in danger of being killed, maimed or anything like that from them. So if she got criticaly important battles to win and that all she really needs to do is something that can actually be fun and pleasureable, then I think she's really not that bad off considering everything. Personal views apply of course, hence why I put "Unlucky (?) summoner" in her title :)

  13. Fixed what I could, but... it really didn't amount to much unfortunately. What's left to fix is the following:

    -Dual summon still activates even with no Dweller points: It's correctly marked as 5/5 in the -s file but it only takes the tentacle points in consideration.
    -The "lose hug bonuses to piercing scream". The Devastating Hug bonuses also stay after returning to extended range so I couldn't use that as a base to fix the others.

    Everything else is fixed to the best of my knowledge. While I was at it, I changed the seductress matrix so that Amorous Hug and Final Seduction actually complete during enemy jumps: I'll consider this a beta fix to the love point problems, but I'll make a better seductress version 2 at some point in time now that I can actually test the whole system and see what works and what doesn't.

    I also removed the "cloth armor" clause from her page since she doesn't wear anything to battle (There's 3 out of 32 images with her wearing clothes and the only reason they are there is because I don't have naked versions of them :)). I kept Cloth Armor for the summoner though, since she's supposed to be wearing clothes: It's just that they don't happen to stay on very long during the battle.

    Regarding the Rebellion stuff... Those curses really sucks! I'd certainly put the main QB crew under more unlucky than the Summoner. :) From what we've seen so far, I'd say that one of the only character that is faring well is Ymir: Things seems to really suck for pretty much everyone else that we know about. Too bad for Alleyne too: Her, Claudette and Echidna are my favorites from the show (with Elina being my favorite in-game but not liking her in the anime at all).

    Too bad about Noel, but I got to say I'm not terribly surprised unfortunately... Their main Rebellion characters are quite nice and more diverse (Annelotte, Lyla and Shigi comes to mind instantly with really swell movesets, Branwen and Eirin are also quite unique and Mirim, well... Her insane defenses makes her unique to me, so there) but their fighting game characters are more ehhh lately *glares at Ivy*. I might be biased, but I'd say that gameplay-wise, Sophitia is MUCH ahead of any of the newer fighting girl chars :)

  14. Blah, I meant to write your Street Fight Chars too with their EX points, their limits and everything: It fits so much better the characters than the plain "meh, I don't want to put any effort in the game aspect" of the newer fighting chars.

    And oh yes! I forgot to ask... Is there any limit to how long a command line can be? I saw how you solved the "Summons cannot kill Shion" part and it does work for that purpose...

    But originally, it was that they cannot bring her under 0 BP, not under -5 (Which makes a huge difference in the usability of Dweller Army). To accomplish that, I'd need to use that logic with more clauses, but is there any limit to how many characters a line can have for the restriction file?

    Okami: I'm actually surprised that the Seductress won! She's a pretty solid fighting character from what I played so far, but... Definitively not when using random commands. She really needs her Strengthen Bodies + boosted hits after, her boosted Piercing Screams, Till Death Part Us only being used after either a Soothing Dance or Shielding Song... So with random commands it's really a shock she won :)

    Thoughts on the summmoner: Surprisingly enough, she actually seems to work as I expected! She works better than I feared she would (Mainly due to her score pages), and I don't think she'll need a redesign or anything fortunately enough. Best strategy against low BP chars is focus on Dweller points and finish them off with Dweller Army, and against high BP chars it's to slug it out with tentacles mostly and heal up the damage. Her main drawback is that she has a very high chance of dying when she lose a match due to how bad her score pages are (Since even though she has super high BP, she still die at -5 like the rest). She's pretty fun and I like her, thanks for allowing her leecherboy, and for putting all sort of new systems in the game for her and making that nightmare of a -s and -r files :)

  15. Thanks to you for the bug fixes :) I'll try to correct the ones on my end as soon as I can.

    There are no limits on the amount of restrictions (I guess I foresaw it could get crazy one day?), but now there's the arbitrary limit on 20 repetitions max each turn. Also, if you're fixing the summoning auto-damage, keep in mind to set the clauses in ascending order, or they'll accumulate (since they're consecutive, as you can guess).

