Sunday, August 7, 2011

QB Battle 23.1

A tiny update because of the unexpected trip.

Megaupload: App + Media + Extra chars + Fanmade (update)
Sendspace: App + Media + Extra chars + Fanmade (update)

Corrected some accumulated matrix errors, and added the fanmade Christabel (thanks to ayrawinla for doing all the work):

Coming next: fixing an unusual glitch, some more options for the config folder, She-Hulk and Sakura, and probably Lyla.

And yeah, next week QG Noel is getting released.

Edit (08-11): Lyla confirmed for next update, and Queen's Gate Taki announced for late september. (Yay for official & fanmade overlap xP)


  1. Whoa! She's released already? Nice, thank you very much!!! :)

    I really should have checked the site earlier: I wanted to first finish the image set for Ninja and Dancer Shion to ask for your approval, and now I'll most likely be too low on time for the moment to do more than one or two quick matches after this post... But hopefully I'll have some free time by tomorrow to give her a good spin! Thank you very much for adding her to the game, especially this quickly! If she seems solid and that there's no other issues with her, I'll remake the Extended Cursed Gold page and resend it to you, plus try to make an 'unbiased' review like I did for all the other custom chars. :) Oh, I haven't played any matches yet, but I did quickly flip through Sakuya's new pages and at first glance the slightly improved scores plus the nasty +6 attacks certainly looks good! :)

    I'd like for you to review the images for both Ninja and Dancer Shion to know if all of them are acceptable to use for the characters before I make the final movesets. I'm definitively not going to have a book of them completed by next week for either of them, but I'd certainly love to know if the images are fine :) Beside, since you already have 3 characters lined up already I wouldn't dump a fourth and a fifth on you so soon!

    Ninja Shion:

    Notes: I editted the top part of Attack 2, but I'd like to know if the bottom part is acceptable uneditted: It doesn't actually show anything due to leg angles (like some of Stella's pages), but it's extremely borderline obviously. I had tried a few quick edits that didn't work out, but if it's not acceptable uneditted I'll manage to find something! Pages z1 to z9 are all excellent pages and which might end up replacing some of the Attack or Charge pages when I do the final moveset: I'd love to use all of them but there's just not enough page slots :) If there's any of them you'd really like used, just say which.

    Dancer Shion:

    Notes: Don't let your jaw hit the floor :) It's all within regular QB character levels (Echidna, Mina, Captain Liliana, Stella, ect), but... It's in Shirow's style! :) For consistancy sake I removed her weapon (I have a complete awesome moveset without it so no reason to keep it), and I moved the best of those pages to Ninja Shion instead.
    I obviously had to edit some pages, and the editting level varies widly: I did an AMAZING job on Leg Wound, added snow flakes on the snow panels (One looks like crap though, will have to redo), and 'nipple shields' ala Captain Liliana where necessary with varrying results (Some look decent, some would need to be remade: I just used various scenery items).

    Beside having to improve editting on a few pages, is there any pages that are unacceptable? In my eyes they all are within existing character levels, but you are the final judge, not I :) I don't have good replacement pages with the same "style" that don't have monsters predominantly in them or that have more than just a head shot, so I hope that all of them are acceptable (or at least edittable to acceptable levels). If there's a few completely unacceptables I can probably still work something out though with a few "headshots" pictures.

    Oh, for reference sake, Summoner Shion would have images varying from Ninja Shion-level to Dancer Shion-level, but with minotaurs, cave dwellers and tentacles in them. Odds are I won't make the prototype image set before I have 100% completed both the Ninja and Dancer/Seductress, though.

    Please get back to me regarding if there's any page in there you don't want me to use :)

    And now I'm off for most of the day, looking foward very much late tonight for when I get to play Christabel! :)

  2. Did Taki have any significant change to her pics in this update? Do I need to replace the old set?

  3. @Okami31: for Taki, it's just her Parry Low (49), that didn't have a score value, I threw the whole set in the "updates" out of laziness, sorry for the confusion.

    @ayrawinla: You have the prototypes already? That's crazy xD

    Ninja Shion positively kicks ass, and the images should be fine as is (including Attack 2), so she passes with flying colours (and we do currently have the "knocked down" technology you wanted for her, so don't let that stop you).
    About the extra pics, I like z1 and z7 myself, but I won't complain if they don't get used.

    Dancer Shion is tougher, though. Not so much because of the content (you could say she's like Melpha, and has to pose sexily like that), but because quite a few of the pics are headshots, and it kinda gives a weird vibe. Of course, it's just an impression and I wouldn't ban her for that, so if no more pictures can't be used, go for it, just make sure she doesn't get a close-up in her extended range pics.

  4. Christabel update:

    Corrected "Critcal" typo on Arm Wound page, removed superfluous text on Extended Cursed Gold and changed the move list to match the in-game one. In the move list, Cursed Gold was blue and Cannon Shot was red (same as Daniel's moves for the same pages), while the in-game Christabel has Cursed Gold red and Cannon Shot blue (like Captain Liliana moves for same pages). After playing with the character, I saw that Cannon Shot definitively behaves like a blue and Cursed Gold like a red. So I changed the image for the move list to the one you implemented since it makes way more sense :)

    After playing a lot of matches with her (By the way, your Random loves throwing Unicorn at me every 4 fights), I got to say that some of the things definitively doesn't work out the way I expected it them to!

    My thinking was to try to incapacitate the enemy so that you could safely do a Cannon Preparation... But it turns out it's exactly the other way around. Wild Swing demolish Cannon Preparation, and Dodge makes you turn around. So if the enemy can only do yellows, two out of the three options will beat your Cannon Load. On the other hand, if the enemy has usage of their full move set, Cannon Preparation works surprisingly often. It functions exactly the inverse I expected it to, but it does work out :)

    Cannon Shot also lands a bit more often than I expected it to, but on the other hand due to it being a protected blue (Unlike red as I originally thought), it never can (I think) hit Daze or Body Wound. The vast majority of the time, it will hit Knocked Down or Unbalanced (I saw arm wound and leg wound once each though, which was nice). This means that while the base damage is very high, the landed damage is not that amazing: roughly similar to a Daze +2 damage hit on most characters. That's very good damage, but it's not as good as raw numbers would indicate, especially for 2 turn charging. However, due to the move being unexpectedly Blue, Duck supercharges Cannon Shot to +13 (+2 for blue, +2 for bonus to cannon shot) which is pretty scary. On top of that, I hadn't considered that on traded hits, since you reach the "cannon shot page", you still keep your 2 cannon preparation and deal the damage (Like all other "charges" skills). That doesn't seem to happen often at all, but it's a nice perk when it does.

    So all in all, Cannon Shot is a bit less intimidating than I thought it'd be, but it's still pretty usable, and it's still immensely satisfying when you can land stuff like this:

    So while it doesn't behave exactly like I wanted to, it still does the #1 job I designed it to do: make the player feel rewarded when they get the payoff :) Plus, it's still a huge threat and intimidation factor to the opponent when loaded (as I wanted it to be). Generally speaking, you are better off not bothering about the cannon against regular opponents, but it seems useful for taking out high BP characters like the Marvel ones, characters with Mirim-like score pages or characters with insane healing potentional (Like a Q-Bee who ended up eating a cannon shot after she had managed to refill her hps 3 times in the match previously).

  5. Beside that, Extended Fire Pistol has a superb hit rate, it's a top notch skill. The close range ones miss considerably more often, but the damage is good, the reload isn't too difficult to do and you can use them on a few "damaged" pages so they are very good. Vulture Call is extremely good, and it feels perfect at +2 base (At +3 it'd feel too abusable for crits after the boost). Cursed Gold is completely useless at helping with Cannon Preparation (reasoning explained earlier) but it's very handy for safely landing a bit of damage (Against the standard 7 daze page, it'll deal 2 damage points) and it works often. It pretty much only works as a 3 points weaker Claw Eyes (from Cat Woman) but I still find it actually useful.

    In a slug fest, she actually works pretty adequately as long as you incorporate the occasional Pistol Shot. She won't beat a good slugger blow for blow, but she'll fare pretty well and she has more options than most of them.

    She has one critical weakness: Dodge. Dodge evades every single of Christabel's attacks, beside her +1 damage swings and Cursed Gold so she can't deal any real amount of damage on a constantly dodging foe.

    All in all, I find her very fun, and well balanced. I'd say she fits pretty much straight near the middle strength-wise. While she's not exactly like I planned her to be, I have to say I love the result just as much as the version I had imagined in the first place :) I'm pretty happy with Christabel: Thank you so much for adding her into the game!

    While I found no Christabel bug, I did find a Sakuya bug: Her Dodge page says "Get 2 points if you score with Slash or Sense of Thrown Edge", but she doesn't get any bonuses to Sense of Thrown Edge (She does get the bonus on all slash plus on Smash though). I feel she's still a tiny bit weak overall, but the better score pages definitively helps out a ton. She's at least decent enough for me to stop pushing for more changes :)

    For Ninja Shion, yes pages z1 and z7 are awesome :) I had actually crudely editted page z1 (Had some no-no content in the top-right box) since I liked it so much, but then I figured I didn't have a good move to go along with it... If I have a genius idea it will go in the main set (and I'll try to do a better editting job), but if not it's most likely going to be the title page. z7 is very nice too: Too bad I had to crop the left part of the image so much (the blades are simply superb) since there's some no-no content there too and tracing out the Shion with all the blades to place on a different background would be a LOT of work. If I do have a super move for it I might end up doing that, but that's not the case presently (The current 11s are selected because I do have concrete plans for them, but I do like z1, z7 and z9 more than a few of them though.)

  6. For Dancer Shion... *slap self* You are completely right there: I did completely mess up the Extended conditions! Well... that's what prototype image sets are for, ne? :)

    Regarding how close some of the images are, it's unfortunately not out of choice: In pretty much all cases of closed in pics, I kept 100% of what I could. In the vast majority of cases, there's a lot of drawings and multiple image panels in a page. If I want to keep the same coloration, sizes and avoid really, really unsightly panel lines, I have to stay within one panel. Occasionally, the panel shape is simply unusable (The picture might be good, but it's super small horizontally so I can't have more than the face with my 0.75 ratio).

    Oftentimes, you also have one big "central" illustration that goes over the panel. So a panel might be good, but the arm of the "unpanneled" character might pass over it, rendering the panel unusable without heavy cropping.

    Also, I often have to crop close to cut off tentacles, minotaur parts or what have you: a few of those might be sort of usable for the dancer, but I wanted to keep it consistenly "clean" from monsters, beside the one for the Piercing Scream that's just too fitting not to use here.

    Finally, some were simply cropped that close to avoid nipple shots. Most of them wouldn't be able to be 'zoomed out' much at all due to the reasons cited above, but... A few might be due if I edit them like I did for a few like Arm Wound and a few others.

    In short, since I had to crop very close for a lot of the images in the first place, I decided to be consistent and have the entire moveset being this close to give the impression that she keeps her opponents VERY close to her during the fight...

    But I guess that didn't work :( That's also why I wanted to have another set of eyes: What worked in my mind doesn't necessarily work out for other people! And my reasoning obviously doesn't work for the Extended conditions also (That was an incredibly stupid mistake I made there!)

    Without actually checking my source files, with some additional editting I think I could zoom out roughly between a fourth and a third of the image set... Would that be enough? I'll manage something out for the Extended statuses as the current ones are indeed 100% unsuitable... For attack pics, I was planning Attack 10 to be my page 51 extended attack, with Attack 9 being the close range version... I assume Attack 10 is too close to be an extended attack? It'd be hard to zoom out the picture further without having... y'know... too much stuff happening in it. At worst, I suppose I could use Attack 7 as extended and have a slightly zoomed in version for close range, but I'd have to change the move usage (Move makes no sense at Extended Range as it's currently planned).

  7. Bah, since I love writing and that I still have a bit short while before my "Go to bed before that or you'll be zombie at work" time... Quick example of the zooming out difficulty I have!

    Check the current (obviously not suitable for extended) Extended Dodge page: It actually has one of the super unslightly panel lines I mentionned, plus that picture contains pretty much all the problems I talked about :)

    There's 3 panels in the original page: The top half contains the current Weapon Dislodged panel flipped 90 degree (It'd be more zoomed in than it currently is without the flip since I wouldn't have the height required to get more than her head and chest and I can't get more of Shion's body in the shot without having undesirable things in it). Next is the middle panel which is the entire page wide but extremely thin vertically: While the Shion picture itself would be sort of usable, the panel proportion makes it impossible, because if I want to zoom out I'd end up having to take a lot of first and third panel in the shot.

    Third panel is the current Extended Dodge panel. It's all page wide, but not high at all: All I could get out of the image straight off would be her head if I don't want to get stuff from the second panel. By flipping the image 90 degree, the image is now longer height-wise (like what I need for the final image) so I can now get more of Shion's body in the picture while staying inside the panel. She's laying on the ground in the original image, but after the flip I can easily pass it off as a dodge or her being against the wall (The background fortunately doesn't hinder too much in this case).

    Next problem is that she's topless: I cut off before the nipple, and then took as wide and high as I could in 0.75 ratio without going over the other panel (Which I actually did a bit due to not having any choice at all). If I were to edit something in to cover the nipple, then I could get a bit further: I could reach up to her lower back and stay within the panel, but no further than that. The little bit width leftover is blocked by the book's page number (with big flames on it).

    I try to avoid putting in page numbers and text like the plague whenever humanly possible. In this case, the page number would end up in the top left corner. If I did include that width (so that I'd use 100% of the width of the panel), with 0.75 ratio I can reach up to Shion's behind (which would also require editting due to it facing slightly toward the viewer but it's sort of hidden by a "light flare" in the original illustration so it might pass... maybe). That's it: It's impossible to have more of Shion in the picture than Head-to-Behind, and that much requires editting the nipple area, the behind (probably), and would also have the page number flames in the top left corner. Unless I made a wider background/panel than what exists, but that's way out of my editting skills right now.

    The majority of the pages for the Dancer book have some/all of these issues unfortunately (I actually had to do some similar issues for a sizeable amount of the Christabel and Ninja books actually, but slightly fewer and generally easier to resolve ones due to characters actually having clothes). I'll see what I can do to zoom out what I can, but... *scratch head* It'll be a challenge :)

  8. Had a "genious" idea for Christabel when I woke up this morning: Would switching the position of the Vulture Call and Cannon Preparation move actually work? They are both oranges, and the current Vulture Call doesn't get broken by Wild Swing or Dodge (but gets broken by a few things that Cannon Preparation does).

    What this would do is make Cannon Preparation work better when the enemy is incapacitated instead of the other way around (which makes a lot more sense), while Vulture Call would work better in regular conditions (as regular Protected Attacks do).

    If I edit the page numbers on the images and the move list page, would you be willing to make that switch in game?

  9. I don't mind changing pages if that's what you want, but are you sure it's a good idea? There's nothing wrong with Vulture Call changing from protected to normal, but making Preparation protected would make it too easy to recharge the Shot.
    I think what you're looking for is making Preparation a page 38, so that it doesn't lose against those two Yellows and still keeps on being normal (see Leina). Let me know and I'll get the matrix thingie done.

    And about Dancer Shion, yep, I see how it's sort of hard, but do try to get the pics to show at least her full torso if possible, and if the ext. range ones could reach around knee level, it'd be swell :)

  10. You are perfectly right: While I do want Cannon Preparation to work against the yellows, I don't want it to be easy to load when someone is swinging at you. I had forgot that Christabel had some unused slots, and I'll admit I'm not completely familiar with the inner dealings of all the page numbers either. I did a quick test as Leina versus Alleyne using move 38, and it hits on Jump, neutral on Dodge, Duck and Wild Swing, and Away resets position to Extended, and I got brought to either Parry or being hit upon the few attacks I tried. That sounds absolutely perfect, thank you very much! Vulture Call can stay where it is, though :) All I need to do on my side is change the moveset image (Page 38) so that Cannon Shot is written as 38, right?

    I got some good news and bad news for Dancer Shion! The good news is that I managed to zoom out a much larger amount of pictures than I expected to be able to, and even find some sweet new usable ones that all fit the theme visually. I even have a decent amount of usable spares.

    The first bad news is that I'll need to edit the chest in about 95% of the images. I'll try to do it in a variety of different ways (Like I did for Leg Wound, Charge and Ninja Shion Attack 2) but odds are that there's still going to be a large amount of "protectors" like the Dazed page of the previous set. It's going to take a fairly long time to go through all 33 pages, so a finalized Dancer Shion is quite some time away (I'll finish Ninja Shion beforehand).

    The second bad news is that I'd love to have your input (I very much welcome the input of any other reader too by the way :)). In some cases, I have different images that could fit a certain moves, with their own advantages and disadvantages. In a few rare cases, a certain image might be preferable, but I'm not sure if it's allowable. I have named the files in an extremely descriptive way (Such as "Duck ButLowImageQuality.jpg") when there's an issue or choice, so I would love to have your input on which file is better when there are options.

    This way, I'll have my final image set right off the bat, and I won't need to waste time editting images that will not be used.

    *** WARNING: The images contained in this file are NOT editted and some contain adult material ***

    Notes: 1) I’m definitively not a fan of the “Away” page and I currently do not have a "Behind You" page. Since most "Behind You" pages are very zoomed in for most characters, I am thinking of using one of the Dazed pages, but any better suggestions are very welcome.
    2) I am currently missing one Attack page. There is one possible Dodge page I could use as an attack, or one of the Potential Piercing Scream pages, or one of the Z pages. Suggestions welcome!
    3) All z pages are unused, but are potentially usable (Especially z1). If fitting better than any current slots in your opinion, please offer the suggestion!
    4) I'd like to know if the Attack Crushing Hug page, the Attack Piercing Scream pages and the Duck ButMaybeTooObvious pages are allowable.

    Thank you in advance, and everyone's suggestions are all welcome! :)

  11. Woops, big typo! Just to avoid all confusion: I meant "change Cannon Preparation on the moveset image to 38" and not Cannon Shot :)

    What game/anime is Noel from, by the way?

  12. In no particular order:
    -Noel is from Blazblue. What's interesting about her is that while using her guns, she has 3 kinds of strikes (starters, steps and enders, one following the other), I wonder how close those will be adapted here.
    -About Christabel, you'll only need to put a 38 there, yes.
    -And about Dancer Shion, it's great that you could zoom her out, it looks so much better now. As for myself, I like the 2 first and the last Z unnumbered ones.
    -Among these pics you mentioned, the ones I'd allow would be the Scream Alt 1,2 and 4.

    For images in general, I wouldn't mind the Away, the Body/Arm Wounds seem fine as spiderweb=arm and minotaur=body, I'd prefer the 4th Dazed, the 1st Duck, the 1st Knocked Down, the 2nd Ready and the 2nd Dodge.
    Looking good so far, she'll be unique as hell if you manage to pull off the book with almost no poses of swinging weapons or physical attacks :D

  13. I'm sorry to keep piling huge post after huge post and pretty much monopolizing the comment section right now, but...

    I have found some bugs, and I have a few questions about the ninja moveset. I promise I'll try to keep the comment spamming down in the future :)

    Taki bugs: Rising Swing doesn't give her the +1 damage to Ninja skills that the page states.
    Same problem with Feint: Doesn't give the bonus it's supposed to.
    I'm not sure if it's intentional, but "Feint Low" doesn't bring you to the Feint page. It does bring you to Swing High which makes sense for a feint, but it also means you don't get the +1 damage bonus like the High feint.

    Felicia bugs: Hellcat leads to Claw High. Same for Cat Spike.

    Ninja Shion moveset questions:
    1) Is it okay if I use Page 48 and 22 for my "only use when knocked down" moves? One's a Protected and one is a Wild Card, but together they behave exactly as I want them to (Based on testing with Alleyne).
    2) Can I use a weapon system similar to Black Widow? The moveset would be too limited if restricted to using only either sword or guns at one time, but them being both disarmable makes sense.
    3) Is it okay if I have only one Extended Attack image page? Since there's 11 "attack/random" images for a character and that I'm using 10 of them for close range, I only have one leftover for Extended...
    4) I might be wrong since I definitively don't have your knowledge of the matrixes, but I don't think there's any existing character that'd be a perfect match. I do have a list of which move number should go to which image page when succesful, though. What's the best thing I can do to help make your job as easy as possible? Look for a character that matches as closely as possible and find other characters for the pages that don't fit?
    On a more positive note, the moveset looks pretty decent to my eyes :) I changed a few images from the prototype to better fit the moveset but none of the added ones are problematic in any way.

    Dancer Shion:

    No worries about pulling off the moveset! :)

    Aww, Duck ButMaybeTooObvious isn't allowable? *snap fingers* And me that thought myself so clever about being able to turn that page into a good-looking Duck page! I was hoping it was usable but I can't say I'm too surprised. Ah well! Low quality duck page it is :)

    Are the Crushing Hug and Extended Piercing scream pages from the previous prototype usable (Attack 8 and 10 respectively)? The Extended Piercing Scream page I can easily do without (I'd use it as another non-extended move but it's not a must have), but the Crushing Hug page was quite important. If the old Crushing Hug page is also unuseable (Either because the content is still unsuitable or because the image would simply be too zoomed in/crappy) then I'll try to find a replacement image for it although none comes to mind immediately. In the worst case I'll just invent a different move instead :)

    Mechanics question IF I can have a Crushing Hug page (Plus I guess it's sort of a tiny preview of how the character is currently designed and how moves and states go together): Dancer Shion will have extremely low attack scores (Yukimura base level or maybe even less), but they will be permanently boostable with Strengthen Body (Using a non-renewable resource that Soothing Dance also use). I'll assume that's possible.