    I guess you're right about QG chars' systems being lazy lately, but every once in a while we get a gem like Katja's, so all is fine :D

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Random musing: What exactly happens in a fight between Ivy and Aldra when Ivy's claw attack results in a crotch hit? Is Aldra in pain or embarrassed?

    Oh, by the way, my next character is going to be Emma Frost, the X-Men's villain-turned-good, this one might be challenging cuz she is a pure psychic...though she has some training in physical combat as any X-Men would receive, she is mainly a psychic bitch (and proudly so) that can either regress you to infancy, make you have recurring nightmares or induce an intense orgasm (yes, she's done it in the comics) without batting an eyelash...she also has the secondary mutation of turning into a strong diamond form that protects her from physical attacks but negates her psychic a master telepath, she can also read opponent's mind so maybe she'll have a Sophitia-type counter? At any rate, you may start wondering how to make her a viable fighter, and I don't know if either Leech or Ayra want to build her? At the moment, I'm collecting her pics around the web...

  18. Since I'll be busy with the alternate Ivy and the Sabers, maybe I should leave Emma Frost to ayra (if she doesn't mind).

    For attacks, I'd turn to the X-Men Legends action game, where she had:
    -Confuse/Command (either "forcing" like Luna Luna, or "predicting" like Spider-Girl or the Jedis)
    -Fear (maybe disarming like Menace)
    -Psychic Shell (less damage taken, like seductress Shion)
    -Psychic Bedlam (damage + paralyzing/binding)
    -Psionic Strike (enhance attacks)
    -Hardness (reflect some damage back at foes, yep, seductress Shion)
    -Shell Might (turns to diamond form)
    -Toughness (more BP, like Melpha)
    She also could gain more energy and critical, but that wouldn't apply here.

    There, I guess that should cover her psychic powers, if it was good enough for Marvel... :D

  19. That’s not a bad source, tricky Leech…however I’d prefer her special toughness named Diamond Skin or Diamond Form…it would be more appropriate than Shell Might…you know what I’m saying?

    Just some clarifications/interesting tidbits:

    - her alias is White Queen

    She CAN:
    - use telepathy
    - control minds
    - alter perception and memories
    - do psychic attacks that inflict pain or knock you out
    - make astral projections
    - mind switch
    - inflict mental pain by touch
    - perform “psychic surgery”, accurate psychic attacks that disable or enable specific functions
    - acquire superhuman strength, stamina and durability with her diamond form (a weaker version of Colossus)

    She CANNOT:
    - fly
    - levitate objects (she’s not a telekinetic like Jean Grey “Phoenix”)
    - use psychic abilites during “diamond form”

  20. Here is Emma Frost:

    If ayra doesn't want it or can't do it, I don't mind having Emma Frost placed in the backburner...eventually we'll get to her...ayra still has Cassandra and the Valkyries to work with anyway...

    Also, aside all the moves we've suggested, she's a prime candidate for "Seduction" and "Taunt"...the whip pics are not essential, but if you just want a taunting, weak physical attack I guess they would serve...

  21. Is this a glitch? From extended range, Huit uses "sonic blast" and Rogue uses "flying tackle" and Huit instantly wins with Rogue becoming incapacitated...sorry if this has already been brought up to attention...

  22. If it's just that, it doesn't seem to happen anymore, so try updating their M or R files.

    Kudos for the nice Emma pics, great as always.

  23. mmm...that's weird...I updated their files and the Huit-Rogue thing still happens...oh well, not a big deal...

    For fun, leech and ayra give me three choices of characters you want me to find pics for, I'll choose one from each...mwah ha ha ha...

  24. Oh, right, Rogue's "flying tackle" against a 58 move (I misread it as the flying charge), a bug indeed, sorry, I'll get that fixed next time.

    And well, three more chars? Let me think... Maybe:
    -Jam Kuradoberi (yay for 3 individual power-ups, and Dizzy doesn't really use the sophisticated system GG has)
    -Samus Aran (an iconic char alright, and there may even be enough pics for classic or zero versions)
    -Psylocke (you gotta love psychic blades)

  25. @leecher...oh wow, you managed to propose three very good ones could have repeated some from your previous offers too...haha...I'm gonna go with Psylocke, she's a personal favorite and a kick-ass psychic-ninja!