    I was also planning on having "Crushing Hug" to increase "Piercing Scream" damage semi-permanently, that is until the fight returns to Extended Range (The closer you hold them, the more the scream is going to hurt). I'll blindly assume that's also possible.

    Problem is, returning to Extended Range, Piercing Scream would need to lose it's bonus from the Crushing Hugs, but keep the bonuses from the Strengthen Bodies... Would that actually be possible?

  14. You guys are doing God's work. Thanks a lot.

    It's really interesting to read your guys' discussions here. I've always been a little fascinated by Queen's Blade/battle books, but when I got around to playing it, I could never wrap my head around how to PLAY it. I understood the rules but I didn't understand the strategy or methodology of the gameplay. It all felt like random page choosing to me to me and friends, and while they passed it off as the game just being shallow, I felt we must be missing the point. You guys obviously have a good grasp of how the game works, so hopefully I can gleam some insight from your conversations here.

  15. Welcome to Queen's Blade Battle! :) Yes the game is a lot deeper that it looks at first glance, and there's some strategy involved, and a lot of mind games and probabilities at work, especially when playing with another human player (AI is actually decent!). Feel free to pass by the Hamachi network if you want to play online sometime :)

    I've been checking character movelist and image files to see if I can find a good match for Ninja Shion. The two closest I could find so far are Elina and Echidna, with Annelotte, Cammy and Electra an 'okay' match: Everything else from A to E is completely off.

    Elina actually has the 48-22 combo I mentionned in my first question, so I assume the answer to that is yes :)

    Here's my analysis in comparing Shion and Elina:

    1) Shion's move 36 needs to lead to a unique page (Most obvious spot would be to replace image 59 and use as close range). Echidna's move 36 actually does exactly that, so if my understand of the matrices is correct, we could use Echidna's move 36 here.

    2) Elina does not have a move 26: It should lead to the same page as move 4 (Parry moves). Alleyne 26 and 4 looks to be a good idea to use for those two moves, as they both lead to page 63 (replacing the image for Elina's skill linked to move 4) so it'd be perfect.

    3) Shion's move 44 and 6 should lead to the same page, while Elina leads to a different one. I would need to find a character where move 44 and 6 both reach the same image page that links to Elina's 44 or 6. (Image 11 or 47)

    4) Elina does not have a move 38: It should lead to a unique page, and it should be the same as the image linked to Elina's 44 or 6 that wasn't filled in step 3. (Image 11 or 47)

    Everything else is spot-on identical. I'll look more tomorrow to see if I can find a match. Do you think this will do fine if we manage to find a character to fill the 3rd and 4th issues?

  16. Success!

    I had understood the matrixes the wrong way around, but now I got it right. I editted Elina's matrix file and replaced the column for move 36 for Echidna's. Elina's move 36 now goes to page 59 like I wanted to (Changing the 63s for Dagger Lodged in Shield to 59s). It turns out I won't be able to use Echidna's 36 for this (Since the reason I wanted the move to be 36 in the first place was that it'd be risky to use and hard to land unlike Echidna's dagger toss), but I know how to mix and modify based on move and wanted character properties.

    I'm pretty sure I can build a fonctional and fitting matrix for Ninja Shion (I will likely be using Elina as a base, though), so that will save you some additional work :)

  17. @ayrawinla: You're rewriting matrixes already? You're a fast learner, to say the least :).
    Also, you're not really spamming if you don't stray off topic.

    Thanks for the bug reports once again, I'll get back to you later on those two pics and the new effects, but to answer a few of the questions:
    -First question= yes, indeed
    -Second question= yes, if there are enough attacks with guns and/or swords
    -Third question= if you're using few pages for Ext. Range, watch out for the other ext. attacks you're using, as they will succeed at "Ext. Range Ready" and you won't have any funky effects on hit
    -Fourth question= I was going to tell you a little of how I combine two matrixes, but you beat me to the punch. Still, I do it automatically with a mini-app and still make some mistakes, as you guys know already, so it does require some concentration.

    @Drem: Welcome, thanks for your support.
    That seems to be a common issue for players, so I thought about doing one day a tutorial, but it'd be rather basic and I'm not that knowledgeable at battles anyway.

    However, since we do have replays and some people around here can actually provide insightful commentary on battles, maybe we could convince some of them (not just ayrawinla ^^U) to share a replay with commentary with a char of their choice, to feature it in-game so that we all learn a little about the chars?
    Just a little suggestion I'm throwing around...

  18. From Dancer Shion's prototype, I guess Extended Piercing Scream is allowable, but the problem with Crushing Hug is that it looks weird when zoomed in, and too naughty when zoomed out, besides her not really facing towards the player.
    Couldn't you pretend that the Ext. Piercing Scream is actually a hug, since it kinda looks like it and it'd make the action less obvious? Of course, you're the one deciding the moves :)

    About the effects, permanent boosts exist (see Gildersleve), and temporary, indefinite boosts would be a "lite" version of Branwen's adrenaline, so I guess that'd only need a little tweak to get done, go for it.

  19. Blah, lost my post! Slightly smaller version:

    I'd love to make some tutorial/strategy replays! What format would the commentary be in though? Text? While I'd be interested in making some replays... I'd love even more to see other people's approach and strategies! Everyone has their own way to approach the game, so please submit your replays/commentaries if that plan goes foward!

    I decided to use Alleyne as base for Ninja Shion. I've succesfully modified everything at close range (Went superbly well, I could swing all that plus the search described later), beside move 38. I want to use Flying Tackle as move 38, which is my "Knock enemy down when on a Score page".

    Problem is, Alleyne's "completion" rate on her move 38 is just insane: it reaches it's destination page 20 moves out of 24! Since Ninja Shion has two awesome "Use only when the enemy is knocked down", Flying Tackle can't work that often or the character would be overpowered. I've looked at some character, but I haven't found anyone who seems to have a move 38 like I want to.

    All the ones I've seen have either superb completion rates (The Teleport or special trip moves, a few character super move like Junko's), or they have a decent completion rate but they very often lead to parries (Like Leina) or they have a perfect completion rate, but they never can happen on an enemy score page (Like Tifa's slow). Do you know a character that would fit, or should I TRY to take something like Mai (closest fit I found) and make it fail on a few more moves even though it might break the game, or should I simply suck it up and take Leina's 38?

    For Dancer Shion, thanks for allowing the mechanics! :) I'd also need a "If I have 3 Love points you surrender and I win the game!" mechanic, but that already sorta exist for Yoruichi, and the shielding mechanic I discussed earlier (Or temporary reduce enemy damage by 2 for one round, same result really).

    For Crushing Hug... that's actually an acceptable solution, and I hadn't thought of it. Good thinking! :)

    However, I already went through the books to find all the possible hug/strong hold pages and saved them in a file. It includes every single possible hug pages (beside my proposed one and the extended piercing scream one), which amounts to a grand total 7 pictures, which are... Well... Anyway, if possible, could you please tell me which of those images would be usable (if any)? I'd love to use the Extended Piercing Scream page on something else if at least one of those is acceptable, but if none of those are acceptable or that you'd really rather have the Extended Piercing Scream as the hug page, then I'll go with that. Either way, this is most likely the last time I'm bugging you with "acceptable or not" or any image-related matters for Dancer Shion as I'll finally be all set after this! Joy! :)

    Oh, I also included Christabel_38.jpg with the Cannon Preparation move changed to 38 instead of 22, for when she gets updated.

    *** WARNING: File contains nudity and adult content. ***

  20. I'm having problems when playing QBBattle on my netbook. There is a minimal size to play QBBattle?

  21. @Luis Carlos: I think the minimal height is 700, you can edit the CFG manually to adjust it. Please don't let it be a resizing error, fixing those is a nightmare :p

    For the page 38 dilemma, I'll take the hidden option, "improving Leina's Parries into successes" :D I don't like changing failure results, and Leina parrying there is just a gimmick of hers.
    For the Hugs, I'd go with 2-2 and 3. I have nothing against 5 to 7, but uh... they don't seem too "crushing".
    About the replays, yep it'd be text, you'd write something like:

    0. Player(s): leecherboy
    1. I chose something because something, or something other
    2. Etc...

    And I'd improve the replays, I guess with a "manual play" and "info" buttons, to replay each turn at your leisure and get that turn's comment in a pop-up respectively.
    We could try a few at first, and if it looks good enough, we'll ask for everybody's participation. Let's see if we can get a nice "Replay Channel" going :)

  22. Eh, it's not like the commentary has to be that short, of course, as long as you put the turn number first, it can span multiple lines.

  23. Oh, noes! My Taki is obsolete! lol...they obviously copied us...haha...

  24. That's good to know about being able to adjust the CFG file for game height! I used to have an ancestral backup computer that couldn't run the game due required height (couldn't reach the Select Move button), but at 700 it'd have worked.

    Okami: Not at all! Your Taki has a completely original image set, and a very different moveset too (most likely). So it's two very different incarnation of the same character... Plus there's never too much Taki around, no? :) I admit I'd have prefered if they made a Sophitia book (especially since there's simply not enough viable pics out there... Whoever can make a book for Sophitia has godlike internet searching skills!), but I'll never complain against more Taki.

    About the viable pics from the 'hug' set... *eyes light up in glee* That's more accepted than I had dared hope for, and it certainly opens me some doors to make the moveset even better than planned! A BIG thank you! :)

    I also had a superb idea for Dancer Shion, but it turns out that you could actually base an entire character out of that idea, and there's no way I can fit that idea properly on top of the ones currently planned. I MIGHT eventually make a second Seductress Shion book with that new idea instead: Some images would likely overlap, but the playstyle would be very different. No short term plans for that at all, but I wrote the idea down at least.

    Also, in roughly a month, Pieces 7 will be comming out and it's also Shion related (though it's mostly going to be a redo of Hellhound 1 + 2 plus author commentary with even more text blocking images), so with luck I should have some new usable images, hopefully enough for a different visual look. We'll see if I'll go ahead with the idea once I have the book (Or that someone put good scans online since I can't make a good quality scan to save my life: See Dancer Shion Heal page or Ninja Shion Daze page for examples of my own scans). Oh, and it'll also depends at what status the current Dancer Shion book will be at: do... And tweaking the moveset itself won't be that easy either with all the originality but it'll be a fun challenge :)

  25. On the other hand, Ninja Shion is going AWESOME! Matrix is completely done, page 38 is 100% complete, all values, scores and restrictions are all completed. All that's left to do is to do some image edition (removing text from images where I'm able to) and edit the text and put the images for pages 6-37 (I can reuse Christabel pages as template so it'll save a huge amount of time).

    Strength-wise, she's definitively going to be weaker than Alleyne in every single aspect... But that's intentional since I consider Alleyne in the top 5 best QB/QG character. I think Ninja Shion should still be reasonably strong (Very high POTENTIAL damage output at close range but Cham Cham level defenses and inexistant long range) but it's hard to know how that potential will turn out since she has a few unique traits:

    1) Out of the 4 jumps, Dodge is by far the best one in most situations (Completely evades the most attacks by far, and doesn't increase risks of Daze and Body Wound hits like Jump and Duck do). Shion's is the worst dodge in the game (0 bonuses).

    2) Shion's bomb reload is under Duck instead of Dodge, and her best damage jump is Up (the riskiest). Up bonus is significant, though.

    3) Two of her big hits can only be done after knocking down the enemy, with Flying Tackle being your main tool to do so. However, you cannot do Flying Tackle after doing either of the two hits, and you cannot Flying Tackle after attempting one either so the move is as non-spammable as it can be.

    4) Her third big hit is nearly non boostable, is move 36 heavy smash hit (super hard to land), and costs you 1 BP per use. Other moves have a very low base damage and are risky to boost, and the bombs have average damage but need a reload.

    I'm not certain how it'll all pan out in practice, but I'm pretty optimistic overall and I'm convinced that she'll play pretty uniquely :) I'm expecting something around Mai's level of power: If you took the whole lot of QB and QC characters and assigned a value of 1 to the absolute worst and a value of 100 for the absolute best, I'd expect Shion to be around 60 or so.
    If it turns out way off in one way or another, we can just readjust properly, right?

    Note: The restrictions/bonuses file is going to be a complicated mess, and I'm not familiar enough with it to attempt it... I'm sorry :( I'll tweak the moveset if what I'm going for is impossible/unmanageable.

  26. I could take your challenge Ayrawinla and seek out enough Sophitia pics...or at the least do a Sophitia/Cassandra book...but leech got enough work as it is....hahahaha....

  27. Sorry for triple post, just realized I forgot to ask something...

    What should I name my files? The character name is Shion, but it's the Ninja incarnation of her and there's going to be at least one more incarnation... Do I name the whole thing like
    Shion Ninja_01.jpg
    Ninja Shion_01.jpg
    or something else? Also, once I'm done, do you want me to send you the files immediately, or should I wait until you are completed with your current character list?

    For the expanded replay system with comments, that sounds good! No worries about the space: Too long commentaries for each move would simply make the readers lose interest... And beside, I personally really could use some practice in being concise and to the point.

    Go ahead and pick up my "challenge" Okami (I'd love seeing a Sophitia book)! Unless you are incredibly awesome and super-fast at finding 32 good and fitting pages, odds are that Leecherboy will be long done with all the characters currently in the pipeline :)

    The five characters I tried finding images for were Sophitia, Taki, Lenneth Valkyrie (From Valkyrie Profile serie), Nel Zelpher (From Star Ocean 3) and Katt Chuang (From Breath of Fire 2), but after a glance and finding few suitable pics for all five (especially for the more uncommon states), I gave up on that idea very quickly. And then I noticed my Pieces book collection of the shelf, a lightbulb came up over my head and the rest is history. :) I find myself much more comfortable twisting, turning and analyzing 180 pages for suitable pics than scouring the entire internet... But I'm still amazed you pulled off an entire Taki book, and I'd be even more if you pulled off Sophitia or any of those :)

  28. Sophitia or Sophitia/Cassandra sounds like a great idea, don't worry about dropping a new character or two on me, it motivates me even more :)
    For the Shions to be easily findable, she'll be "shion ninja", for example (in lowercase). You don't need to write all the files too, you're doing plenty of work already and it's no problem for me to write them.

    As for when you should send her, just whenever you want, I'll probably be tempted to add her in the next available update unless I'm too strapped for time ;)

    About searching for pics, I don't think you need to look all over the place; if you search at DeviantArt, at Pixiv (in japanese, you get more results if you register) and at an imageboard like Danbooru, you should cover your bases pretty well (can't guarantee your success, though...)

  29. Completed Ninja Shion:

    With matrix included. Score/crit values at the bottom of the file should be correct too. Hopefully it won't blow up anything :) Please tell me if you find anything that I need to change in there!

    I got to say that this whole character making thing is certainly improving my editting skills! I knew pretty much nothing before I started doing this, and now I can edit out page numbers, panel lines and such... Well, okay, only when the page themselves makes it easy, but it's certainly an improvement over only two weeks ago! Page 37 I'm particularly proud of: It's definitively not seamless, but there's a ton of dates removed, and the two Shion images on the left were topless with one extremely hard to edit properly but at least now the page's legal to use :)

    Anyway, sorry again for the restriction/bonuses: What weapon is required to use what skill is all over the place, and the bonuses sometime affect different move groups than what I've seen in other characters, so... It won't be fun to plug those in!

    Don't worry if you don't have time to put her in the next update! I know you already have a lot of things on your plate so I'm willing to wait patiently :) I mean, I'm also looking foward to test how the changed Christabel will perform, and I do play a lot of characters so I'll definitively be giving a good spin to any new released character, and who knows, some of them might join my favorites list like Felicia did lately.

    Regarding looking for pictures online, I'll skip on that for the time being! I have still a whole lot of work in front of me for Dancer Shion, plus the new concept I thought of today, plus my probably not allowable super Summoner Shion. No worries though, I'm not doing anything on that until Dancer Shion is fully completed and that I have my copy of the still unreleased new book: You have a pretty good amount of time before I bug you again about approving an image set :)

  30. Here's a list of mechanics I'd like to have for the seductress (it's really more appropriate than dancer at this point). Also, please note that all numbers here are just examples and are not final, especially love points.

    1) Temporary hit points to work as a shield (or to reduce enemy damage for one turn, same difference), as already mentionned.

    2) Also as mentionned, permanent increase in damage scores, and temporary damage bonuses that stick until the fight return at extended range (And all bonuses work together).

    3) Ability to have 'else' conditions. For example, "On a score page, add 1 love point and add +2 TD to Piercing Scream. Else add +1 TD to Piercing Scream" or "If you have Essence of Spirit remaining, lose one Essence of Spirit, gain +1 permanent damage and +3 temporary damage for next turn. Else gain +2 temporary damage." It's not an absolute must, but it'd be extremely welcome! The first case is more important: The second would be nice since it'd prevent two moves from being 100% unusable after you run out of Essence of Spirit, but it's definitively not a must.

    4) Definitively not a must, but would be welcome. Certain moves will be granting Love points to Shion (Which is where point #3 would come in handy) and if you have 10 love points and do Final Seduction, the enemy surrenders and you win the game. That part I'm pretty sure is not a problem. The thing is, if possible, I'd also like an Heart Break move: It would take all the Love Points you have and add them to the damage inflicted by Heart Break (and then reset love points to 0). This way, if you are aiming for a regular BP victory, you'd be able to put to good use the few love points you'll have gained during battle... Plus the move makes so much sense :)

    Also, Seductress Shion won't have a charge move per say: Page 39 will also be used for move 24. It will behave exactly and logically like a charge and make perfect sense to use that slot, so it won't break anything and it'll allow me for one more page with effects as I want.

    Same thing for Kick: She won't have a kick (it's too brutish for a cute seductress), but it'll have a functional equivalent with effects.

  31. Shion Ninja certainly rocks, so once again great job :)
    Since the two moves on Knock Down depend on only one move scoring (maybe I'd have made another move knock down as well), they might end up underused, but I guess they're powerful enough to be that restricted, we'll see how it goes.

    On the new effects, we do have some "if else" technology running, and it's interesting to see the special points used to score extra, so those won't be a problem. I see you're raring to get the next book done, glad to hear that :D

  32. Challenges to all the edition wiz out there!

    1) I need to make an "Heart Break" page, and I saw two panels that would make a lot of sense (Push away in rejection). Problem is that the two suitable base image for both are of adult content, and there's limited area to crop to get both hands in while avoiding other things. If anyone can make a good looking, acceptable "push away" page from this I'd be very greatful.

    2) The more I look at the duck pages, the more I reach the conclusion that I still adore my Duck Butmaybetooobvious page. It's unfortunately not completely suitable but it's probably not too far away from acceptable. If you could take the same idea but make the panel acceptable, it'd appreciate it very much!

    I included the source files, alongside quick examples I made.

    *** WARNING: Adult content in the two source files ***

    I'm not stuck if no one can manage to make either of those: I do have an acceptable duck page (that I like much less but it certainly does the job) and I do have an acceptable Heart Break page too. The ones I request for would be better if they could be made allowable, but there's backup solutions if not.

    Leecherboy: Thank you for the comment, and I'm very glad you like Shion ninja! :)

    I did consider the problem for knock down, but I figured that Knock Downs do happen occasionally during battle, plus Kick is a good knock down tool (though pretty risky). What I had not noticed is that Kick prevents the use of Coup de Grace, so I editted the kick page to allow Coup de Grace after a kick. Page included in the above file!

    By the way, Dancer Shion moveset is go if I can use something like Felicia's page 49 that works at both ranges. Will definitively need hefty testing, but it looks awesome and it's definitively the most unique character EVER :)

  33. Alas! I found enough pics for CASSANDRA and SOPHITIA to be done separately!

    Leech, you did mention you wouldn’t mind one or two new characters, right? Haha…

    Remember when it comes to moves that one of them (I was never good at differentiating them) or maybe both had a shield slam/sword swing combo that juggled. Then again that can be shown with the regular shield block after-bonuses…and I couldn’t find a Kick for Sophitia but she has that crouching swing that could be a “sweep” of sorts…

    Anyway here they are:

    Btw leech, how receptive would you be of a fan-made Ivy that uses none of that claw business but truly reflects her mad range skills? I assure you, there’s plenty of good pics of her…I just don’t know if you would want to use up time on a re-hash rather than an all-together new character…

  34. Hey, you didn't have to take that literally xD

    Nah, just kidding, it's amazing that you could find so many nice pics for two chars in like one day, impressive job as always.