  26. Still feeling like crap and spending most of my free time sleeping, so I haven't been doing much at all.

    For Emma, I know absolutely nothing about her so you'd need to pretty much do the moveset for me. And yup, I still have Cassandra and the Valkyries ahead of anything else.

    Regarding Cassandra progress, eh... It's really not much. I'm working on designing her Unblockable, but it's not that easy. Basically, it'll have two states, a success and a fail. I want it to fail against all jumps and against 'quick attacks' (That is, the regular unprotected moves) and succeed the rest of the time. I have to find a move slot that hopefully miss against all dodges for that to work though and I'm not sure that exist. But yeah, I'm still at the design stage pretty much.

    For characters, I probably got enough on my plate already :) The only two I would really love to add is Nel Zelpher from Star Ocean 3 and Katt Chuang from Breath of Fire 2, but it's 98% likely that there's not enough existing image to make a character from either of them.

  27. Okay, ayra, cuz you are feeling sick I'll let you pass with just two choices, but next time you better put more on the plate! haha...

    I think I can do Katt, if there's not enough pics, tell me who to pair her with...there's almost nothing on Zelpher as you thought, and I don't think the game was that popular in Japan where I could find pics of anybody else from it...

    We'll get to Emma when we get there...

  28. A couple of questions:

    - A fake vs a dislodge weapon always results in a weapon dislodged?

    - An extended range dodge always boosts some moves?

    Are these universal or do they depend on numbers or characters?

  29. None of those two are universal, though I guess they're standard enough.
    Characters with safer "dislodge weapon" in their matrixes (like Alleyne or Cpt. Liliana) don't get disarmed against fakes, and flying chars or chars with a shield don't usually get bonuses when jumping at extended range.

  30. Psylocke is done!

    To refresh on her powers, you can check out ...

    It was useful to me, cuz I didn't know that she could project psionic attacks like other telepaths...she could kick Emma Frost's ass!

    By the way, apparently I mislabeled Psychic Knife as Psy Blade...I could've sworn they say that in Marvel vs Capcom 2...then again, everybody yells their moves in that high school I used to embarrass my best friend by jumping in the middle of a hallway and yelling HYPER VIPER BEAM!! ...ah Cable...haha...

  31. Wow dude, amazing set, and crazy fast, to boot.

    I didn't actually know she had that many psychic powers, just knew her from the Capcom versus games. I'll try and get her psychic maneuvers not too overlapped with Emma's (in due time, that is)...

  32. Maybe focus on Capcom versus games is the best way to do her. When I'm adaptating a character to a RPG system (simmilar to here), I focus on the character on game and then I add the things that doesn't appear there.

    I belive she had not the Telekinesis when she was portrayed on MxC, she sill had Psychic Knife as main weapon. It was before her death and be remade by her brother.

  33. @ayrawinla,

    Here's Katt (called Rinpoo in Japanese):

    Just like you said, it was very hard to find any quality pics of her. I added some of Nina to help, but they are not really "action" shots. I don't know if you got enough for anything, but at least you know you are not her only fan...

  34. My Saber for playtesting:

    Due the lack of my photoshop skills, all pictures still are "raw".

    She is Tomoe, but has 2 differences: Extended Ranged Avalon (instead of Dodging) and Avalon Strike (instead of Split Helmet). Both heals all your damage, up to 20. And she has 4 less BP than Tomoe.

    I belive I'll reduce the Arm Wound, due her gaunlets, but I'm still testing her.

  35. I'm not really convinced about some of those pics, but since I don't like just criticizing, I've been trying to compile a "raw" Saber selection using the ones Okami got us... but haven't had the time to complete it.

    However, I see her more similar to Mirim, due to the low damage she'd take (as she's proven to be quite resilient). She should have Strike Air and Excalibur as ext.range moves, and possibly Invisible Air as protected moves, Excalibur + Caliburn as a powerful limited move and Avalon as a healing/defending attack.