    And about an "Ivy (Alt)", sure, I have a few candidates for new chars I'd like to add for diversity's sake, but since Ivy was somehow lacking, go ahead and try it.
    While you're at it, try to find a pic for Ivy's "Summon Suffering" grab, that seems to be a fan favourite.

    (...By the way, I'm so silly, ninja Shion would make more sense if she's named "Shion (Ninja)", after all)

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Meh!

    When I posted Ninja Shion, I considered writing "Renaming all the files from Christabel to shion ninja was probably the most tedious part of making the character". Now that I'll have to do that twice, I'm definitively writting that down :)

    So just to make sure so that I don't have to do it three times... Do you want that in capital letters Shion (Ninja)_1.jpg or all small letters shion (ninja)_1.jpg?

    Okami: Whoa, that's pretty amazing! *bow* Well done! I'm officially amazed :) I think it's definitively a good idea to add them to the game: After all, how many female shield users are there in the videogame world?

    For Ivy, I'd definitively like to see another version of her too. The official version is actually quite effective (She has excellent score page for one) but she's just so plain...

    Are you guys fine with the moveset for Sophitia and Cassandra? I do have some ideas (nothing earth-shattering thoguh) for a shield user and since I'm the one who requested her I don't mind giving an hand with either of two (preferably Sophitia) after I'm finished with seductress Shion. If you guys got it all under control that's definitively fine too :)

    Editting question: Anyone got any suggestions as to how edit all the nipples from the pages in a non-obstrubtive way? I got a LOT of them to edit out and I'm not sure about what's the best way to proceed. At worst I'll just do what I did for the first prototype and add "shields", but I'm sure there must be a way that looks better than that...

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Bleh! I make a comment, delete it because I forgot to add stuff, and then forget to actually add what I wanted to in the first place... Hard day at work plus using my break time plus lunch break for editting is a pretty bad combo! Okay, try #3 to actually ask what I wanted to before crashing to sleep:

    I'd like to know if it's possible to have a move where on a score page, the enemy gets to choose if he/she takes the damage, or add Love points instead. I had misscalculated the amount of 'attack' pages I had in total, so I have one more slot than I expected and I'm brainstorming for ideas to what to use it on, but this seems an okay idea.

  39. Eh, I didn't mean you'd have to rename her, I can take care of that easily ^^U
    If renaming files is such a core, you can leave it to me (they're always in lowercase, though).

    There's nothing decided yet about Sophitia and Cassandra's moveset, so yeah, feel free to pitch in.

    As for the option of choosing damage or special points, normally we'd let the player answer that (to get that sorted automatically with the styles), but if you want to ask the opponent, that's fine as well.

  40. Scratch the idea above: I have a better one! Complicated mechanics though... All numbers are not final, as always.

    "Till Death Parts Us": It's a Protected Move, and is also a scoring page with a score of 1, the attack itself having a base modifier of -2. The easy part of the move is that when Shion hits the enemy, it does nothing special: You get a damage amount from 0 and up depending on the enemy score page.

    The hard part is that if Shion gets hit while on that page, the enemy also takes his/her score bonus in damage, plus one love point.

    Quick examples to explain. Let's assume Leina does a Down Swing (+3 damage) against Shion who does Till Death Parts Us.

    1) Shion miss move complete succesfully, Leina hits. Shion will take 4 damage (3 + 1) and Leina will take 3 damage.

    2) Shion hits leg and move complete succesfully, Leina hits. Shion will take 4 damage, Leina will take 4 damage (3 + 3 - 2).

    3) Shion hits Parry, Leina hits. Shion takes 4 damage, Leina takes 3 (The parry cancels out the damage from Shion's attack, but not the 'reflected' damage).

    The move might look worthless in theory since she has only average BP and that the move could be hit out which would cancel out the reflect (Protected move so more rare but still happens of course), but with Shion's shielding abilities (temporary BPs for one round) and her possible defensive use of the Essence of Spirits, it could actually be a very worthwhile move in the right situations and could lead to some interesting strategies.

    Would that mechanic be possible? If so I'd be all done for the move list! All I'd need to do now is make page 38 so that each move have logical spots, make final numbers for scores, damages, love points, edit about 26 images out of 32, make all the pages and put the text in, and make a matrix nearly all from scratch (Will require bits from a lot of chars). Plus it's actually sunny outside for the first time in a week and a half and there's forecast of more sun, so no worries: I won't be dumping dancer Shion on you before one week at the very earliest :)

    Renamed Ninja Shion:

    Nah, renaming all the files is not that bad: It only takes a few minutes :) But it still is the most tedious part of the process in my opinion. The rest of what I've done for characters involves at least a modicum of thought and it's an interesting creative process that's pretty much without stress and is pretty relaxing without being brainless. Designing movesets is a whole lot of fun with all the balancing in mind while trying to find exciting new uses out of the system, twisting, cropping and editting the images and linking them to good, fitting moves is a process that requires thought, making functional matrixes which behaves the way you want without errors is challenging (we'll see if I managed that after we have ninja Shion!) and even making pages 6 to 37 at least requires a tiny bit of concentration... Though I'd rank that last thing as just above renaming a bunch of files though :)

  41. So, a low-hitting move that if succeeding, returns the enemy's attack value as indirect damage? A neat idea, indeed, and sure, it can be done :)
    Since you also get damaged as well, I imagine you'll have to think carefully about when to use it in a battle (not counting all that funky extra stuff she'll have).

    It kinda sucks that almost all your pics will need to be edited, if etherblade was around, maybe he could share a few editing tips...

    Also, I checked ninja Shion more carefully and the matrix and everything else seems okay, I'd say you have this "creating characters" thingie pat down by now, good work.

  42. Whelp, I got some bad news for you... I had some plans fall through during the weekend, and I managed to find an EXTREMELY time-efficient, consistent way to edit the pictures with an okay result (Both the no-no content and ugly panel lines and so on), so...

    'Completed' seductress Shion (No adult warning required finally, yay!):

    No, you don't need to also add her in the next version :) A few notes:

    1) The vast majority of the images got approved at some point in time, but not necessarily for that move or how it was editted... If there's any that's unacceptable, please tell me and I'll do my best to find a replacement page for it. Regarding the duck page I wanted, I gave up trying to make it acceptable since that's out of my league, so I'll simply make an alternative page that I'll use myself instead of the included duck page here. In this folder, 'Away' isn't exactly fitting, 'Up' is pretty mediocre and 'Dodge' has the same base image as Flame Dance but I don't really have better alternatives. Oh, after all that I did end up using the image you suggested for Crushing Hug after all... But since all but 1 of the approved pictures from the Hug set got used it was definitively worth asking :)

    2) The base matrix is Cham Cham (With landing page results modified), mixed in with some Annelotte and Felicia. I don't know how you managed to make the game magically work correctly at both range with Felicia's page 49, but seductress Shion needs some of that magic for pages 51 and 59 :)

    3) Some pages are very wordy, so I cut out "No restrictions" when I was low on space, with the note on page 38 that if no restrictions are specified, then there are no restrictions. Is that okay? Proper wording for some pages might be off, too. Just tell me where and I'll correct.

    4) The character might not be correctly balanced, but theory-crafting only go so far... I could try tweaking numbers endlessly, but I think we'll unfortunately have to make a 'beta' release for field testing and then a 'balanced' version later.

  43. The way she's designed is that she can't slug it out with anyone at match start: Her strongest 'free' move is at +1, her score pages are only good-ish (Like Alleyne for the main damage pages, but takes more from parries and minor damage pages likes unbalanced) and she can't use her strongest moves without having accumulated some Love points (she starts at 0).

    However, after 3 Strengthen Body (Her entire Essence of Spirit quota), she's definitively amongst the best fighters from the traditional QB/QG books, especially with a few Love points on hand. How strong Shion will be damage-wise will pretty much depend on how easy/hard to do some Strengthen Bodies without taking excessive damage in the first place which is where field testing will come in.

    Regarding the Piercing Screams (especially Focused), they got the potential for insane damage in a long battle, but since the bonuses (except those from Strengthen Body) are cancelled upon reaching extended range, I don't think they'll get too out of hand since the opponent has some control over it.

    On the other hand, I think that reaching 10 Love points for a seduction victory might be near-impossible... Getting a few Love points is very easy as you get a some Love points here and there naturally, but reaching 10 is most likely too much. The big Love generating-move (+3 on hit, +1 on miss) is on the Kick slot, and Final Seduction (+2 on hit, win if at 10+ points) is on Wild Swing. However, at first glance Cham Cham kick and wild swing have got a better-than-normal completion rate than normal (compared to Cammy and Tifa at least). So it MIGHT be okay due to that, but I'm uncertain.

    I also allow the enemy to have some control over Love points with Disarm: Land a disarm, and Shion lose love points but doing so also gives Shion an Essence of Spirit so there's a very hefty price to pay.

    Originally, I was planning to have Soothing Dance be +3BP, +3 temporary BP (Using it pretty much costs you 1 permanent damage across the board), but I settled with +2, +3 for now.

    Offhand, I think I'll have to up Shion Love points generation (Either safer move, or higher payoff on completing them, or less Love points for a seduction victory although that'd also make Heart Break even worse than it currently is) and decrease her Jump bonuses so that her damage doesn't get too high too early in a match... Or maybe make Strengthen Body harder to land (it's currently set on Cham Cham high boomerang toss), or...

    Since I might definitively be off in my guesses, if you have no objections or good suggestions, I'd like her to be implemented like this and then we can modify her as necessary afterward: There's no character like her in the game currently so it's definitively hard to theory-craft with just numbers!

    And again, no hurries with implementing her in the game :)

  44. @ayranwila: This made me think of you...haha...

    not-safe for work...explicit picture with tentacles...

  45. @ayrawinla: Great job, I'm still waiting for the bad news :D

    You certainly made this Shion unique, and with all the new stuff, I guess her potential is unpredictable by now, I'll let you know how she fares when I get her up and running.

    Regarding the pages, they do seem to be fine (good job there), though the "patch" in some of the pages like "Leg Wound", "Turned Around" and such would look better if it was finely outlined. And well, page 27 should be written as "Only Need These", with capital letters like the rest.

    On the restrictions, many books do omit the "no restrictions" part, so instead of that, it'd be better if you added in the character sheet that "temporary body points" only affect the next turn.

    About the character sheet, it's funny how you rearranged all the pages, not even flying chars get so weird :)
    For some criticism of the names, I wouldn't repeat the "type" in the "move name". For example, if they're in the "Piercing Scream" type, you can name them "Focused", "High" and "Low" and not repeat P.S. three times. Not like it's a big deal or anything, it just looks better.

    And finally, due to her page placements, Amorous Hug will sometimes "kick away" the opponent, and Heart Break can break shields, is that okay? (Just asking, in case you hadn't considered that).

  46. I'm trying to make another Touhou character, Komachi Onozuka.
    She will be identical to Airi, but will not have the "draining" ability and no dematerialize and no damage from dodge.
    But she can't be unarmed (she will take 3 damage if unarmed, and will be a 2 score page), and will have 3 Spell Cards.
    These are the manuevers that cost this type of energy: Short Life Expectancy (a Retrieve weapon matrix with +5 boost and "no Magic next turn"), Danmaku, or Game of the Soul (a "Summon Spirit" attack copy [will have a normal one] with +4 as damage and no page turning), Flow of the River (a Charge copy with +8 bonus) and Ritual of Extasy (replacing Touch, +0 damage but turns to page 7).
    If she turns to page 55, she escapes.

    You think it will be nice this way?

  47. Luis: That definitively sounds good to me! Although, will those spell cards be reusable or spammable? Ritual of Extasy is pretty much an instant 6-8 unblockable damage against all characters on a relatively safe move. If it's spammable, I can definitively see it being incredibly broken! But beside that, it looks like an interesting character in my opinion!

    Okami31: I'm not sure if I should feel proud that someone did think of me upon seeing something, or if I should feel insulted because of what made you think of me :) Those Masamune Shirow books are the only "naughty" books I have, if you consider them that... But considering seductress Shion I can't blame you for linking me to that! And...... I probably shouldn't make summoner Shion with the tentacle summons if that's how I'm seen already! :) PS: Pic was actually nice so I'll forgive you :)

    Beside that... Holy ****! 254 pics for a game that'll be released next year? That's insane! I mean, the game does interest me since I ADORED Muramasa Blade, but yeesh! I'm surprised.

    leecherboy: Thanks for the comments and thanks for approving the images! The bad news is that I threw on you a second character even before the first one is implemented :)

    I'll TRY to see if I can make an outline on those pictures, and I'll change the text when I'm able to.

    I did consider the shield break and kick away, but I unfortunately have no solutions to that so I made 'valid' excuses in my mind: The other character breaks their shield out of anger, and that they are so in love that they feel as if they'd been kicked... Lame explanation, but I don't see any ways around it unfortunately! The only move slot I don't have used is Retrieve Weapon and it can't score so it's a no-go there. At least the Kicked Away status only appears on the really really old characters like Leina and Risty...

    Regarding future character plans, I'm not planning to work on anything really short term. The Summoner Shion has a lot of awesome unique concepts (at least as unique as seductress Shion, if not more), but I don't think I can get enough "legal" pages for her to work correctly...

    Unless you actually don't mind on having to approve/disapprove another image set again so soon (I imagine it must be terribly annoying and bothersome to do, especially since some of the images would be at least as hard as seductress Shion to approve), then I'll be shelving the ideas for now.

    Regarding Sophitia, I got some general concepts brewing (Like making a counter-character like Irma but that actually works, which would match my usual Sophitia play style in Soul Caliber), but it's too general in mind for now so I'll wait until I got a clearer idea on how it'll all fit together. I bookmarked Okami's image set though so it will get used eventually (Thanks again!), it's just that I won't give any sort of time frame: It's not fun and relaxing when there's deadlines involved :)

  48. I was surprised to see those pics on a yet-unreleased game too...I'll keep them in mind for later...enough characters on queue as it is and I haven't even started looking for Ivy pics...

    You know, they also had a promotional Muramasa pic of the samurai girl with an octopus wrapped around her...the creators are pervs themselves...haha

    The concern for Sophitia/Cassandra is to make them play slightly different...exact weapon and shield but different styles...and all I can distinguish is one has the hip move and the other one squeezes your head with her thighs...haha...good luck!

  49. @ayrawinla: You know, I asked about the kicking and breaking because if you can't fix that, I can (yay for developer's knowledge). After all, the ninja's Gimmicks are rigged so that they don't break shields, so if you want those rare "Shield Broken" and "Kicked Off Balance" to simply turn to p.19, it can be done.

    And yeah, take your time with Sophitia. I'll need to check up on Cassandra's SC gameplay, to see what their original differences are...

    @Luis Carlos: Seeing as she's a shinigami with a scythe, I can see why you thought of Airi.
    Those attacks should be fine, and if ayrawinla clearly knows more about Touhou than I do (that is, nothing) and says it's okay, I can't complain. (We'll try to make that particular move not too spammable, though).
    Page 55 works as escaping for every character (or more like, it's the better option to do so), so yeah, I'm looking forward to her.

  50. On second thought, I might have misunderstood ayra's comment on the Touhou girl, as I thought it was referring to the original game's effects... Eeh, my bad :)

    It's not like Luis' proposed effects for the spells are wrong, but to make her a little more accurate, my take on each spell (if the Touhou movelist page isn't lying to me):
    -Short Life Expectancy has a small delay, and cuts the opponent's lifebar in half. The Wyrm does that, so it could be done (maybe a page 38 or 22 move).
    -The Lonely Bound Spirit (is that it?) doesn't do anything special, so that's fine.
    -Flow of the River would indeed be a powerful charge move.
    -Ritual of Ecstasy swaps places with the opponent, so maybe it could be like the "move behind" the ninjas have, but with a little damage, to account for the original game's bullet traps.

  51. "if ayrawinla clearly knows more about Touhou than I do "

    Nahh, I never played any Touhou game, and the only reason I knew Sakuya is that I love reading sweet and fluffy shoujo-ai stories and she's a common character in them. I have absolutely no idea who Komachi is, so yes I was commenting about the QBBattle version :)

    Sophitia and Cassandra I do know much better though! Generally speaking, Sophitia is very calm, focused and precise, while Cassandra is much more wild. Most of Sophitia's attacks are straight and focused while Cassandra pretty much just waves her sword around. Mainly due to Angel Strike (an hyper effective crouched lunge), Sophitia can work very well as a defensive-minded character while that's not the case with Cassandra. Cassandra also has a huge amount of attacks using her shield (Sophitia has a good amount too, but definitively less). Finally, Cassandra has some 'goofy' attacks like the butt slam, while Sophitia doesn't anymore... Grabs excluded. In the first Soul Caliber game (ie. Soul Edge), Sophitia was pretty similar to Cassandra, and she had face-sitting grabs and the like. As the games went on (plus Sophitia is a mother of two), Sophitia became very focused with technical moves, but for some reasons those grabs always remained, and they feel a bit out of place now considering how everything else about the character evolved.

    In QB terms, it'd make sense to have Cassandra be more offensive than Sophitia, but I don't have any specific plans for her. What I'd like Sophitia to be is a cross between Irma and Mirim, pretty much. Details very fuzzy for the moment!

    So you can work some developers magic for the shield breaks and kicked back? Awesome! I do prefer that solution to my clumsy excuses :)

    Oh! Before I forget (again): Shigi and Melpha's entagle moves are horribly bugged. Instead of stopping the enemy from doing anything but jumps, it allows the enemy to do every single move in their list all the time, even if they normally wouldn't be allowed.

    Okami: I did see the official octopus picture for Muramasa... It pretty much made the headlines everywhere in the gaming world :) That one was a TINY bit less explicit than the one you showed though, but both were nice. Yes, keeping the wizard and amazon in mind is a good idea though: They have a good style and with how many pictures are being made, odds are it'd be possible to make characters out of them. Would be hard to make an accurate moveset at this point in time though, considering that all we have is a 1 minute video clip :)

  52. While I'm at it... I do understand perfectly well what the no answer regarding approving/disaproving the prototype image set for summoner Shion means, but... Instead of images I'll fling you the concept so that hopefully it'll feel worthwhile to go through that pain and annoyance again... Hopefully :)

    In short, Summoner Shion would be a mage that has extremely limited control over her own summons. What they do to the enemy they basically do to her also. As her expertise grow, so does the strength of her summons, but not her control over them.

    She would have extremely high BP (I'm currently leaning toward 25 to 30 roughly), but horribly bad score pages and she'd take damage from a number of her own abilities. With regular BP, the concept couldn't work but with horrible damage pages she'll still take roughly the same percentage of damage as a regular character while enabling her to actually pay the cost.

    She'd have 3 types of points, representing her 'mastery' in various summon types, those types being Minotaurs, Tentacles and Cave Dwellers. Each type will have 3 or 4 level of spells (Probably 3 with other non-levelled spells): A certain amount of the right points is required to use higher level of spells, although the points won't actually be consumed (bar 1 exception at this point in time). Points can be gained by various maneuvers, including specific jumps (Will depend heavily on what I can use for image set).

    So as the battle goes on, you can see her power grow by the effects and commands she gain... And the visuals would complete the effect. There would be a distinct progression imagery-wise between each spell levels. The first level would like "eh", while the goal is to make the enemy feels like "Oh **** I'm doomed" when she throws a level 3/4 at you (Possibly dooming herself at the same time depending on the spell and her current status, though).

    It's a very unique playstyle (And with 3 levels per type, that leaves enough slots so not to limit her too much early match), and it'd be the only character with a "visual progression" that exists... but for that to exist I definitively need another annoying round of "do you approve me this picture" :(

  53. Ah, sorry, I didn't reply there, did I? It's what I get for replying to comments first thing in the morning (and why I misunderstood about you knowing Touhou well) :S

    It is an interesting concept (though I wonder how do you keep on getting these crazy new ideas :D), so please do send another round of pre-approved images my way whenever you're ready.
    I do think it's more annoying for you to re-edit them over and over again than for me to simply look at them and compare the ecchiness level, so it's fine.

  54. Well, my actual job is mostly about comming out with crazy new ideas and finding ways to maximise the use of existing systems... So I guess my job spills a bit into my hobbies :)

    For the Summoner images, part of the problem is that the approve/disaprove process will require some imagination too. While I'm going to try my best to keep it within Luna Luna + Aldra (R) + Nyx page 63 level, it won't always be easy. I'm not terribly keen to do that level of editting unless the image is likely acceptable after the editting (I don't mind doing any edit if the image is "likely acceptable" afterward but I'd rather not spend editting time on images that would get 100% rejected anyway)... So if you could go "ok, no way, no way, ok if you edit out the bottom part" over the image set, it'd be mighty swell and incredibly useful :) I'd get to know if the character is doable or not without having to edit anything. Anyway, I don't have an image set ready: All I have right now is 79 images that fit the concept well, but some are copies (cropped or turned differently) and some I don't see offhand how they could be editted to be acceptable, so I probably should try to filter that down before asking you...

    What I do have on hand right now is my failures at making an outline for the added cloth pieces like you asked... I did try a few ways with varying degrees of failure, but there's none that have me screaming Eureka, and I don't know how to improve it more. Here's a file of one of the dancer images with different outline methods I tried: Pick the image you prefer and I'll do all the files that needs it that way (unless I come across a better way to do outlines anyway).

  55. Hm, it'd be somewhere between line alone, and line plus smudge, I can't really decide which looks best... probably, line alone.

    About the Summoner, sure, let me know when you have the set (that I bet will be sooner than I expect, anyways :D)

    On the Melpha & Shigi bugs, I imagine the "restrictions into 3 steps" I implemented to improve the wraiths back then, did wreck those restrictions similar to "do only X until you Y" (like those two's, Spider-Girl's, Iron-Man's).
    Thankfully, adding the gimmicks gave us conditionally-repeating restrictions (and timed restrictions, as well), so fixing those won't be too hard.

  56. For the outline, I got to say our tastes are pretty different then :) I found line alone to be horrible personally (Your eyes are immediately drawn to the edit), hence why I had tried the rest. Oh well! You're the boss :)

    For the bug, that's nice to know that it's fixable! Neither Melpha or Shigi are my commonly played character list, but... It's annoying when you fear doing a thrust because you know you are going to massively boost your opponent by doing so :)

    For the set... You are starting to know me pretty well >_> It only took a few minutes to get rid of the duplicates, so... Prototype set time!

    The bad news is that there's roughly 60 images to go through... The good news is that I made your job as easy and as painless as possible! I included a text file with all the file names in alphabetical order for each folder (it's divided by summon type and by statuses like body wound), and an handy legend so all you have to do is type one letter for each file and send me the file back! :)

    If there's not enough accepted Dwelers (fewer images than the other two and more touchy ones in general) but more than enough Minotaurs and Tentacles, at worst I could scrap the Dwelers and make it 2 summons instead of 3. I'd really rather not if possible, but... in the second worst case it's an option at least (The worst being not having enough images period).

    The more images are accepted, the more leeway I'll have to make a good moveset, but I'm definitively aware that there's some restrictions, so... I'll just sit here and hope for the best! :)

    *** WARNING: Heavy adult content present in this file!***

  57. @leecherboy: Yes, Ritual of Extasy as a "ninja move" is a good idea. And it will not be a Spell Card attack.

    For Short Life Expectancy: I have a image I want to use as Boost attack.
    It will be her most powerfull melee "attack". (Few characters have a very good booster, so this will be her unique trait).

    The will not regain Spell Card points during battle (as shooter "bombs"). If you miss them all, you lost your best attack option for the whole fight.

  58. Luis: Yes, that can work since I think it's definitively a good idea not to be able to spam the super moves. If you have a character that's able to spam safe unblockable 7 damage hits plus a few other high damage safe moves, you end up with an insanely broken character like this:

    One thing that might be worth considering though is maybe adding a few "regular" moves to your character. Airi/Wraith already has a tiny moveset, and if some of the common moves are limited (like Touch), I fear she might end up a bit too limited when she runs out of Spell Card points with only few maneuvers that can be chosen from. That's just my personal recommendation though: I'll admit I might be completely wrong on that :)

    leecherboy: I think I'll go with the line + smudge version after all. Since it ranks second for you and that it's not last for me, it's probably going to be an acceptable compromise :)

    Before I forget since I've been meaning to write it for two weeks now and always forget: I think Tefflon Billy is bugged. His Rule Call move always drain 3BP, even when not on a score page. I don't play the character, but I've lost quite a few matches due to him spamming that move! At 3bp drain on a score page it'd be already insanely good, but at 3bp all the time it's just broken.

    In completely unrelated news, I always find it funny that most file that I have the "WARNING: Adult content" tag always have over twice the amount of downloads as the ones who don't :)

  59. Yep, Teflon Billy is bugged (his drain is only on score).
    Airi could get away with having few moves because of her unusual "draining on contact", so Komachi will probably have a standard number of moves.

    And here, the approval list:

    I tried to be generous (or I'm a sucker for nice art :D), though some of those were too naughty no matter how much you cropped them, truth be told.

  60. "though some of those were too naughty no matter how much you cropped them, truth be told" Oh, I know :) That image set was everything that'd make sense for the character, and I knew that some would definitively not get accepted, but I figured I'd push my luck and hope for the best... And it paid off! You approved more images than I thought you would, and I'm definitively not complaining at that fact :)

    I can definitivelly pull something off as I imagined for the Minotaurs, Tentacles and Status (Though I'll have to find a new away... That move has always been THE move I can't find a good picture of with any character). A huge Thank You! :)

    There's one thing I was afraid off that materialized though... Dwellers. As I expected those are a really hard crowd to get accepted. The dweller-based status went fine but the attack ones are harder and I have some questions to try to salvage enough to use them (without hopefully reusing the three I used for the seductress).

    Basically, what I was thinking was 1 dweller for level 1 attacks, a group of dwellers for level 2 and a literal army for level 3 for a super damage hit (on both characters). That might still be possible if I go with 1 attack per level only with dwellers (especially since I have more than enough for the other two to compensate), but I still need a tiny bit of guidance for those few attacks.

    For level1b, what do I have to crop out? If it's the white thingy she's holding, would it be acceptable if I just edit that out instead? The pic is pretty zoomed in already and I'm not sure how much more I can zoom and still have it look like something. If it's just to move the picture a tiiiny bit upward, then that I could do though.

    Level1c the image gets a bit grainy if I crop up to Shion's crotch, but it's still kinda usable... Level2 is accepted and fits the "small group" slot, so no problems on that one.

    Biggest problem is the "crowd" move. Level3 or Level3b would be absolutely amazing for that move... Is there ANYTHING I can do to make that one acceptable? Edit out all the white thingies? Crop out until it remove Shion's bottom half? Heck, remove Shion entirely for the image and just keep the army of dwellers? Edit out the white thingies in Level3c?

    If none are those are viable... What if I took 2c and placed a long strip of cloth down the middle in the bottom half to cover everything there generously? I can't crop in else I'd lose all the other dwellers in the image (and if I lose them it's not a big group anymore)? If uncertain I could maybe do a try and resubmit it for approval.

    If none of those "solutions" are viable and that you don't have any to suggest it's fine, I'll modify the moveset in consequence.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for having went through the approval process yet again, and thank you for having approved so many pictures :)

    I got to say though, it's kind of a relief that I don't own any other "ecchi" books like that and that consequently, I don't have any plans or any ideas period to make another character using "adult" images... It's going to feel nearly too easy making a character without having to worry about all of that, especially with Okami having already cherry picked images for me!

    ... Well, I might get new ideas after I get my copy of Pieces 7 depending on what's in it, but we'll see in due time! :)

  61. Hey, I dunno how much you like that I bring up Dragonfall at your gaming site, but I didn't find any other way of contacting you, so here I go - at Daizenshuu EX message boards ( ) I posted this:

    [quote="sangofe"]Hey guys, I'm wondering if someone's done English translations of the Spanish fan-parody "Dragon Fall" ( ) ? France got 10 volumes released, and I have to say, some of the stuff in there is pretty strong (like Goku levels up and down in intelligence instead of power, lol).

    I was thinking about, mostly to practice my french, to translate parts of this into english, but I'd need help from people who are good with English, and when I write good, I mean excellent, and also people who know how to do scanlations. If I can't do it, it'd be pretty sweet if someone else here who knows Spanish would do English translations.

    Edit: I found some volumes that someone translated five years ago, here...[/quote]

  62. Well, you could always send me a PM at Mangahelpers... ^^U

    And yeah, I did translate some manga parodies until some time ago, feel free to use the translations in any way you like, but since I basically "retired", I can't really help you beyond that.

  63. Here's the outlined dancer image pack with text corrections... In my opinion, results vary from pretty good (Turned around) to god awful (Leg wound)... I think I'll try to redo the edits for the bottom part a bit better at some point in time (Seductress Shion is supposed to be naked all the time so the humongous strip of cloth doesn't make much sense), but I think it's probably good enough for the "beta release" of seductress Shion.

    Since there's a very good chance of needing to tweak her after playtesting, I'll try do a better job by the time we get to the 'final version'. Considering that she's at the "not implemented" phase of the process, I should have a pretty good amount of time to do so :)

    I also included in the file trial 3 minute edits for dwellers level2c and level3b (I didn't do the top: I'm planning on adding more than just 'nipple shields' because summoner Shion is actually supposed to wear clothes... We'll see how that goes eventually).

    I think it puts them right along Nyx page 63 level so they might be acceptable... But you are the judge of that of course :) If those images still aren't acceptable, then I don't think I can do more with them so I'll just tweak the moveset consequently.

    Slight adult content warning (nipples only):

    Regarding the Dragon Ball translation thingy... My french is pretty darn good, but my english is only mediocre and my interest in Dragon Ball is below 0 so I'll skip on that :)

  64. I don't think your English is mediocre ayrawinla...and I don't mind scouting for pics...I spend a lot of hours in deviantart anyway (I'm a member after all)...

    Can anyone tell me why Project Touhou is so damn popular? It's a freakin' old-school shooter! I am warming up to their characters though...well, how could I not when they are the majority of pics in Danbooru...haha

  65. Back to the topic at hand: yes, 1b is the white thingy, 1c would have to cover her lady bits and the liquid, 3b would need a lot less white and for her to be covered a bit (more or less like you just edited it, but the cloth shouldn't cover the guys in front), and 2b would need a lot of covering, too (something like the 2nd edited version, yes).

    I don't know what is it about Touhou, though, I guess the japanese do love their "bullet hells"?

  66. I'll assume you meant 2c instead of 2b... Which means I can do the summoner moveset just as I wanted it! Thanks! :) If I was a tiny bit brighter I'd have actually saved a copy of the "whiteless but without cloth" 3b, but... It'll give me a good reason to actually do a proper job in editting them off this time!

    I admit that I definitively don't have all moves invented yet (especially not with them set at the most fitting place in the matrix)... But I do have a few of the more critical moves designed, and knowing exactly what images I can pick from for the others will make the job much smoother.

    In extremely good news, I have no need to get any more images approved in the foreseeable future! :) I definitively got enough images for the summoner (I'll try to use the 'o' ones instead of the 'c' ones when possible), Sophitia's image set isn't very questionable and I currently have no plans of making more characters like the seductress or the summoner. The only thing that's going to require approval is the finished Summoner itself, and I'll do my best to have the editted versions directly acceptable so there shouldn't be any issues.

    Okami, if you ever find yourself with free time you don't know how to use, I definitively could use an image set for Lenneth Valkyrie from Valkyrie Profile and Nel Zelpher from Star Ocean 3 :)

    Regarding Touhou... My best guess is that it's pretty much due to a cycle effect. First game came out, people played it because they like bullet hell games, but 'fell in love' with the characters due to the cutscenes and relationship between them. So those people did stories and images of those characters, which other people liked and it brought them to Touhou. And the wheel goes on...

    I think a large part of the Touhou fandom aren't necessarily fan of the games themselves beside the cutscenes for character interaction... They are fans of the characters, as portrayed by both the creator and the millions of fans.

  67. @ayranwinla...yeah I guess people are more fans of the kawaii girls than the games themselves...I was never interested in shooter games, so I don't think I'll ever play a Touhou game...

    ooo...I do like Lenneth Valkyrie...don't know the Star Ocean gal...I only played a bit of one Star Ocean and wasn't riveted, but then I used to avoid anything that wasn't Final Fantasy, except for Legend of Dragoon...haha...but I did like Suikoden 5, though the graphics were horrendous at a time where every company knew how to exploit the PS2 capabilities...I'll give other Suikodens a try at some point...

    For the Valkyrie, you want her to create a moveset yourself? cuz leecher got enough on his plate now...if so, you can take turns with him and I'll feed ya some of my characters at some point if you got the free-time and leecher don't mind...ideally, i give ya images for one of yours then for one of mine and for leecher another and then we'll have over 100 characters by the end of the year and leecher will kill us for reporting bugs on so many new characters...hahaha

  68. Hey, I sure wouldn't mind if ayra wants to take care of new chars you look up, she's gotten pretty good at creating unique ones in this short while and I could have some more time for the app's inside bits (not just bugs, lol).
    Or maybe we could do something like calling dibs on each new char depending on how much we know about them, or something :)

  69. I don't mind either! If it's a character I know nothing about, odds are they might not turn out as original as the other ones I made, but... If you are feeding me image sets I don't mind making some move sets and stuff for you :) What characters do you have in mind, Okami?

    About the summoner, I had a super idea! What if, instead of having Shion having a super high amount of BP (Which sounds a bit strange), she'd instead have BP bars for each of her summon! You'd only win the battle after you take out each summons!

    ... and then I figured out that it's probably too out there for idea and it'd take an insane amount of programming and like a font 6 to fit all the required text on the pages.

    But would it be possible for her to have a Minotaur guardian? She'd have her own regular BP amount and her guardian would also have his bar, ala Katja. I had more complex ideas like dual score pages, but I managed to slim it down to a more manageable level (I think). There would still be a few differences from Katja though:

    1) Summoning costs (when applicable) will be paid from Shion's BP, never from the guardian.

    2) Any BP lost from regular damage (score pages) will always be inflicted on the guardian if he's still alive, else Shion takes the damage.

    3) Parts of Shion maneuver list will be deactivated if the Guardian is dead.

    4) Shion Extended Away will give back BP to both the guardian and herself.

    5) Shion will have a move that costs her BP that heals the guardian, and that can also make him alive again.

    All that possible without too much headaches?

  70. It's not like all chars have to be crazy unique, as long as they're not a carbon copy of someone else and they're somehow accurate to their origins (if the pics of the moves allow that), they'd be golden.
    And hey, if we're talking new chars, let me pitch a few:
    -Bayonetta (she doesn't lack the sexiness, and I hear her repertoire's pretty wild)
    -FSN Saber (she could rival Mirim in sturdiness, and the Avalon would regenerate her at some points)
    -Jill Valentine (RE5 brainwashed or RE3 normal, or both? just a favourite of mine)

    As for the Summoner, "they won't fit in the screen" is what I was thinking while I was reading about the multi-BP bars :D.
    But if it's like Katja, yeah, most of those points can be done right now, though point 2 would be also be instantaneous if she actually had dual scores (like Katja, you'd choose who takes the damage, and you don't get to choose is he's dead).

  71. Well, turns out this idea won't be used... Summoner Shion will be going back to having a ton of BP (Justification: She's gained tremendous stamina and endurance due to the nature of her power), and not only will the minotaur guardian will be removed, there will be no minotaurs period.

    As the moveset was heading, I had a total of 5 images using minotaurs (including statuses) out of 32 and I was finding myself not being able to use ones I really wanted to either (Like the huge tree smack). Plus, the three resources made the moveset a bit too limited off the bat... I might end up doing a minotaur guardian moveset one day though (Sorry :))

    Summoner Shion will be Dweller + Tentacles only, with just one 1BP bar and it's still proving to be a HUGE balancing nightmare I haven't figured out yet. Ah well, that just makes it more fun I suppose :)

    ... Although I might end up finishing Sophitia first. I got the entire moveset figured out, she probably won't require you to add any new mechanics to the game but she'll definitively have a very interesting playstyle for those who like predicting enemy moves :) I didn't match moves 1-1 to images yet but at first glance there should be no issues at all here.

    About your suggested characters...
    Bayonetta: She definitively could have a great moveset (I assume there's plenty of images of her too), but... I have a profound dislike of her, so unless you beg me to (or threathen not to add any of my characters unless I do her), then I'd much rather not work on her.

    FSN Saber: I know absolutely nothing of the character beside that there's a lot of absolutelly beautiful figurines of her available (I keep being tempted to buy one but I haven't fell to the temptation yet :)). I'd have to learn more about the character, but considering how visually beautiful she is I'd certainly be interested in creating her... Plus there's too few "tank" characters in my opinion.

    Jill Valentine: I rented RE3 on the Dreamcast, played for 2 hours and that was it: That's all the Resident Evil I've played in my entire life. I hate anything that's horror-related, but I don't have anything against Jill herself though so I'm fine with helping with her. I'd need an image set and a tiny synopsis of the brainwashed RE5 version before I could come up with ideas for her, though.

    Oh, Okami: Suikoden 5 was an absolutely amazing RPG and it's one of my favorites, but I really wouldn't recommend Suikoden 4. Suikoden 3 was pretty unique and had an awesome female lead (Chris Lightfellow), but there's a few issues with that game. Unfortunately, Suikoden characters have pretty limited movesets so it'd be hard to make something both fitting and interesting... Might still be possible though. I'd say Chris Lightfellow, Jeanne, Lucretia and maybe Lyon and Miyuki might have enough images to pull something interesting...

    !!! I just realized! We don't have KOS-MOS from the Xenosaga serie yet! She got a crazy aweome moveset and probably a huge amount of pictures of everything! She'd make an AMAZING character and I'm semi-upset I hadn't even thought of her previously!

  72. Well, it's my policy not to force chars into anyone, if Okami wants to find any of these sometime, I have no problem working on them. Jill would probably be the hardest to make, not only because of there being probably few pics, but because she can be a projectile/creature-user (MvsC2, normal version) or a quick, in-your-face char (MvsC3, brainwashed version).

    I can only imagine how hard is to create a new character from scratch, with only a few pics as a base, so keep trying until you get her right :)

    About KOS-MOS, I mostly know her from the Endless Frontier RPGs, but yep, she'd be pretty cool to have here.

  73. Oh! I did play MvsC2 a tiny bit and I did play Jill! I had forgot that... That does trigger some character ideas (images permitting) :)

    I haven't even heard of Endless Frontier... It seems the games we play don't overlap much at all!

    All 32 images for the summoner have been selected, all move slots decided, and some of the stats have been decided (a few score pages and a few move final effects)... With the removal of the minotaurs, I was flipping through the images and "holy ****" is the first thing that came to mind, with the **** being accurate in more ways than one... It's currently completely uneditted though so it should still be okay once the character is all completed. For the moveset effects, I think "insane" is the only correct wording. Combining the image set with the move set, I'm starting to doubt my sanity a bit to have came up with that... but they do say that genius is only one step away from insanity, right? :)

    There's a definitive chance I'll make Sophitia before finishing the summoner though: It'll be such a breeze! The hardest part will be doing some matrix magic for her guard impact counters and even that should be smooth going. Plus it might save your own sanity from having a huge Shion overload! :)

  74. Talking about Fate Stay/Night, I hope someday Queen's Blade will follow the same way.
    If you guys don't know, Fate Stay/Night was once a Japansese Eroge Game. Shiro's harem was: Saber (main character, maybe turning to Alter Saber in some endings), Rin, Sakura (turning to Dark Sakura in many endings, and controlling Rider in some) and Illya.

    Saber is King Arthur (despite the fact she is a woman) and has a considerate fanbase. If she is infused with the Holy Grail power, she turns to Alter Saber. Maybe she could have some "Alter Saber" attacks, losing BP to do a VERY good attack.

  75. I looked up Jill Valentine once and was disappointed at the dearth of pictures, however, if I were to choose a Resident Evil girl, the new Sheba is tres bien...haha

    I think there's enough of KOS-MOS and there's enough of Bayonetta, however something about the black-haired witch turns me off...the game was too over-the-top silly for me too and like I said, something of her look annoys me though I can't quite pin it down...haha sorry...but I can still look for pics of her at one point...right now for sake of variety, I randomize my picks, I keep a long list of everybody I want to see and give it a rating of how easy is to find pics for them, then I randomly choose an entry (hardest to find pics will have less entries)...I know, it's very weird, but the unpredictability of the choices make it fun for me....haha...

  76. I don't think every fighter needs to be absolutely unique...I believe most characters we are fans of have enough distinction in their natural Black Widow is a gunner with a back-up stinger and knives unlike Alice who's a gunner with mounted axes and a whip...things will get tougher with regular sword-and-shield Red Sonja, one of my favorite characters, I'm hard pressed to say what makes her different other than just cuz she's a bad-ass...all I'm saying is we don't need to break the mold every time, just their natural tweaks...however, I'm interested in how you guys would handle a pure magic-user (Touhou witches) or a pure-telepath (Jean Grey and Emma Frost)...start thinking about them...haha

  77. Well Leecherboy... seems like you'll probably have to do Bayonetta all by yourself :)

    That's good news for KOS-MOS! For Sheba you'd have to give me some info (image set is a good start though).

    I do have some ideas about pure mages actually... I don't know Jean Grey or Emma Frost, but if the image set matches the ideas, that'd certainly be possible.

    For Sword-Shield, well... You can always do something swell. Like with Sophitia, I'm tweaking her matrix so that she auto-counter any enemy attack that matches her. So if both do a 24, Sophitia lands a counter and doesn't take any damage... Great for mind games and prediction, and unique playstyle! Also has a trademark move only usable after shield block/parries, so she's definitively going to be pretty different from all the others!

    If you have a sword-shield character with a lot of shield blocks or shield hits, I do have something thought of already.

    I do agree it's not a must to have unique characters, it's just that it's more fun to design for me :) Like Stella and Mirim play extremely differently from each other even though the moveset is 90% similar. The first one has two incredibly high damage hits, but her shield block and parries are horrible... So the playstyle is actually pretty different just due to numbers (and two different moves).